Why Insurance Agencies need a mobile app

Why Insurance Agencies need a mobile app

for blogInsurance companies require a customer oriented approach that guarantees quick response to rapidly changing life conditions. Competition among insurance companies is intense so they must be fully equipped with modern technologies to remain competitive. Mobile mobile business apps are a must-have means to not only show contact information, but also involve clients in the complete insurance process allowing them to calculate insurance rates, order quotes and get feedback quickly.

In today’s mobile age, virtually every industry is leveraging mobile technologies to expand self-service channels and improve those already in place. The insurance industry is no exception. Today, customers can access their policies, file claims, pay bills and get quotes – all with the convenience of using a smartphone or a tablet. However, insurers are only just beginning to capitalize on the full value that mobile solutions can deliver. There are new options for solutions that go beyond just simple transactions. It is now possible to improve top and bottom line growth, and transform both the customer experience and business processes across the entire value chain, by simply changing the way information is captured and utilized.

With over 1 billion smartphones and tablets in use by customers, employees, partners and agents, Insurance Agency customers can now:

  • Ask for quotes anytime from anywhere
  • Manage their accounts
  • Report claims with photos, video, etc (no need for Adjusters to make physical trips to every Incident)
  • Pay bills
  • Reduce paper forms
  • Get answers faster any time of the day

Insurance Agency employees can:

  • Get access to corporate systems from anywhere any time and increase productivity
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Leverage BYOD and require less IT purchases

Insurance Agency Partners and Agents can:

  • Service more clients
  • Service clients faster
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Reduce travel

Snappii functions that enable Insurance Mobile App creation include:

  • Ability to create mobile mobile business apps without coding
  • Ability to leverage any programmer and non programmer to create and manage mobile mobile business apps
  • Reduce difficulty in hiring mobile programmers
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of mobile mobile business apps
  • Enable multiple releases of mobile business apps with minimum effort
  • Mobile e-forms
  • Support for complex calculations
  • Easy non-coding integration to legacy systems

There are endless opportunities for the use of mobile technology in the insurance industry. Nowadays, insurers offering mobile mobile business apps are viewed as innovative and customer-focused. With the mobile market growing so rapidly, all insurers should anticipate that clients will soon expect their insurers to provide mobile capabilities in some form. The mobile age customer will continue to be increasingly demanding, with escalating expectations for advanced mobile applications – expectations that are shaped both inside and outside the industry.

Snappii MEAP is a real alternative to hiring in-demand, cross platform developers or outsourcing mobile app development to unknown or potentially unreliable companies. It also allows experienced mobile to dramatically accelerate app builds with Snappii by taking advantage of not having to re-write code for the same features on different applications and focusing on coding enhancements to the platform for business-specific needs.
Using Snappii any business can have a fully customized insurance app in days vs months and succeed in collaborating with their current and future clients. It is a profitable solution for those who care about their business.

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