How Businesses Can Benefit from Apple’s Recent Innovations

How Businesses Can Benefit from Apple’s Recent Innovations

for blogApple launched several new products at the September 9th event, and in today’s blog post, we will focus on the potential benefits entrepreneurs can get from them.

Apple plays a paramount role in infusing mobile technology into the business world. In the past few years, the company has been increasingly focusing on adding business features, making iOS devices more secure, powerful, and user-friendly. Now let’s take a closer look at the new products introduced to us on September 9th and see how they can better serve entrepreneurs.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro is probably the biggest news of the night for businesses. It is the closest traditional PC replacement by Apple. The new iPad Pro brings a slightly larger screen at 12.9 inches with a full-size software keyboard and a multi-tasking tool. It reportedly boasts roughly 10 hours of battery life per chase, measures 6.9 mm thin, weighs roughly 1.5 pounds, and has an 8MP camera.

With millions of apps available for iPads and their indisputable convenience, thousands of businesses now heavily rely on iPads. Not surprisingly, such iPad Pro’s innovations as Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil will be unquestionably useful in business. The Smart Keyboard accessory is attached to the tablet magnetically and makes the process of typing much easier. Also, iPad Pro has an optional stylus called the “Pencil”, by using which you can mark up emails, images and others directly via selected iOS apps. Last but not least, several updated Microsoft Office apps will be available for iPad Pro, and at the September 9th event, Microsoft itself demonstrated some Office powers on the iPad Pro.

Here is what some experts say about iPad Pro:

Jim Suva, Citigroup: “The company considers the device more powerful than any existing iOS device, faster than 80% of PCs shopped in the past six months, with graphics faster than 90% of those PCs”.

Daniel Ives, FBR: “We also believe the iPad Pro is a potential door opener for Apple on the enterprise front that could revitalize growth on this all-important tablet market opportunity as Cook&Co. now focus on cracking the enterprise nut with this new and improved larger iPad”.

Keith Backman, BMO: “We were surprised about the Apple Pencil, as Steve Jobs more than once lambasted the concept, but we believe the Pencil will have high utility to the intended user base. While we believe that the relatively high price of the iPad Pro will limit the unit impact, we nevertheless believe sales will largely be incremental to our forecast”.

iPhone 6S

Apple calls iPhone 6S the most advanced smartphone in the world. As we know, Apple has a pretty impressive selection of apps, the best support for business, and a tight interaction between its software and hardware. Now all these advantages are magnified with iPhone 6S innovations. That said, the most important feature of iPhone 6S is 3D Touch. When you press on the 3D Touch screen, you get a peek at what’s going on in an app or email. So, you can do what you need even more quickly than before. Also, its rear camera has an upgrade offering the possibility of 4K video recording.

Here’s how experts view iPhone 6s:

Frank Gillett, Forrester Research: “Apple’s updated iPhones for 2015 have added enough new features to keep Apple on top of the smartphone heap”.

Avi Silver, CLSA: “We believe Apple’s new iPhone upgrade program could drive replacement activity and ultimately allow it to seize more control of the customer from the carriers”.

In a word, this year, Apple has quite a bit to offer to businesses, and we look forward to seeing iPad Pro and iPhone 6S go mainstream by the end of 2015.

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