Forrester Analyst Shares Benefits of Visual Mobile Dev Tools

Forrester Analyst Shares Benefits of Visual Mobile Dev Tools

for blogI was very pleased to see Forrester Analyst Michael Facemire”s blog post on December 4th. In his blog, Michael shared the “Three visual tooling changes that will make your life better in 2013.”

In setting up the value of visual tooling, Michael summed up the current development process in place by saying “the majority of web and mobile mobile business apps are written by developers manually writing source code in text editors or IDEs.” He takes his look forward by saying “tomorrow”s tooling is becoming much more visual in nature.” Here are the three tooling areas that excite Michael as he looks forward to 2013.
  1. Wireframing/visual requirements.
  2. Visual development tools. The reach of development tools now extends beyond developers. While prototyping tools allow business analysts and designers to work together, new visual development tools allow these same individuals to go beyond simple prototyping activities and actually create the base framework for an app, including some connection to back-end services.
  3. Visual test tools.                                                                                                                                      
    Visual development and, specifically, Snappii”s visual WYSIWYG drag and drop editor really sets us apart from anyone else in the Mobile Application Development Platform. Not only does Snappii offer visual development; you are also able to fully test your applications before releasing them into any public app stores or out for enterprise use within your own personnel.

I strongly agree with Michael that visual development for mobile mobile business apps is ideal
for the following reasons:

1. It broadens the universe of people who are able to participate in app creation
2. It accelerates the entire app development process
3. It improves the usability of mobile business apps because those working on the development get to test it before it is released.

4. You receive all of the needs from every member of the development team before an app is finally released.

I encourage you to read all of Michael”s blog, then go to and see for yourself why developing your app with a visual development tool like Snappii”s Enterprise App Development Platform is so much easier, inexpensive and rapidly shortens the development cycle, while tremendously improving the app”s quality  before it is released to the public.

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