The Driving Force of App Development

The Driving Force of App Development

for blogWe are living in mobile technology era. In the U.S.  171.5 million people (71%) own mobile devices. Millennials are one of the largest population segments in the U. S., and they are much more engaged with technology than their slightly older peers. According to statistics, 85% of 18-24 year olds own smartphones and spend an average of 37 hours and six minutes a month on apps.

Millennials are the most important and profitable demographic group for mobile app developers. In turn, accustomed to the fact that any problem can be solved with the help of mobile technology, Millennials have increased requirements to the modern developers and mobile app building process.

Cross-Platform Is the Real Mobility

Today the concept of “mobility” is closely related with “flexibility” and is more than functionality on mobile devices. Nowadays to be truly mobile, apps should be cross-platform and work full force across all platforms. Millennials are constantly in motion and  often switch from laptops to mobile devices throughout the day. They are comfortable in front of any screen. That is why their apps should offer cross-device flexibility to accommodate that.

Old Habits Are the First

People used to call for a car service before Uber. Likewise, the most popular apps succeed because they take advantage of technology to assist users in something they’re already doing. Hence, in an app, the new unique innovations should be in connection with familiar tools and habits to meet Millennials’ requests and make the app more convenient for them.

Transparency and Response

Social media and social networks inculcate Millennials with the habit of instant responses, comments, feedback and support. They need to know there’s also a human on the other side of their screens. Consequently, app builders should take into account this need.

Rapid mobile app development

Speed is one of the most important moments in the app development process. Modern Millennials are not accustomed to waiting. They want to receive any service quite easily and extremely quickly. Fortunately, modern rapid mobile app development approach gives them such an opportunity. For example, thanks to its codeless development platform, Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, offers apps in days, not months.

This way, Millennials are the main driving force of progress. To keep pace with the time and retain success, mobile app developers should first of all pay attention to this demographic group.

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