How Airplanes Crews Can Benefit From Mobile Applications

How Airplanes Crews Can Benefit From Mobile Applications

for blogIn our previous blog devoted to airlines industry we discussed mobilizing pilot cockpits with applications. Today, we’ll continue investigating the topic.

When talking about mobile mobile business apps for airlines, the first thing that crosses our minds is airlines and airports information, booking tickets and hotels in the area, transportation information, access to travel itineraries, flight delay details and so on. Thus, we imagine some customer-side mobile application all major airlines have today. Such an app is designed to make lives of people traveling by airplanes easier and much more comfortable allowing them to take all the advantages of mobile devices comparing with computers and even ticket offices. So, customers should feel quite satisfied with mobile airlines services. But what about those, who work in the airlines industry and do not really need booking and buying tickets? Let’s view the problem from the side of pilots, flight attendants and other crew members.

As we already know, the first thing that troubles the airlines is the huge number of paper-based operations: human resources and maintenance, flight attendant activities and pilot operations are mostly found by the crew members in some books, manuals, documents, procedures, charts and maps. Sounds rather old-fashioned, doesn’t it? However, this is still true for many, if not most, airlines industry workers.  So, how can it be handled? The answer is easy: mobile mobile business apps!

Snappii is helping airplanes crews to avoid a lot of paper related-operations by replacing this kind of paper work with a mobile application capable to include various useful flight-related data.


The app can store data for unlimited countries and airports: frequencies, runway details, diagrams, navigation aids, weather minimums, phone numbers, fuel prices, operating hours, METARs, TAFs, Winds aloft and more are available.

Maps and Charts

Snappii Airlines mobile application covers Standard Terminal Arrival Charts, Instruments Approach Procedure Charts, Departure Procedure and Departure Procedure Obstacles Charts, Airports Charts and Maps as well as the detailed maps of Airports Terminals.

Instrument Procedures

The app includes approaches, departures, arrivals and diagrams for IFR systems.


Documents used in the app include a PDFs or images crew members can have for a quick reference in flight or on the ground.

forblogSuch an app can be a very useful tool for every crew member and their perfect companion both in flight and on the ground.  Captains, Pilots, Flight Engineers and Flight Attendants can take the advantage of having all the necessary information right in their pockets.

If you are interested in having a similar application, just contact us, and we will consider all of your requirements. The app can be customized to your business needs: any additional information, features and functions can be added.

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