Property Inspection Mobile app for iPad and Android Tablet

Property Inspection Mobile app for iPad and Android Tablet

Inspections are about visiting a location, collecting data, making evaluations, and returning the findings to the office for storage or further action. Why not go paperless with mobile inspection app for iPad or Android  tablet?

The Problems with Paper Forms

Everyone is aware of the problems with the paperwork:

– Paper forms can be damaged, lost, or filled out with invalid data.

– The data must usually be transcribed from paper, re-keyed into a computer, and checked for errors.

– Paper forms often need filing, archiving and warehousing even after the data is transcribed into electronic form.

– The need for physical transport and re-keying significantly slows business processes and brings up unnecessary errors and costs.

Property Inspectors! There’s  a must-have mobile app to let you capture all essential information on property. Download Property Inspection for iPad here and for Android Tablet here.
There is no need any more to drag your laptop around. Use your iPad or Android Tablet to collect all necessary data and save it on your own device.
Create custom PDF reports and email them anytime from anywhere.

Advantages of Snappii Property Inspection app

Now you can use mobile property inspection that works on an iPad or Android tablet, and gain these advantages:

– Make quick inspections on the go
– Save and store collected data on a device
– Email PDF reports with latest inspections made
– Edit/delete made inspections
– Work offline. The form will be emailed and saved once Internet connection is re-established
– Eliminate paper usage and go green
– Discuss any issues and exchange ideas on different topics in Community
– More

Which will result in the following benefits:

– Improve accuracy
– Save time
– Reduce expenses
– Eliminate Paperwork


Download this must-have app for the Property Inspection and find out how you can improve fulfilling your daily tasks greatly! This app can be 100% customized to meet your specific business needs. Learn more here.

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