Even Construction is Going Digital

Even Construction is Going Digital


Software has found it’s way to the work site.

Ten years ago, that statement would have been a joke. Workers were still marching out onto the field holding their giant blueprints, and unreal amounts of paperwork. The thought that all of this information would one day be available on a cellphone was unbelievable. Software was only available to the absolute biggest businesses, and even then it was hardly ever a mobile solution. Secretaries still had to pull blisters from their fingertips after long days of punching in every single field of every single form, one by one.

It goes without saying that things are a bit different now.

We’re starting to see more leaps and bounds in terms of technology. Take the halo light, for example. A helmet that surrounds the user in a 360 degree beam of light so that traffic from any direction will be able to see the wearer from miles away. While this is more of a life-saving technology, it won’t be long till workers are equipped with life-changing technology. And with that, comes the technology that’s going to save you a ridiculous amount of time on field-work, data-entry and, of course, funds.

Mobile forms work by transforming the traditional paper forms, which have become the backbone of your company, into apps that can be downloaded and used on any smart device – from LifeProof protected iPad’s to that cheap Android phone your daughter convinced you to buy. Snappii understands that most business apps were reserved for only the top rung of the ladder, requiring major time and money to complete even a simple application.

But again, things are a bit different now.

Snappii, a revolutionary app-building platform, has made it their mission to equip anyone with the ability to make a mobile app. The simple editor works by asking you what you would like to see in your app, and then allowing you to manipulate it by dragging and dropping where things go. Anything from equipment catalogs to GPS functionality can be configured in the editor. Hiring a team of software developers and programmers to make an app from scratch may cost tens of thousands of dollars, as well as an excessive amount of development time. But with Snappii, the platform takes care of most of the heavy listing. The barriers of entry become stepping stones.

So why haven’t more people converted yet? Fear.

For most construction firms, mobile forms jeopardize the process which built the company in the first place. Having adhered to it for so long, it can sometimes be difficult to transfer what has been a “perfect workflow in the making” for years into a totally different process that involves half of the moving pieces.

However, a lot of problems can be solved by simply digitizing your workflow. Although the idea hasn’t been widely received, the accessibility of software has never been so high. And when people finally do hear about how easy it is, they usually can’t believe their ears.

Snappii aims to redefine the misconception that creating a product for your business is ‘scary’ or ‘difficult’. Rather than solely creating apps unique for businesses, Snappii’s platform allows businesses to snap fields together in a fraction of the time it would take developers to make it from scratch. Using this technology, you can recreate your paper forms in mobile forms yourself, saving countless dollars.


On average, having an operation run off of paper cost most companies around $160 per employee. Do the math and you can see that there’s a massive cost for something that can be almost completely eliminated. Not to mention the employee time it takes to protect and drop-off the documents. Since everything is digital, finished forms can be mailed back to the headquarters, where secretaries can automatically input the information instead of committing hours to data-entry.

If fear is stopping you from trying out Snappii’s platform, use our free trial to see for yourself how easy it is. There’s no obligations unless you device to publish your app, and you can make as many prototypes as you need to get the perfect piece of software for your business.

If making an app from scratch doesn’t sound like fun, you can also hire one of our developers to leverage the platform for you. Since they would be using the platform we developed, turn-around time will be WEEKS instead of MONTHS, and the cost with surprise you (in a good way). Click here to send a custom request to sales with as much information as you can, and we’ll show you how fast our platform can turn your business around.

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