Prepare Your Roof for Winter with Roof Inspection App

Prepare Your Roof for Winter with Roof Inspection App

Prepare Your Roof for Winter with Roof Inspection AppThe challenges with ice and snow

Winter is already here and snow and ice are part of this season in the Northeast. It can prove burdensome to homeowners. Ice dams and snow are a significant risk for roofs and can create long-term damage. The first step homeowners can do to protect their roofs during the winter is to check the general condition of the roof and assess the risk the roof might face during the winter. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use a special mobile app from Snappii.

Why Roof Inspection app

Snappii offers a smart and convenient Roof Inspection app. The app covers the following types of roof inspections:

– Asphalt shingles

– Clay tiles

– Slate

– Metal

– Wood shingles and shakes

– Built-up/Membrane/Green Roof

Users can easily fill in a pre-made mobile form. It is made with a few clicks and you don’t even have to leave the inspection place. You can also snap photos while on a roof and add them to the form. The Roof Inspection app allows users to generate a complete report after the inspection based on the filled-in form. No need to combine all notes and photos. The report can be saved and shared as a PDF file.

Don’t worry the app doesn’t quite fit your needs

If the Roof Inspection app doesn’t quite fit your needs, we can modify it for you. Let us add your own forms for more convenience and efficiency. “Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality. Regardless of what I asked of Snappii they always tried,” here is what Robert Gulino from Modern Niagara Toronto says about work with us. Send us your requirements here and let’s discuss them.

All homeowners know that roofs are expensive to replace. Routine roof inspection and maintenance can lower the overall repair and replacement costs. Be provident with the Roof Inspection app.

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