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Regular Roof Inspections with Special App to Get Ahead of Problems

Regular Roof Inspections with Special App to Get Ahead of ProblemsOne of the most common causes of water damage in homes comes from leaky roofs. A roof should be inspected at least twice a year. You can call a professional to inspect the roof or do it yourself. However, it may be extremely dangerous to work on the roof without the proper training. Consider your skills and make the right choice.

What should be inspected primarily on the roof?

– flashings (impervious metal pieces, covering curves and edges, to prevent the passage of water into a structure),

– gutters (surface water collection and discharge channel),

– droops and sagging (moisture or rotting as a reason).

Roof inspection apps hold a strong position in the process

Regular roof inspections may help identify problems before they become worse and lead to a major repair and replacement. Today special roof inspection apps can significantly assist in this process. They provide helpful digital checklists and inspection forms with steps and fields to follow during a standard, proper roof inspection.

Snappii offers Roof Inspection app, designed for roofing industry professionals and any layman. Anyone can use a smartphone or tablet to document the data, take pictures, make notes, add digital signature, generate reports and send them. Hired professionals are able to easily and quickly communicate with their clients. They can select clients from the address book and share any report with them. There is a unique opportunity to preview the report prior to sending it. Upload completed inspection details to cloud drives and have a constant access to all data.

Roof Inspection app can save hours on data collection and processing, and significantly streamline the process. Learn more about the app from this short video. Download Roof Inspection app for iOS and Android devices. Contact Snappii if you need any customization of the app. For example, we can add your own forms.

By making sure the roof is in good condition, you can prevent bigger hassles as well as keep inhabitants safe. Get started right now with Roof Inspection app.

Green Construction: How to Implement the Project in Conjunction with Environmental Protection

Green Construction: How to Implement the Project in Conjunction with Environmental ProtectionThe new trend in construction industry

The new ways of going green in construction pop up and earn special popularity nowadays. From various eco-friendly materials and renewable energy, to paperless jobsite management. Adopting such eco and green construction practices can lead not just to helping the planet – it is also the way to save money and win more business.

Actually, construction tools and equipment are also experiencing a green technology transformation to lower a carbon footprint. For example, the new machines with less emissions. The entire specialty fields are adopting the new methods with less negative impact to the environment.

Another great way to stay green and efficient, at the same time – is to go paperless. Paperwork at the end of the day can be a huge hassle, especially at the construction jobsite. By switching over to the paperless solutions, you will save trees as well as optimize and accelerate usual operations.

An important tool in green construction

Going green may be easier with special mobile software. Snappii offers Green Building Construction app for making quick inspection of construction or buildings. The app takes account of simple techniques and materials, which can be applied to site planning to reduce the environmental impact and development costs. Fill out pre-made mobile form and ensure that all requirements have been met. The completed form can be sent via email to anyone. Green Building Construction app is available for iOS devices as well as for Android devices. This video can give you more information about this app and help visualize it.

Improve the long term health of building, its occupants and the whole region. Snappii team can customize Green Building Construction app to meet your specific needs. For example, we can convert your own usual forms and add them to this app. Just contact us with your requirements.

By choosing green construction with a help of special apps, you improve your business and help the earth. So, make the right choice.

Extend Life of HVAC Systems with Regular Inspections and Special Apps for This

Extend Life of HVAC Systems with Regular Inspections and Special Apps for ThisThe importance of regular HVAC maintenance is well known to building managers and any individuals. Heating and cooling systems are expensive to replace and specialists are always searching for the ways to keep HVAC systems running better for longer. Regular HVAC inspections can reduce the odds of downtime, prevent the breakages and increase the life expectancy of equipment.

The best way to conduct HVAC inspections

The best way to conduct regular, fast and efficient inspections is a right piece of technology. Today this is mobile apps. They have allowed technicians to replace paper forms and manual collection and movement of data. HVAC inspection apps cover all necessary operations with data and not only this.

Snappii offers multifunctional mobile solutions for field services to think proactively and provide better service. HVAC inspection app is one from the number of Snappii’s ready-made apps. HVAC Inspection Checklist app allows users to make complete inspections right on their mobile devices. There is a mobile checklist to instantly fill it out in a few clicks. Users can generate the report on the base of this checklist and send it via email as a PDF file. The app enables users to find all small problems that turn into major expenses. This video shows how it works. HVAC Inspection Checklist app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Snappii’s HVAC Inspection app was built with an average service company in mind. However, our team can customize it specifically for your business. Eliminate paperwork headaches and impress your clients with excellent service. Contact us right now to discuss your requirements and get a free quote. If you are just a homeowner, whether there’s a problem with your HVAC system or not, it’s wise to conduct regular, proper inspections.

Traditional heating and cooling systems can last about 20 years with proper maintenance. Regular inspections with HVAC inspection apps will prove this.

2 Apps to Make Facilities Safer for Everyone during COVID-19

The emergence of the novel pandemic COVID-19 has created an unprecedented impact on the way we live and work. Everybody knows how the virus spreads – by breathing in droplets coughed out or exhaled by infected people or by touching contaminated surfaces or objects, and then touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. While the spread of the virus is swift, the fact is that good cleaning and disinfection routines can greatly reduce or eliminate the viral count of COVID-19 on surfaces and objects.

We have already written about the measures for protecting yourself, your workplace and the employees. However, now we have created a solution to make the protection process even more accessible, fast and reliable.

Ensure proper cleaning and disinfection with 2 powerful apps

There are 2 apps, which can help conduct cleaning and disinfection inspection to be confident in safety. Cleaning Inspection Checklist app and Disinfection Checklist app provide a checklist with 38 checks for the audit and inspection of any specified area. Also, the apps collect photos, which can be marked, comments, dates and signatures.

Generate a report that you can share with anyone. It can be submitted into a convenient PDF file. Look at the disinfection report below. You can be sure in regular flow of accurate and timely data thanks to these reports. If you provide cleaning service, you can provide proof to customers.

Disinfection report

You can learn more about the apps and see how they work from the videos. Download and try them right now.

Cleaning Inspection Checklist app: iOS and Android versions

Disinfection Checklist app video: iOS and Android versions

Cleaning Inspection Checklist app and Disinfection Checklist app are based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines. We can add changes to meet your specific needs. For, example you can convert your own usual form and use it instead of the pre-made one. Contact us to discuss.

Why Mobile Inspection Apps Are Vital Nowadays

Why Mobile Inspection Apps Are Vital NowadaysInspection is a synonym for a headache

Conducting regular inspections can be a pressure for some businesses. This process is usually accompanied by stacks of paperwork and extra trips to the office and can be a huge burden for field technicians.

Growing competition urges businesses to improve the efficiency of all of their operations, especially inspections. That’s why many companies of various industries have already found a lot of reasons to use mobile inspection apps.

Accuracy, timeliness and consistency

Mobile inspection apps allow users to perform inspections faster and more effectively with pre-made mobile forms and checklists. They make technicians being able to capture a more complete analysis and collect more thorough, timely and accurate information.

Quality and compliance

Businesses always have to comply with internal and external policies, procedures and regulatory standards. Standardized and preconfigured mobile forms are the best way to comply with all regulations through the inspection process.

Acceleration and simplification

One of the best parts of mobile inspection apps is that they allow users to perform better inspections in less time. Office visits and re-entering the data are not required.

A universal inspection app

Snappii has a plenty of specific inspection apps for different industries and fields of activity. However, Inspect Anything app can be used in any of them. This app allows users to easily capture notes, photos, signatures, drawings, QR codes, bar codes, locations, audio and video files. It makes any field inspection a breeze. Technicians can instantly create full-length reports as PDF or Excel files and send them. Store collected data on the mobile device and access it anytime, anywhere. Inspect Anything app helps save work time as well as the costs. Download the app and try it right now (for iOS, for Android).

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built version of the app, Snappii team can customize Inspect Anything app for you to meet your specific needs. We are able to add your own forms. Just send them to us and let’s discuss.

Revolutionize your inspection process by removing the burden of routine paperwork. Read more about the benefits of inspection apps here.

Ensure Stable Work of Heavy Equipment with Snappii’s Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Ensure Stable Work of Heavy EquipmentToday we can see the increasing growth in industrialization and urbanization all around the world. This trend is not going to slow down. Heavy equipment is used in a plenty of industries, which are impacted by this growth. From construction to mining and utility services. Ensuring availability of the equipment, safety and proper condition requires a regular cycle of inspection and maintenance.

Heavy equipment inspection is no longer a tedious task

We at Snappii understand that field inspections can be a difficult and inconvenient task, especially when it comes to heavy equipment. One complete inspection report may require a lot of workforce and time. However, thanks to technological advancements there is a solution to optimize and significantly simplify this process.

Add Heavy Equipment Inspection app to your set of tools

Snappii offers Heavy Equipment Inspection app to conduct detailed field inspections, covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance. Notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required. As soon as the inspection form is completed, it gets saved locally on device and there is a PDF and an Excel file generated. The report can be instantly sent by the email or any other service.

Instead of manually filling in hundreds of paper sheets and spending hours, you will need just a smartphone or mobile tablet. Utilizing Heavy Equipment Inspection app, you will forget paper forms and reports forever. Moreover, Heavy Equipment Inspection app allows users to ensure safety of heavy equipment as well as the employees. Accurate, timely and fast data contributes to immediate response and helps avoid accidents.

Some more opportunities

Heavy Equipment Inspection app has the ability to be configured in order to meet your specific needs. Snappii team is able to go beyond the generalized template. We will add your own forms and make necessary changes. Contact us here to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

Learn how Heavy Equipment Inspection app works from this short video. Try the app right now: iOS version, Android version.

4 Tips to Prevent Accidents at the Workplace

4 Tips to Prevent Accidents at the WorkplaceAccidents at the workplace happen more often than you think and take a toll on companies. When working at heights or coming into contact of hazardous materials and equipment, safety at the workplace is the most important task. With each incident, companies suffer legal issues, financial loss, damaged reputation and more. There are some general actions to ensure that workplace accidents and injuries don’t happen, no matter what type of environment you work in.

Always stay alerted and rest in time

Stay awake and stay alerted. Timely rest can help to complete tasks adequately, enhance your performance and avoid inattention and related incidents. Don’t get involved in recycling, this is a path of errors and misses. Most of the people who become involved with accidents at the workplace are those who feel tired and sleepy.

Wear proper uniform

Many jobs require special dress code – uniforms. This is not casual. Workers should be more vigilant about the wearing of appropriate safety uniform and other protective equipment when working. Otherwise, they are prone to accidental cuts, burns, bumps, and so on. All these in turn can lead to more serious consequences.

Follow instructions and pay attention to details

Even if you’re an expert at your job, you always need to follow all instructions and regularly brush up on knowledge. Work with diligence and full awareness of your job. Following clear rules and paying attention to detail can help you to avoid making mistakes that can lead to injuries, serious incidents and subsequent legal issues.

Participate in emergency drills and safety trainings

Emergency drills provide the knowledge how to act if the emergency arises, avoid accidents and protect yourself. Workers shouldn’t take safety drills for granted, and take this seriously. Also, managers must insist on regular and full-fledged safety trainings and exams over the gained knowledge.

Keep safe both employees and the business itself

The tips above concern each employee and his or her personal safety. And how to save the business itself? Modern safety apps can help with this.

Safety inspection apps allow managers and business owners to ensure safety in the operation environment and protect the business itself from legal impacts. Regular inspections are a key of safe workflow. Safety inspection apps help easily and quickly collect necessary information, process it and instantly use for decision making. Such data is more timely and accurate. Also, safety inspection apps allow users to store the data and have a constant access to it.

Workplace safety inspections in a few minutes

Snappii has been changing the culture of safety in various businesses for about 10 year. Hundreds of successfully and safely operating companies are our best achievement. Snappii offers Workplace Safety Inspection app, which can become your smart assistant in providing workplace safety right now. This ready-made app allows users to inspect working environment including surrounding appliances, medical service, environment control, fire protection and more. Fill out pre-made inspection forms, add photos, capture accurate GPS locations and more.  Start an efficient safety assurance program with Workplace Safety Inspection app.

A pleasant and useful advantage of Snappii apps is their 100% customization. We can modify any ready-made app to meet your personal needs. Let us know your requirements and ideas.

Why the Proper Modern Inspections Require Mobile Inspection Checklists

An integral part of any inspection

An inspection checklist is an assurance that a particular equipment, place, operation, etc. has been inspected. To be effective, a checklist needs to be specific to the type of an object or operation being inspected. Checklists should be comprehensive, but also quite user-friendly, clear and logical. By containing the right fields and asking the right questions in the right way, they can create a better inspection experience, help make better, timely business decisions and optimize a whole workflow. For a long time checklists have traditionally only been available on paper, but now anyone can use checklists digitally right on mobile devices in the field.

A major reason to move to mobile inspection checklists

Paper based checklists are a hassle. Manual filling out of forms, their delivery to the office, printing, etc. are a lengthy process. Mobile inspection checklists reduce the time and effort in several times. This allows businesses to eliminate redundancies and overhead. Accuracy, speed and optimization are three key components of the inspection process with mobile inspection checklists.

Less worry and more efficiency

When it comes to responsibility, mobile inspection checklists are the most reliable solution. Government inspectors, supervisory authorities, insurers, etc. expect that all inspection data will be available at any time. Also they require regular reports. Mobile inspection apps with in-build inspection checklists are able to provide this.

Using paper checklists, any worker can say inspections have been done, but they really haven’t. However with mobile inspection checklists, managers can instantly control it, and it’s impossible to cheat. The staff in the field begins to take inspections more seriously.

Summarizing all of the above, we can say that mobile inspection checklist allow people to do highly organized and safe business from a legal point of view.

Today mobile technology market offers various generic mobile inspection checklists. Some companies confine themselves to this. However more specific and custom checklists allow businesses to get better-quality and accurate data.

Choose custom mobile inspection checklists

Thanks to Snappii Form Converter, you no longer have to content with generic mobile inspection checklists. Any existing form can be converted to its mobile analogue with a full content retention. It meets all features of your inspection. Snappii has already helped hundreds of customers to make high-quality inspections with their own mobile inspection checklists. “I no longer need to show up at inspections with a bevy of tools and equipment,” says David Banaszynski from the Village of Hoffman Estates. “All I need is my smartphone and/or tablet.” “Our company has gone from many paper items to ZERO paper needed for our purpose. We love it!” these are the words of Edwin Smutt from Elevation Transport.

Mobile inspection checklists are the most right decision for efficient, step-by-step analyzing of equipment, places and operations. And Snappii is the best assistant for this. Don’t let your competitors get around you and join this solution already today. Contact us with your requirements and questions.

Start Extending Heavy Equipment Life with Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Heavy machinery is expensive construction equipment, and also it is expensive to repair or replace. All companies try to extend the life cycle of the equipment with the best maintenance practices. There are special mobile apps to help with the long-term service of the most vital construction equipment.

Start extension of heavy equipment life with an inspection app

Regular heavy equipment inspections help prevent expensive downtime and repair. They help predict when failure is likely to occur, allowing you to find a solution to problems before they happen. Heavy equipment inspection apps are the best way to conduct fast, convenient and easy inspections right in the field. Also such inspection apps cover each major system and component of heavy equipment. For example:

– visual inspection,

– undercarriage inspection,

– fluids inspection,

– exhaust inspection,

– safety compliance inspection,

– etc.

By implementing heavy equipment inspection apps, the maintenance cost can drop by 25%.

Replace paperwork and win more time and efficiency

One more benefit of heavy equipment inspection apps is a fact that specialists don’t need to carry piles of paper or bulky laptop in the field and they can use just their smartphone. Reducing of time-consuming operations contributes to more efficient waste of time and resources. Moreover, the whole team has instant access to collected data. Any issues can be immediately reported to the right people.

Mobile check-lists are always at your hand

A heavy equipment inspection check-list is highly recommended by various organizations. Heavy equipment inspection apps contain check-lists with each itemized task associated with certain intervals: daily, monthly or seasonally. The check-lists can be quickly converted to the reports. This is not just convenient, but also legally protects companies. They are able to provide necessary information when required.

Maximize the lifecycle of heavy equipment  with Snappii

Snappii has been working in the business app market for about 10 years. We offer field process automation predominantly in construction, inspection, inventory and work order sectors. Snappii provides both ready-made multifunctional apps and custom app development according to your personal needs. We want to present a Heavy Equipment Inspection app in this blog post.

Meet your smart pocket assistant

The Heavy Equipment Inspection app is an essential participant of your successful equipment maintenance program. The app allows users to easily

– check all components and assemblies,

– indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance,

– collect and process necessary data on major equipment systems,

– notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required.

– generate complete reports and send them,

– store all the data locally on the device,

– work in online/offline mode.

One important point is that the Heavy Equipment Inspection app is 100% customizable. We can modify the app according to your personal needs. Get a visual idea of the Heavy Equipment Inspection app from this short video. Download and try the app right now. It’s available for iOS, as well as Android devices. Also you can contact our support team with any questions and requirements to customize the app.

How to Maximize the Lifecycle of Construction Heavy Equipment

How to Maximize the Lifecycle of Construction Heavy Equipment

The management of construction heavy equipment is a difficult task. However, the proper management will help get the most from the investment and enjoy the safe operation of the machine. The lifecycle of equipment depends on preventative measures, regular inspections and well-trained operators and technicians. These contribute to higher productivity and cost reduction.

Why inspection is a key

During a heavy equipment maintenance, inspection is a fundamental process. By conducting thorough heavy equipment inspections, specialists ensure that the necessary components are in working and safe order. Construction businesses will save hundreds or thousands of dollars and maintain consistent workflows when their heavy equipment needs less time on repairs and stays in better shape for long-term use.

Checklists and data accumulation

A good inspection process relies on the proper capturing and processing of information. Inspection checklists help operators and inspectors streamline inspection process and always remember what to look for. These lists can be processed and let mechanics refer to them to determine service requirements and possible repair situations. Also they serve as the basis for reports. All this data will help identify bigger issues before a major breakdown occurs, and it is instrumental in keeping costs down and production up.

Mobile solutions in heavy equipment inspection process

To avoid inconvenient paper-based checklists and difficulties associated with them, modern specialists move to special mobile software, which contains all lists and forms in the digital format. Mobile checklists and heavy equipment inspection apps provide the following benefits:

– Access anytime anywhere

The whole team have instant access to collected data. Any issues can be immediately reported to the right people. It reduces time, eliminates unnecessary moving and operations, and optimizes the workflow.

– Accuracy and reliability

Paper is unreliable and there is a high risk of errors when manually filling out the lists. Mobile checklists and heavy equipment inspection apps reduce human error and ensure accuracy of data.

– Legal security

Regulatory standards and rules can be built into the mobile inspection form, ensuring that all safety and other regulations will be addressed during the inspection process and reporting. Moreover, heavy equipment inspection apps allow safely storage of all the data for instant providing at the request of higher authorities or if necessary. This is an additional way of the legal security of the construction company in case of various proceedings and issues.

People are still the main resources for cohesive operations, however modern heavy equipment inspection apps can become a good pocket assistant to free up some time and make life easier. Keeping this in mind, Snappii, a mobile business app provider, has developed several mobile solutions for the construction industry and construction heavy equipment inspection in particular.

Heavy Equipment Inspection app from Snappii allows users to conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. As soon as the inspection form is completed, it gets saved locally on device and there is a PDF and an Excel file generated. These files can be printed and shared via email, text message, cloud storages (DropBox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive) and other sharing options available on your mobile device. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints for inspecting heavy equipment. Heavy Equipment Inspection app is 100% customizable as most Snappii apps. It can be supplemented by specific features.

One more solution from Snappii is Mobile Form Apps. Specifically developed Snappii Mobile Form Converter allows anyone to create mobile form apps using their existing PDF documents. Also the users are able to choose from the pre-made form templates for various industries. For example, a heavy equipment inspection form. It can be easily customized to meet special requirements of the company. There are 2 options: do it yourself or let Snappii do it for you.

There is a new era of construction heavy equipment inspection and management. Hurry up to join it!

Tradesmen: Work Smarter but not Harder with Mobile Apps

Many tradesmen use technology every day to build their business, make it more straightforward and efficient. Nowadays the mobile technology is exactly the thing that is coming to the fore. Professionals can use their phone or tablet to automate routine tasks and save valuable time and energy. Let’s consider this benefit in more details.

No one likes having tons of paperwork. In addition to waste of time, paperwork is an absolutely unreliable process. Paper files can be lost or spoiled, and writing by hand always entails typos and errors. Moreover, tradesmen often work in the field and don’t have access to their PCs or laptops and work with paper in such conditions is impossible.

There is one small but smart solution for all these challenges. Special mobile apps can easily replace all paperwork and make various operations faster. Users can have all documents right in their smartphone in convenient and powerful digital format. Mobile forms eliminate paper, file cabinets and long processing of data. What took several hours now can be done in a few minutes.

Streamline workflow and increase productivity with management apps

Tradesmen can manage all operations on the move. Mobile management apps provide constant communication channel with all employees. It contributes to better and faster decision-making and workflow optimization. Moreover, management apps can be a good tracking tool. Managers can track work hours, the workflow, the progress of each project, and keep clients in the know. It’s a great opportunity to increase the productivity.

Make instant invoices on a spot with invoicing apps

Invoicing is an extremely important process for tradesmen. With special invoicing apps, there is no need to make customers wait for a quote. Tradesmen can instantly create invoices on a smartphone, send them and keep a database of completed invoices. Invoicing apps are the best replacement of paper-based invoices. It’s a great saving of tradesmen and clients’ time. Moreover, such mobile invoicing provides the beneficial effect to the company image.

Inspect anything fast and easy with just your phone and inspection apps

Various inspection apps can be a perfect component of successful business. Regardless the industry, tradesmen should conduct inspections, whether it’s safety inspection or equipment inspection. Inspection apps turn this task into a lightning fast and easy process. Such apps allow users to collect accurate data in the field, process it, generate reports and safely store them. A mobile form can be filled out in a snap and even with just your voice.

Tradesmen: apps and mobile forms to improve your business

Snappii, a mobile business app development company, offers a plenty of powerful apps, configured for tradesmen and provide a huge number of benefits. The main goal is to free users from paper, save time and money. Snappii is able to customize any app specifically for your company and your clients. We are proud to create apps in weeks, not months. Moreover, we offer unique mobile form conversion. Anyone can transform their own paper forms into mobile form app. For example, now any of your invoice or inspection form can be filled out at your smartphone. No special skills required to create such a mobile form. Snappii support team is always ready to help with this process. Make a step to the digital future and increase the revenue with Snappii.

Advance Your Welding Inspections

Welding inspection includes examine the connections and various characteristics of welds and bonds between metals as well as a checking of all base and consumable materials and equipment. Moreover, inspectors need to be sure that all welding activities are conducted in accordance with all safety regulation. All of these is a huge amount of data. In addition to working in the field, welding inspectors spend time in an office setting compiling regular reports.

Paperless inspections are already here

For a long time paperwork was an integral part of welding inspections. Each detail had to be recorded manually and then entered into a PC. It’s obvious that such process is time-consuming, unreliable and requires extra efforts. Welding companies and departments have started actively resort to a help of mobile technologies to avoid loss of productivity, quality of work and revenue. This way, a unique solution has appeared.

The process of a few clicks

Special mobile form apps allow businesses to eliminate paper-based forms and documents. Nowadays any inspection data can be easily and quickly entered in pre-made fields of mobile forms. Just a few clicks can completely replace paperwork. Of course, it is not the only benefit of mobile form apps.

Timeliness and accuracy

Accuracy of current data influences the whole workflow. This is a guarantee of right decisions and successful business development. Mobile form apps can help avoid inaccuracies and mistakes, which are not a rarity in manual filling of paper forms.

Reliability and security

As we mentioned previously, all welding activities should be conducted in accordance with local, state and federal regulation, in addition to complying with all company safety rules. Any company must be ready for visits of higher authorities. It’s extremely important to store all documentation in a proper order, be sure in its accuracy and also be able to instantly provide any data. Mobile form apps allow businesses to avoid file cabinets with their problematic management and maintenance. All data can be safely stored right at mobile devices or in the cloud. It provides 24/7 availability in case of any inspections.

Meet your best pocket assistant

Snappii, a leading business apps provider, offers powerful ready-made apps for more than 30 industries. What about welding activities, we provide the app with all primary features for quick and qualified inspections in this field. Welding Environment Inspection app includes checklists for WHMIS standards, oxy/fuel systems, electrical and abrasive equipment, hand tools and more. Get detailed information at anytime and anywhere, store data locally, synch collected data across multiple devices, work online and offline, communicate with other specialists in community forum, generate professional reports and send them. Download the app and try even more features yourself. This inspection app can help increase efficiency of the workflow, improve data accuracy, avoid incidents, cut extra costs and time. All Snappii apps are 100% customizable to meet any specific needs. For example, your personal inspection forms can be instantly converted to Welding Environment Inspection app. All you need is just contact us here and send your requirements.

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