Can you find Photos and Documents in Seconds?

Can you find Photos and Documents in Seconds?

As the world transitions from paper to digital, more people store their pictures, documents, and other key information online in the cloud. Bill Gates once said: “You need information at your fingertips”. Today your fingertips are on your smartphone. However, the solution to easily find the required documents and photos is not there. Browsing your image gallery or cloud with thousands of files to find a particular photo or document is a nightmare.

Today you have a solution. Snappii has created a free DocuMate Scanner app that delivers information to your fingertips. This free app allows you to capture photos and documents, screenshots, invoices, receipts, tickets, IDs, anything you may want to recall later. Scan, sign, mark up, and share in seconds. Stop browsing your image gallery and cloud drives to locate a photo or document. Use the DocuMate Scanner app to instantly find any file or photo with a keyword. The free DocuMate Scanner app is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Main features are:

Free Scanner. Scan anything from anywhere!

Smart search. Find any photo or document with a keyword

Add signatures, initials, stamps

Share with anybody and any app

Protect your data with PIN codes

Capture screenshots, photos, email attachments. Save them to the DocuMate Scanner app and retrieve them instantly with a keyword when needed

Generate PDF reports

Extract the information. Copy, search the web, share

Call or message phone numbers

Mark up with text and arrows

When you see important information, capture a photo or a screenshot and save it to the DocuMate Scanner app. Instantly find it with a keyword when you need it. Watch this video on how you can capture a screenshot and recall it later. Download our FREE DocuMate Scanner App from the Apple App Store today and save your valuable time!

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