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5 Steps of Fire Extinguisher Inspection

5 Steps of Fire Extinguisher InspectionA properly working extinguisher could save many lives. To ensure that fire extinguishers are in good working condition, their inspection should be conducted monthly. Businesses can bring external professionals or train their own employees as part of an overall fire safety strategy. It is critical that employees know about the most common issues, identifying during an inspection, and knows how to respond accordingly. Here are 5 mandatory steps of proper fire extinguisher inspection.

1. Visibility and accessibility

Ensure a fire extinguisher is present in the area, and it is easily visible. It should be easily accessed during an emergency. Also, prevent the extinguisher from being moved and damaged.

2. Physical state

Closely check overall condition, labeling and physical defects of the extinguisher. Metal parts should be free of any signs of damage, as well as serial number and other notes should be readable. Check a secure connection of all extinguisher’s parts. Ensure a proper condition of hose without any cracks. The pin locks prevents accidental discharge of the extinguisher. It also should be checked.

3. Pressure gauge

Check the gauge to ensure the needle points to the green area. This means that the extinguisher is fully charged and ready for use. The needle in the left red zone means that the extinguisher is undercharged, and the right red zone signals a danger of being overcharged.

4. Maintenance or inspection tag

Ensure the extinguisher has a maintenance or inspection tag with regular marks.

5. Inspection report

Besides the mark on the inspection tag, the general inspection report should be created. It usually contains summarize observations, any comments, name/signature and date.

Mobile solutions for fast and efficient fire extinguisher inspections

Snappii is able to provide a solution to significantly simplify and optimize extinguisher inspection. The ready-made Fire Inspection app is the best tool to ensure that the premises has all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. The app users can carry out monthly fire extinguisher inspections and collect all necessary data with their mobile devices. Also they can take and attach photos related to the inspection. The completed inspection forms are able to be generated to the report in the PDF format. The report can be signed and shared with anyone, as well as safely stored right in the app. Fire Inspection app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Moreover, Snappii can use your already existing inspection forms and checklists and convert them to the app. Thanks to powerful Snappii Form Converter, it is a fast and affordable process. You can send us your forms and requirements here. Form conversion is available as a DIY option. Anyone can try it yourself. No special skills required.


The Major Safety Hazards of Construction Tower Cranes and the Ways to Avoid Them

The Major Safety Hazards of Construction Tower Cranes and the Ways to Avoid ThemConstruction tower cranes are the backbone of most large construction sites. The jobsites can’t work to their full capacity without them. However, working with cranes poses many hazards. Unsafe practices can lead to costly damage, injuries and even fatalities. Therefore, it’s important to know the main hazards and how to prevent them.

Falling of loads

Falling loads are one of the most common hazards when working with construction tower cranes. It can result in damage of building and property, injuries and fatalities. Also, it leads to delays and extra expenses. It’s extremely important to be sure in operator competency. Operators and all specialists working with cranes should be proper trained so they are able to operate competently and safely. In addition, construction businesses should use only verified and high quality blocking systems.


The majority of crane failures and hazards are the result of overloading. Exceeding of crane’s operational capacity can cause irreversible damages and a dangerous situation for all workers. Do not take such risks and always observe the established weights and volumes.

Power lines

Around 200 fatalities per year are the result of contact of construction tower cranes. Any workers in the vicinity are at risk when cranes operate near power lines. It’s crucial that pre-job planning takes into account the location of power lines.

Here are some more crane safety tips:

– Appropriate and regular training of all employees,

– Knowing and following the rules of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER),

– Proper safety plan before starting the work,

– Appropriate PPE for workers,

– Regular safety inspections.

Safety inspection apps

Mobile apps are the best and the most convenient way to conduct safety inspections right on the jobsite. Safety inspection apps from Snappii allow users to collect all necessary data, observe regularity, instantly process data, generate reports, share them and safely store. Visit the gallery and find the ready-made safety inspection apps. Moreover, you can send us your requirements and Snappii team will create a custom app in accordance with your personal needs.

The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection Apps

The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection AppsA maintenance inspection is the process of evaluation the condition of facilities and equipment. The purpose of such inspection is to determine what is needed to keep them in good working condition. Also, maintenance inspections can identify issues before they turn into costly repairs, as well as prevent downtime. Every enterprise or facility must conduct regular inspections as part of the entire maintenance program. It’s important to note, that inspections should be documented and stored.

Here are some major types of maintenance inspections:

– Quality inspection

Catching and identifying critical defects and issues can help avoid rework, repair and downtime.

– Safety inspection

Safety inspections can include various aspects, from checking fire protection equipment to monitoring compliance with safety measures by employees.

– Vendor inspection

Vendor inspections are essential to ensure compliance with local and international standards, reduce cost and increase quality.

– Failure finding inspection

This type of inspection checks the operation of back-up or protective devices that cannot be checked unless a primary system fails. Failure instances are simulated to specifically test these components.

Inspection apps to improve and accelerate the process

With the advanced mobile technology available today, special inspection apps can make inspection process simple and efficient. They allow users to easily collect data, process them and generate professional reports right on the mobile device. Inspection apps cover a lot of specific industries and fields of activity. Snappii is the leader in mobile business apps and offers a plenty of powerful inspection apps. For example, Workplace Safety Inspection app, Building Inspection app, Inspect Anything app, Quality Inspection app, Heavy Equipment Inspection app and more. The apps provide advanced features and agility to operate right in the field. Most of Snappii’s inspection apps are customizable to meet any personal needs.

How to Improve Fall Protection Policy in the Roofing Industry

How to Improve Fall Protection Policy in the Roofing IndustryThe scary stats

Roofers have the fifth-highest work-related death rate in construction. About 50 roofers are killed on the job each year, most by falls (The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) study). Poor fall protection policy is responsible for most of the fatal falls. Unfortunately, many roofing crews still operate without using any fall protection whatsoever. A neglect of control and accountability is also a problem.

It’s time to act

“All roofing contractors should have a written fall protection program that specifies what type of fall protection is provided, provides adequate training for workers, and enforces fall protection programs,” the study emphasizes. Also we want to add the need of accurate and timely data and constant monitoring of compliance with all measures.

OSHA Training opportunities for roofing workers are huge. Almost 5 million workers have already been trained in jobsite hazard recognition and avoidance techniques. Also, the business of fall protection has exploded into a multi-trillion dollar industry of great demand nowadays. The market competition keeps equipment costs relatively low. This way, any (even the smallest) roofing company can afford high-quality protective equipment and outfit.

Roofing apps as a one more way to increase safety

What about work with data, control and reporting, modern mobile technology is the best solution. Roofing apps allow users to collect necessary data, process and share it right in the field. In-time and accurate data is the key to successful and safe work. Instant inspections keep every aspect under control, and special inspection roofing apps ensure convenient storage of all inspection results and reports, and constant access to them.

Roof Inspection app from Snappii

To make roofing operations easier and safer, Snappii has created Roof Inspection app. This app is designed for roofing industry professionals and any layman, and covers all major types of roof inspections. Roof Inspection app allows users to collect all required details in minutes, take and upload pictures, make notes, add digital signature and more. A unique and powerful feature of this app is the opportunity to generate complete PDF and Excel reports. They can be previewed and shared via email or other ways. The app users are able to use the address book and choose clients from it to instantly share any report with them. Roof Inspection app helps keep everything in order and under strict control.

Roof Inspection app is available to download in Apple App Store and Google Play. Also, Snappii team is ready to customize this app to meet any specific needs. Contact us here.

3 Actions to Prevent Fire at the Enterprise

3 Actions to Prevent Fire at the EnterpriseThe fundamentals of fire safety of any enterprise are not only the presence of fire extinguishers and evacuation plan. This concept is much more extensive and includes fire preventive trainings, safe behavior, constant inspections and reporting. The main causes of fire situations at the enterprise are:

– poor power, short circuit;

– faulty equipment, incorrect operation of equipment;

– neglect and violation of fire safety rules;

– improper storage of flammable things.

Here are 3 major activities of fire prevention at the enterprise.

Forewarned is forearmed

Provide training and maintenance of guidelines and procedures aimed to assure the safety of all employees. Pay special attention to trust and responsibility in the team. The more trust workers have in each other, the better equipped they are for whatever problems and incidents do arise in the workplace. Conduct regular fire alarm trainings and do not spare time for analysis of actions.

Constant communication

Always maintain clear lines of communication. Whether it’s a regular report, or any observations and comments, make sure all the team knows what’s going on. In every field communication is the key to operate safely and efficiently, and to making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Regular inspections

Regular fire safety inspections are the key for trouble-free and safe operation of the enterprise and the calmness of its managers. Work out a plan of inspections and strictly observe it. In order for such quite time consuming activity to take place without problems and misses, special inspection apps can be required. They allow inspectors to organize and optimize fire safety inspection and make it faster but proper.

Fire Inspection app

Snappii offers Fire Inspection app to help businesses in providing safe workplace and ensure that the premises have all fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. It is the excellent tool to capture required data easily and quickly and add it to pre-made mobile forms. Take photos related to the inspection, include them into the PDF inspection forms, capture handwritten signatures, report locations with map or GPS features and more. Fire Inspection app conveniently stores all necessary data which is always available. Snappii team is able to customize this app to your specific needs. Contact us with any requirements.

Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This Process

Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This ProcessWhat is Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services specialize at cleaning of such areas as factories and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, power plants and other industrial facilities. Industrial cleaning is typically done by a professional commercial cleaning team with a usage of specific cleaning tools and techniques. Such specific cleaning teams must be highly skilled and operate without harming workers and expensive equipment. There are some types of industrial cleaning:

– floor cleaning,

– carpet and upholstery cleaning,

– window and glass cleaning,

– disinfection and sanitation,

– heavy equipment cleaning,

– power washing,

– post-construction cleanup and construction debris removal.

– etc.

Need to know

Usually industrial environments are busy, crowded and high-traffic, and can even operate around the clock. Industrial cleaning companies work closely with the enterprise and draw up a plan and strategy to not interfere with operations and encourage minimized delays and risk. Inappropriate work of industrial cleaning company or failure of the enterprise to employ a professional cleaning team could lead to drops in employee productivity, poor quality of workflow and products, bad reputation and even incidents. That’s why it is extremely important for industrial cleaning companies to improve their operations and implement advanced solutions such as mobile technology.

The benefits of mobile solutions

Today special mobile apps can provide industrial cleaning companies a set of useful features. For example, accurate and convenient planning and scheduling, instant work with timely data, exchange of any information, inspections and reporting, safe data storage and more. Specialists can forget paperwork and spend time more efficiently.

Inspections are an essential process in cleaning service. Confidence in proper conditions and official confirmation of this contribute to smooth and safe operation of the enterprise and successful completion of tasks of cleaning companies. Snappii offers Cleaning Inspection Checklist app for fast and convenient audit and inspection of any specified area. Users are able to fill out the form by adding evaluations, notes and photos about the quality of cleaning. Then they can generate a PDF report, print it, send it via email, or safely store it right on the mobile device. Also Cleaning Inspection Checklist app has a Disinfection Checklist with 38 checks to ensure that all the surfaces have been disinfected. The app is customizable to meet any specific needs. Contact Snappii to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More Optimized

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More OptimizedVertical transportation is becoming increasingly important as urbanization expands. Today elevators are often taken for granted, but they need regular maintenance and inspections in order to operate properly. There are several practices to help technicians ensure elevator maintenance and safety.

– Learn about the equipment history to understand the lifecycle, important details and the risk for potential issues. Having this knowledge will help you hold the equipment provider accountable if necessary.

– It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive and only respond to problems. Elevators should be inspected regularly regardless of any breakings.

– Rules and regulations are continually evolving to improve elevator maintenance practices. It is important to adhering to not only current protocol of maintenance, but also new and developing standards and always be aware of their appearance and changes.

– Keep detailed and regular records and ensure that the data you have about your equipment is accurate and complete. This will help you make the most effective decisions. Also it is a way to always have all documentation, which can be required by higher organizations. The advancements in technology have made work with data much easier. Data recording and processing can be automated. Special elevator inspection apps allow users to add necessary information to pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks. The completed forms can be conveniently and safely stored right on the mobile device and they are always available anywhere.

The best app for fast and efficient elevator inspection

Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Elevators app from Snappii. This elevator inspection app is designed to ensure organized inspection of all units and generate a professional report. It covers each major system and component of elevators. App users are able to quickly fill in pre-made forms, add photos and signatures. Also there is an opportunity to generate a PDF report and send it. Snappii elevator inspection app is customizable to any specific needs. Learn more about Inspect & Maintain Elevators app in a short video. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact Snappii with any specific requirements and ideas for app customization.

The Most Important Points to Know about Home Inspections

Why home inspections are essential

Proper and regular home inspections can help make the most of your property. Home inspection is essential in gathering all the valuable information for right maintenance and life extension of the facility. Also it is the way to know whether the house is safe or not and the opportunity to avoid unexpected and expensive surprises. Here is what any homeowner should know about home inspections.

Home inspection covers the following areas:

– house structure and framing,

– roof,

– electrical,

– plumbing,


– exterior and interior.

Professional home inspection before selling or buying a house will naturally require a specialist services. While the expert is doing the inspection on your property, you should be involved in the process.

What about the time

The time of home inspection may differ from one property to another. Basically it depends on a property size. In case you use the services of a specialist, the time to prepare a report will be required. However, the reports are useful even if you conduct inspections yourself. An average inspection takes around 3 to 4 hours. Special inspection apps can significantly accelerate this process, as well as simplify and optimize it.

The best inspection apps for improvement and optimization

Snappii offers 2 apps which will be quite helpful for inspection of property and facilities. Building Inspection app is ideal pocket tool to perform house inspections. It covers fire prevention, building maintenance, storage, occupancy, heating and electrical systems, housekeeping, exterior, etc. Thanks to this inspection app, anyone can easily and quickly capture all necessary data and put it in pre-made mobile forms. Moreover, users are able to visualize building inspections on a map. Completed inspection forms can be instantly accessed, edited, stored and emailed. Another smart mobile tool is Building Maintenance app. This app is a perfect assistant in organization of maintenance inspection. Building Maintenance app allows users to add multiple details to the database, including personal information, timestamp, geo location, pictures and more. The data can be synced across multiple devices. Also app users are able to generate PDF and Excel reports on the base of completed inspection forms.

Both apps eliminate paperwork and make inspections faster and more organized. Snappii can create your own custom inspection app or use your existing inspection forms and convert them to their mobile analogue. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

Mobile Solutions to Maintain Heavy Equipment

When it comes to demolishing or deconstructing, there is specific heavy equipment that helps get the job done efficiently and effectively. Such equipment includes excavators, track loaders, feller bunchers, skid steer loaders, dozers and more. These machines also usually use special hydraulic tool attachments. It is important to carry out regular and proper maintenance of such complicated equipment, because its repair and replacement are extremely expensive.

Advantages of mobile solutions for heavy equipment maintenance

Modern mobile solutions can simplify and optimize heavy equipment maintenance. Where you once used reams of paper and depended on paper checklists, you can now know at a touch of a button what state your equipment is in. Heavy equipment inspection and maintenance mobile apps actively become a standard tool for keeping machines active and avoiding unnecessary downtime and expenditures. This way, heavy equipment is able to operate at its full capacity and workers can complete jobs faster and smarter.

Advanced and reliable heavy equipment inspection and maintenance mobile apps

Snappii offers several powerful apps for heavy equipment maintenance. Heavy Equipment Inspection app allows users to conduct inspections without tedious and unreliable paperwork. First of all, this app ensures safety of people and machines working in the field. Heavy Equipment Inspection app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. Inspectors can quickly indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance and instantly eliminate it. Construction Equipment Inspection is more specific app, which can become a useful assistant for maintaining various construction heavy equipment. Also Snappii is able to create any custom app from scratch. We meet the requirements and build an app in weeks.

Having your equipment ready for work is a key factor in winning and fulfilling contracts. Make heavy equipment inspection and maintenance mobile apps a part of your maintenance strategy.

Regular Roof Inspections with Special App to Get Ahead of Problems

Regular Roof Inspections with Special App to Get Ahead of ProblemsOne of the most common causes of water damage in homes comes from leaky roofs. A roof should be inspected at least twice a year. You can call a professional to inspect the roof or do it yourself. However, it may be extremely dangerous to work on the roof without the proper training. Consider your skills and make the right choice.

What should be inspected primarily on the roof?

– flashings (impervious metal pieces, covering curves and edges, to prevent the passage of water into a structure),

– gutters (surface water collection and discharge channel),

– droops and sagging (moisture or rotting as a reason).

Roof inspection apps hold a strong position in the process

Regular roof inspections may help identify problems before they become worse and lead to a major repair and replacement. Today special roof inspection apps can significantly assist in this process. They provide helpful digital checklists and inspection forms with steps and fields to follow during a standard, proper roof inspection.

Snappii offers Roof Inspection app, designed for roofing industry professionals and any layman. Anyone can use a smartphone or tablet to document the data, take pictures, make notes, add digital signature, generate reports and send them. Hired professionals are able to easily and quickly communicate with their clients. They can select clients from the address book and share any report with them. There is a unique opportunity to preview the report prior to sending it. Upload completed inspection details to cloud drives and have a constant access to all data.

Roof Inspection app can save hours on data collection and processing, and significantly streamline the process. Learn more about the app from this short video. Download Roof Inspection app for iOS and Android devices. Contact Snappii if you need any customization of the app. For example, we can add your own forms.

By making sure the roof is in good condition, you can prevent bigger hassles as well as keep inhabitants safe. Get started right now with Roof Inspection app.

Green Construction: How to Implement the Project in Conjunction with Environmental Protection

Green Construction: How to Implement the Project in Conjunction with Environmental ProtectionThe new trend in construction industry

The new ways of going green in construction pop up and earn special popularity nowadays. From various eco-friendly materials and renewable energy, to paperless jobsite management. Adopting such eco and green construction practices can lead not just to helping the planet – it is also the way to save money and win more business.

Actually, construction tools and equipment are also experiencing a green technology transformation to lower a carbon footprint. For example, the new machines with less emissions. The entire specialty fields are adopting the new methods with less negative impact to the environment.

Another great way to stay green and efficient, at the same time – is to go paperless. Paperwork at the end of the day can be a huge hassle, especially at the construction jobsite. By switching over to the paperless solutions, you will save trees as well as optimize and accelerate usual operations.

An important tool in green construction

Going green may be easier with special mobile software. Snappii offers Green Building Construction app for making quick inspection of construction or buildings. The app takes account of simple techniques and materials, which can be applied to site planning to reduce the environmental impact and development costs. Fill out pre-made mobile form and ensure that all requirements have been met. The completed form can be sent via email to anyone. Green Building Construction app is available for iOS devices as well as for Android devices. This video can give you more information about this app and help visualize it.

Improve the long term health of building, its occupants and the whole region. Snappii team can customize Green Building Construction app to meet your specific needs. For example, we can convert your own usual forms and add them to this app. Just contact us with your requirements.

By choosing green construction with a help of special apps, you improve your business and help the earth. So, make the right choice.

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