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Top five benefits mobile apps bring to a construction business

The construction industry tends to quickly adjust to the changing reality. Mobile apps are playing an integral part of everyday operations and the benefits they are giving cannot be missed! Snappii has prepared a list of 5 benefits a construction business will get with a mobile app.

Snappii offers its Construction Estimator app to ensure the process of making an estimate is accurate and precise. The app contains an easy-to-use form that allows its users to collect required information in minutes, automatically calculate material and job cost, take photos and add gps locations. The estimate is easily converted into invoice that a customer can pay.

What will this app give to a construction business?

  1. The ability to make an estimate at the spot. All you need is your mobile app. No laptops, no cameras, no calculators, no paper forms. Simply take your phone, open up the Construction Estimator app, fill in the fields and you will have a professional PDF with the accurate and timely estimate. Send this estimate to your client
  2. Accelerate the estimation process and get paid faster. As soon as the estimate is complete, your client will review it and approve. In this case you generate an invoice instantly. Customer pays the invoice and this way, you will receive your payment faster.
  3. Optimize the workflow. Instead of spending time retyping the information from your paper forms to your computer and printing it, then driving to your client to show the estimate and wait to receive the approval, use the Construction Estimator mobile app. With just one app, you will be able to provide sufficient information to your client in no time and get feedback immediately.
  4. Save time and money. No need to drive to the client or to the office to drop off forms. The estimates and invoices are available 24/7 on your mobile device.
  5. Legal documentation at your fingertips. Make sure you have all the estimates and invoices with the costs agreed on. Access this information anytime from anywhere.

Download the Construction Estimator app from Apple and Google stores and improve your workflow significantly. The Construction Estimator app can be customized to your business needs. Contact us to get a free app demo or tell us how you would like to change the app.

Top mobile apps for Improved Construction Operations

Success of any construction company is based on effective communication between the field and the office, and documentation. On an average, it takes up to 60 minutes to prepare and fill in a daily report at a construction site. Managing other documents like job estimates, tracking timesheet, work order assignments or construction equipment inspection is not easy. It requires time and effort to fill in the papers and then get them to the office.

Today in order to speed up the process of decision making and the response from the head office, more and more construction companies are turning to mobile apps.

How can mobile apps accelerate construction operations

Snappii has prepared a list of top apps that can significantly boost and improve some construction operations.

  1. Construction Daily Log

Construction workers have to fill in their accomplishments on site on a daily basis. After a long hard day of work that’s the last thing they would want to do. Snappii has created a mobile app to help speed up and simplify this routine. Construction Daily Log is #1 mobile app for construction workers to create daily reports with ease. The app allows its users to automatically add weather conditions, utilize voice to text feature, take photos right in the report, automatically calculate the totals and instantly share with the office via email, messengers and cloud drives. The app is available for free download from Apple and Google Stores.

  1. Construction Estimator App

When there is a need to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects, use  Construction Estimator App. The app allows users to quantify material, labor and other costs needed to complete a construction project. It will also do all the calculations, so once all the data is entered in, the user will get the total estimated project cost. Tax can be included into the estimated cost at user’s option. The app is available for free download from Apple and Google Stores and can be customized to any construction business needs.

  1. Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Vehicle inspection is another pain for the construction workers. They need to make sure the equipment is operating smoothly, that it is safe to use. Proper work of the construction equipment affects on-site operations. Regular inspections are a must. One of the easiest ways to make sure the equipment is in a good condition, is mobile inspection apps. Heavy Equipment inspection App from Snappii allows users to conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment, indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance, notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required and much more. The app is available for free download from Apple and Google Stores and can be customized to the needs of any business.

  1. Job Estimates and Invoices

The last but not least is the opportunity to send out professional estimates to clients and invoice them right away. The construction industry has a deep variety of functions, planning on new projects is one of them. Impressing prospect clients with fast and professional job estimates accelerates decision making. Turning estimates into invoices with one tap speeds up billing cycle. The Job Estimates and Invoices app is available for free download from Apple and Google Stores and can be customized to the needs of any business.

The world has gone mobile. People not only spend time browsing social media, online stores or reading, they a looking for ways to simplify their working routine with mobile apps. Snappii understands this need and keeps creating more powerful and useful apps to help any individual or team reach their goals.

How customers select a construction company today

The construction industry has been one of the fastest-growing on the market. Taking that into account, construction businesses are constantly fighting for new customers more than any other industry. The competition is huge and businesses need to provide a perfect first impression to be chosen. Practice shows that the customers select a construction company to work with based on several factors:

– a decent website or a mobile app

– portfolio with completed objects

– speed and accuracy of the project estimation

– customer satisfaction

While having a website or a mobile app has long ago turned from “nice-to-have” to “must-have”, many companies lack the ability to provide timely job estimates to clients, thus losing opportunities to win more business. Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits your construction company will gain using a mobile app:

– generate professional estimates and invoices in minutes

– win more jobs

– get paid faster

– improve team collaboration

– analyze powerful daily reports from your team

Daily reports enable you to make quick decisions, ensure your projects are on schedule if your dates are slipping understand why. Did you know that an average construction employee spends up to 60 minutes a day filling out a paper daily report? That process will certainly not help you quickly understand if any project is off the schedule. Paper reports are hard to read, they can get lost, it takes time to deliver them to the office. After a long hard day at work that’s the last thing you want to do.

Snappii has been helping construction companies improve their workflows for over 10 years now. Recently, we have helped a Construction Company from Austin, TX:

“We wanted to develop a mobile app to help track construction progress on our jobs, and purchase orders. Our goals were to increase cost efficiency and productivity tracking.

Snappii had good flexibility, and customization when it came to app production and meeting our overall needs.

The app they created for us also helped reduce the amount of paper consumption throughout the company and allows us to maintain real live data for our management team.

Since Snappii has joined the project, the client’s purchase order and daily log activity from end-users have increased significantly. The team has addressed issues immediately because of their seamless communication skills. So far, they have met all of the project’s deadlines and goals.”

Watch the full case study here. Want to gain significant results? Schedule a free demo with us here.

High season for construction! How to ensure your business is properly managed?

Summer is the so-called busy season for construction works. It is warm outside, the days are longer and there’s more temporary workforce who are ready to work full-time to complete the job on time and budget. Construction companies struggle to win more jobs but they also have to reinforce safety measures. The workers need to be properly trained and the construction equipment accurately inspected. Special mobile apps for construction come in handy. We have collected top apps to help construction businesses manage their tasks.

Construction Daily Log app

-Fast and Easy. You only fill in the sections you need in a one-page collapsed form

-Don’t want to type? Hit the miс and speak into it.  It translates your voice into text

-Works offline and syncs when the Internet comes back

-Stores Daily reports as PDFs in the App and on so you can access reports anytime

-Attach pictures to highlight progress or show problem areas

-Attach any document to any section

-Access pictures and documents from the app anytime. Share with others

-Track labor hours for employees and subs

Download the Construction Daily Log from Apple here and Google Play here.

Heavy equipment inspection

The Heavy Equipment Inspection App is designed to ensure the safety of people and machines working in the field. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints for inspecting heavy equipment. Utilizing the Heavy Equipment Inspection App you will keep machines in good working order and in a safe condition. Download the app from Apple here and Google here.

Construction Estimator and Bidding App

Quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. The app allows users to quantify material, labor and other costs needed to complete a construction project. It will also do all the calculations, so once all the data is entered in, the user will get the total estimated project cost. Utilize the Construction Estimator and Bidding app to win more proposals from the clients, improve customer satisfaction, save time and money. Download the app from Apple here and Google here.

Construction Change Order

This app is specifically designed to make sure all the change orders are documented and approved by customers.

-Quickly create a change order for any project

-Send change orders to approvers

-Check your order statuses from any device, all information automatically syncs across all your devices

-All change requests are stored as PDF files and accessible anytime.

Download the app from Apple here and Google here.

Job Estimator

The Job Estimator mobile app is designed to provide professional Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices in minutes.

The Job Estimator app allows contractors, service companies, salespeople and estimators to quickly create project estimates, work orders and invoices that cover the company’s information, work description, labor hours and rates as well as all parts that are necessary. The forms will also do all the calculations, so once all the data is entered in, the user can show a customer the total estimated cost in labor, parts, and the grand total. Add your company info to appear on all the estimates, work orders, and invoices automatically.

Additionally, the app allows users to track time and expenses spent on a particular project or client.

Download the app from Apple here and Google here.

Check out more apps to help you in your construction business here. Didn’t find the app you wanted? Contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with the quote.

The Major Safety Hazards of Construction Tower Cranes and the Ways to Avoid Them

The Major Safety Hazards of Construction Tower Cranes and the Ways to Avoid ThemConstruction tower cranes are the backbone of most large construction sites. The jobsites can’t work to their full capacity without them. However, working with cranes poses many hazards. Unsafe practices can lead to costly damage, injuries and even fatalities. Therefore, it’s important to know the main hazards and how to prevent them.

Falling of loads

Falling loads are one of the most common hazards when working with construction tower cranes. It can result in damage of building and property, injuries and fatalities. Also, it leads to delays and extra expenses. It’s extremely important to be sure in operator competency. Operators and all specialists working with cranes should be proper trained so they are able to operate competently and safely. In addition, construction businesses should use only verified and high quality blocking systems.


The majority of crane failures and hazards are the result of overloading. Exceeding of crane’s operational capacity can cause irreversible damages and a dangerous situation for all workers. Do not take such risks and always observe the established weights and volumes.

Power lines

Around 200 fatalities per year are the result of contact of construction tower cranes. Any workers in the vicinity are at risk when cranes operate near power lines. It’s crucial that pre-job planning takes into account the location of power lines.

Here are some more crane safety tips:

– Appropriate and regular training of all employees,

– Knowing and following the rules of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER),

– Proper safety plan before starting the work,

– Appropriate PPE for workers,

– Regular safety inspections.

Safety inspection apps

Mobile apps are the best and the most convenient way to conduct safety inspections right on the jobsite. Safety inspection apps from Snappii allow users to collect all necessary data, observe regularity, instantly process data, generate reports, share them and safely store. Visit the gallery and find the ready-made safety inspection apps. Moreover, you can send us your requirements and Snappii team will create a custom app in accordance with your personal needs.

Even Construction is Going Digital


Software has found it’s way to the work site.

Ten years ago, that statement would have been a joke. Workers were still marching out onto the field holding their giant blueprints, and unreal amounts of paperwork. The thought that all of this information would one day be available on a cellphone was unbelievable. Software was only available to the absolute biggest businesses, and even then it was hardly ever a mobile solution. Secretaries still had to pull blisters from their fingertips after long days of punching in every single field of every single form, one by one.

It goes without saying that things are a bit different now.

We’re starting to see more leaps and bounds in terms of technology. Take the halo light, for example. A helmet that surrounds the user in a 360 degree beam of light so that traffic from any direction will be able to see the wearer from miles away. While this is more of a life-saving technology, it won’t be long till workers are equipped with life-changing technology. And with that, comes the technology that’s going to save you a ridiculous amount of time on field-work, data-entry and, of course, funds.

Mobile forms work by transforming the traditional paper forms, which have become the backbone of your company, into apps that can be downloaded and used on any smart device – from LifeProof protected iPad’s to that cheap Android phone your daughter convinced you to buy. Snappii understands that most business apps were reserved for only the top rung of the ladder, requiring major time and money to complete even a simple application.

But again, things are a bit different now.

Snappii, a revolutionary app-building platform, has made it their mission to equip anyone with the ability to make a mobile app. The simple editor works by asking you what you would like to see in your app, and then allowing you to manipulate it by dragging and dropping where things go. Anything from equipment catalogs to GPS functionality can be configured in the editor. Hiring a team of software developers and programmers to make an app from scratch may cost tens of thousands of dollars, as well as an excessive amount of development time. But with Snappii, the platform takes care of most of the heavy listing. The barriers of entry become stepping stones.

So why haven’t more people converted yet? Fear.

For most construction firms, mobile forms jeopardize the process which built the company in the first place. Having adhered to it for so long, it can sometimes be difficult to transfer what has been a “perfect workflow in the making” for years into a totally different process that involves half of the moving pieces.

However, a lot of problems can be solved by simply digitizing your workflow. Although the idea hasn’t been widely received, the accessibility of software has never been so high. And when people finally do hear about how easy it is, they usually can’t believe their ears.

Snappii aims to redefine the misconception that creating a product for your business is ‘scary’ or ‘difficult’. Rather than solely creating apps unique for businesses, Snappii’s platform allows businesses to snap fields together in a fraction of the time it would take developers to make it from scratch. Using this technology, you can recreate your paper forms in mobile forms yourself, saving countless dollars.


On average, having an operation run off of paper cost most companies around $160 per employee. Do the math and you can see that there’s a massive cost for something that can be almost completely eliminated. Not to mention the employee time it takes to protect and drop-off the documents. Since everything is digital, finished forms can be mailed back to the headquarters, where secretaries can automatically input the information instead of committing hours to data-entry.

If fear is stopping you from trying out Snappii’s platform, use our free trial to see for yourself how easy it is. There’s no obligations unless you device to publish your app, and you can make as many prototypes as you need to get the perfect piece of software for your business.

If making an app from scratch doesn’t sound like fun, you can also hire one of our developers to leverage the platform for you. Since they would be using the platform we developed, turn-around time will be WEEKS instead of MONTHS, and the cost with surprise you (in a good way). Click here to send a custom request to sales with as much information as you can, and we’ll show you how fast our platform can turn your business around.

Snappii Releases New Construction Change Order App for Managing the Construction Sites

Snappii Releases New Construction Change Order App for Managing the Construction Sites

Now any company can afford to use a Mobile App to quickly create construction change order requests in the Field and ensure keep construction projects profitable. Continue reading “Snappii Releases New Construction Change Order App for Managing the Construction Sites” »

4 Benefits Your Construction Company will see from Mobile forms

There’s a lot of moving pieces that go into construction projects. From owners and investors, to product vendors and contractors, a lot of people have to kept in the loop at the same time in order for things to flow smoothly.

It’s funny to me that a lot of these businesses rely so heavily on communication, yet there main means of achieving this is the same medium the industry has been using for years. Construction firms are slowed down by seemingly endless paper forms that are created from various teams, all of which has to go end up in the same place. The lack of consistency, and the weak communication, are ultimately creating more chaos than profits.

The shortage of skilled labor in the industry isn’t going to get any better, but projects will continue growing in size. Either the industry finds a way to muscle through and continue to use old ideologies and technologies (because that’s what pen and paper was called at one point), it needs to get smarter about how it accomplishes these tasks.

Mobile forms are the solution.

Mobile forms, like the ones created on Snappii’s platform, give you a myriad of abilities right in the palm of your hand, on a product that you (and your team) probably already own. With the little start-up cost associated with converting all of your paperwork into its digital counterparts, it’s hard to find a reason to not switch over and automatize your entire form-filling process. If that’s not convincing enough, here’s 4 more reasons why mobile forms can make your business more efficient, and more profits.

Workflow Optimization – Being able to keep timesheets on all of your moving pieces will make sure that everyone is pulling their own weight on a big project. Timesheets can be customized to automatically give the supervisor updates, along with comments from the team about how the job is coming along.

Document Approval – With paper documents, sending forms back and forth for your boss can be extremely time consuming, especially with a paper forms limited capacity to detail why exactly something got rejected. Mobile forms give you the flexibility to insert photos, audio recordings, videos – anything to help get the message across.

Cloud Storage – I’ve gone on quite a few rants about how I think paper is completely unnecessary in the modern business world. From law firms to hospitals, the most used function with paper is just to record information so that it may be inputted somewhere else. Cloud storage not only allows you to store as many documents as you want (without giant filing cabinets), but it also indexes your documents so that if you ever need to pull them up, they’re only a few presses away. Combine that with the fact that forms are automatically stored in the cloud and you have a completely impervious solution.

Everyone’s on the same (metaphorical) page – Did the boss get the message? Are you sure they know what they’re supposed to be doing? With Snappii, the moment documents are updated, the parties it concerns will be instantly notified. Effortlessly keep everyone updated.

Snappii puts the power in the user’s hands by enabling them to create their own mobile form using the powerful, zero-coding platform. Take the load off of your construction team and put it on your smartphones. The long task of putting together a mobile form can be reduced to minutes, with the cost brought down to a fraction of the original price. As a user, you also have access to our app templates, which are pre-made apps that you can customize to fit your needs. Or you can start it from scratch! Try it out today RISK FREE.

Why Daily Log and Reporting Apps are So Useful for Construction Projects

Why Daily Log and Reporting Apps are So Useful for Construction ProjectsStaying on top of industry standards while remaining efficient is crucial to the success of construction projects. Paper forms and reports allow project managers to regulate the field, meet deadlines and avoid any major hitches. Effective project management requires not just dates and working hours, but a detailed report about who is doing what, and where the materials are being used. The best solution is to provide workers with read-made forms for quick filling. The problem lies in the amount of time it takes to complete these long reports.

The frequency of these reports also presents a problem. Workers may forget to fill logs or their reports can be inaccurate due to human error. Smartphones with reminders can help remedy the problem, but smartphones can do more than just remind you in this case. We can use them as daily logs and relieve employees from the burden of paperwork.

Many tasks – one solution

Daily logs and reporting mobile apps can provide workers with mobile forms which can be instantly filled and edited with just a few clicks. They can be configured to contain an autofill field of date and location, so supervisors can always know where their employees are. Mobile solutions can also tackle other tasks like capturing photos, calculators, sharing options, push motivations – the possibilities are endless.

Snappii, a leading mobile business app development company, offers a ready-made Construction Daily Log app that can be found on either app store. The app allows users to easily create daily logs, make estimations and time-sheets, generate custom Excel and PDF reports, and share them amongst management or other employees. The biggest benefit to this app is the customization. Snappii offers a codeless app builder that enables users to access a website and tailor the app directly to their needs. Snappii also has an app shop where they can take requirements and make a custom app in a fraction of the time and money it would take an app developer. Snappii offers a complete solution and a unique experience for its users, and it continues to grow everyday.

Why Work Order Apps are a Profitable Investment for Any Business

Why Work Order Apps are a Profitable Investment for Any BusinessEvery successful entrepreneur tries to adhere to “less is more” credo. The most important “less” is time because it is money. Today all enterprises actively look for solutions of time saving and its rational usage, and more and more companies give their preference to mobile solutions.

Mobile apps are finally fulfilling the credo of “less is more”. In only a few years, the industry has shifted from complex websites with multiple layers and entry points, to phone apps that serve as a pocket book of information for local and global businesses alike. With today’s technology, creating an app is the most inexpensive way to connect with your customers and employees.

How work order apps can benefit businesses

Curating a successful work order system is crucial to any organizations success. Streamlining the communication with your employees and customers not only opens opportunities for more business, but creates a transparent border between the creators and the client. Work order apps can help managers and workers establish and stable work process and maintain constant contact. Users can access all current and past work orders, with every detail included, and report the status of those jobs with a few touches.

The breakthrough in work order management

Snappii, a codeless app development company, creates mobile solutions for a myriad of business tasks in different industries. The company has created a fully customizable platform that can create work order management apps in as little as a few days. The Work Order Assigner app, created by Snappii and available on both iTunes and the Play Store, is a template for the functionality that Snappii can create. The work order is communicated through the application, and goes dirctly to the employees mobile device with all necessary details and time frames. Managers can track these jobs, from the time their finished to where they were completed. The app also communicates with PDF forms, converting them into forms that can be completed on the mobile device. Snappii has streamlined every kink in the road.

Research done by Canvas shows how organizations save money by converting their manual processes to mobile apps. “Of those who actively tracked their cost savings, 17% reported that they saved between $25,000 and $100,000 a year just by switching to mobile apps, while 81% said their savings were between $1000 and $25,000.” Mobile apps are a lucrative investment and essential for improving day-to-day workflow.

Top 3 Industries that Benefit from Mobile Apps

Top 3 Industries that Benefit from Mobile AppsMobile app development companies are beginning to find lucrative opportunities by associating themselves with different and specific industries like construction, hospitality and healthcare. According to Kevin Spain, an investor who writes articles for websites like Mobile Trends, the number of companies focused on specific business sectors has increased by 20% over the last year.

Construction industries secret tool

Mobile devices has already changed the way workers in the construction industry operate. The app acts as a companion built into your phone, relaying real-time data, tracking daily procedures and providing instant collaboration between teams. Mobile apps swiftly found their way into an industry previously ran by paperwork and word-of-mouth.

“In the construction industry, people actually doing the work spend too much time chasing information,” said Alex Bakman, CEO of the app development company Snappii, at the 2015 BuiltWorlds conference. “Information needs to be contextual to the job, to the individual, in time and location. That’s what GE wants from a project we’re helping them with. An individual going out to repair a pipeline shouldn’t have to search for a part number when he is dealing with a problem. The app should access the manual. If he has to replace the part, he should be able to just click on it and go. Simple as that. Bring information to them – not the other way around.” Snappii continues to be a leader in the construction apps industry, and is always working to develop new and better applications.

Restaurants cooking up new ideas

The app store has begun to flourish with apps made by local and global restaurants. With features that allow users to order ahead of time, check what’s on the menu and have a digital loyalty card, restaurants are bombarding app developers with requests for their own piece of the pie. With 68% percent of millennials carrying a smart-phone in their pockets, apps become essential for success. However, the market for restaurant apps is just as expensive as the business itself. Through this, young app developers are breaking into the industry and saturating the market with unique and high-demand features and solutions.

Health markets upcoming designer drug

Anyone in the medical industry will tell you that medicine and paperwork go hand in hand. This nearly primitive method of documenting is crucial to doctors and patients alike, but are often cumbersome and a nuisance. Mobile solutions allow anyone to record data, and gives the opportunity for the patient to explore the information as well. Because of this, professionals can devote more time to patients and improve the quality of their services. App developers can benefit the healthcare industry in more ways than one, incorporating a myriad of features that allow communication between doctor and patient to be seamless.

Although these are the three most prolific industries in the app building sector, many industries are beginning to see the benefit in having a companion in their pocket. An article written by eWeek put it best: “2016 could finally be the year when mobile apps are adopted to solve many of the daily work needs of both businesses, and the customers they serve.”

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