Inspect Anything with Snappii

Inspect Anything with Snappii


More and more businesses are turning to mobile solutions that can eliminate paperwork, save time and improve their workflow. Mobile apps have become a staple in industries that were previously restricted to the confines of a desktop, or in some cases a really, really tough laptop. Mobile reporting apps have been gaining popularity as a business tool due to their ease of use and their accessibility.

Snappii, a leader in rapid mobile app development, has produced a platform that is capable of creating a mobile app with zero coding experience. Use the features that you would like to see in your app as building blocks to create a toolkit that will make your business skyrocket in terms of productivity. Try the online editor out and see for yourself!

Telstra, a research firm, shows that 75% of small businesses are still reliant on traditional paper-based tools, spending an estimated $608 million a year on paper. The implications of this are huge. Not only does the actual paper incur cost to the business, but the process of printing on that paper isn’t cheap either. Errors, documents getting lost and inaccuracies due to handwriting constantly accompany paperwork as well, and yet they are still widely used in the workplace.

Mobile apps are the perfect solution, allowing users to combine whichever paper forms they need and consolidate them into a single mobile app that can perform the same functions at twice the speed. Business reporting apps are unique for every business, which is why Snappii has produced the Inspect Anything template which you can go back and modify to fit your needs. Here are some ways you can use this:


Home Inspection

Moving into a new home can be frustrating when the previous tenants leave remains of their occupancy. Home inspection apps can help to alleviate some of this pressure by creating a catalog of different facets about the home, and organizing them in an easy to understand manner. The biggest advantage is that the user can take photos, make notes about problem areas and record damage that the landlord may have not revealed prior to moving in. Photos coupled with the users own notes also ensure that the inspection can be done quickly and efficiently.

When the report is done, you can email a copy to yourself, and possibly the landlord. This will allow both parties to be in agreement with the condition of the house, ensuring that neither side gets a surprise at the end of the lease agreement. For a home inspection business, the report gets automatically archived in their personal cloud.


Fire Inspection

It’s easier to prevent an incident then it is to fix the consequences. Fire Inspection apps can help fire safety departments expedite the way they collect data and ensure that buildings reach fire safety standards. Like the other mobile forms, the filled-out form will be archived for later viewing.

Although we always recommend having the property inspected professionally, the mobile app can act as a precursor to a real inspection. With templates built around every form in the industry, it’s easy to find the one you need.


Any field inspection job

Inspectors from various industries have to deal with paperwork every-day. On top of the driving, it can quickly become a tiring task lugging around the every form and making sure that none of them get lost or damaged during the commute.

A mobile app can help the inspector by transforming that paperwork into a mobile form. Data collection will be a matter of pressing a few buttons on their smart-device and sending the completed form to their email. There’s even an option to upload the users own PDF, enabling them to include any extra documents that could be pertinent to the task at hand.


The biggest problem with having a mobile app for your business is the cost associated with creating, and later maintaining, such a sophisticated piece of software. In the past, these tools were reserved solely for the big companies who had access to teams of software engineers. More recently, the market has seen “app-shops” that will build a custom mobile app for you. This process, however, usually takes months, and can easily rack up a dent in the company’s savings. More often than not, when using that many resources for a mobile app, it’s difficult to see a desirable ROI.

Snappii puts the power in the user’s hands by enabling them to create their own mobile app using their powerful, zero-coding platform. The long task of putting together a mobile app can be reduced to minutes, and the cost brought down to a fraction of the original price. As a user, you also have access to our app templates, which are pre-made apps that you can customize to fit your needs. Or you can start it from scratch! Try it out today RISK FREE.

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