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Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App: Fast Inspections for DOT Compliance

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App: Fast Inspections for DOT ComplianceFrom time to time commercial vehicles are put through a DOT inspection to make sure they are complying with all of the rules. These inspections are carried out by a state police officer or a DOT inspector. However, drivers must be aware of these inspections, be prepared for them and carry out their own ones.

A snag and consequences

DOT mandates a program of pre- and post-trip inspections. When an issue is discovered, a vehicle inspection form should be submitted stating the nature of the problem. Also, it requires a form after repairs, confirming that the issue has been corrected. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and as a result, contribute to ignoring, violations and heavy fines.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app – the solution that was so necessary

Keeping in mind all the difficulties of completing the vehicle inspection forms, Snappii has created an Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app. This app allows users to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones right on a mobile device. It is possible to easily identify any issues and breakings, report them to mechanics and ask for a quick repair. Pre-made mobile pre- and post-trip inspection forms help avoid tedious and unreliable paperwork. Moreover, the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app enables drivers and other professionals to keep all data at the fingertips and provide it, if necessary.

Have any specific needs? Lean on Snappii

We understand that any business is unique and have its own requirements. You can appreciate the benefits of the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app but still refuse to use it due to its generalized format. Therefore, Snappii offers a great opportunity to customize the app. We will meet your specific needs and make the necessary changes. App customization is more affordable than the creation of an app from scratch. Many businesses have already appreciated this solution. Don’t waste your time and don’t settle for less! Contact Snappii to discuss app customization right now.

Why Fire Prevention Plan is Essential for Enterprises

Why Fire Prevention Plan is Essential for EnterprisesEnterprises are vulnerable to a number of threats, and the fire is the most common of them. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, on average, a fire department responded to a fire somewhere in the US every 24 seconds in 2019. Reducing the risk of a potential fire at the enterprise is one of the most important things managers can and must do to protect employees, customers, and property.

What is a fire prevention plan?

The first step enterprises can take to ensure fire protection is to create a fire prevention plan. The main goal of such a plan is to identify and control fire hazards before they occur and maintenance of fire prevention measures. This document should list where all the fire extinguishers, alarms, and other fire-fighting equipment are in the enterprise location, describe potentially hazardous materials, equipment, and tools, which are used in work, as well as note measures in the event of a threat and sequential steps of evacuation.

How to keep fire-fighting equipment in good condition

However, it is not enough just to list fire-fighting equipment in a fire prevention plan. It must be regularly inspected to ensure its good condition and readiness for usage. The most simple, fast, and efficient way to do this is to turn to special mobile apps. Fire inspection apps allow users to instantly collect all necessary data, generate complete reports, share them with governing bodies and any organizations, as well as safely store them right on a mobile device for constant access. This is not just the easiest way of work with inspection data, but also the most reliable.

Snappii offers its ready-to-use Fire Inspection app. It is an excellent tool to perform inspections and capture required data easily and quickly. Fire Inspection app covers such important fire safety components as extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire prevention, daycare fire inspection, etc. Fill in pre-made mobile form, take and add photos, report locations, capture handwritten signatures, email and store completed forms, and more. Learn how the app works from this video. Download and try Fire Inspection app for iOS and Android devices. If you need any app customization, contact Snappii team and we will discuss it.

Top 3 In-demand Heavy Equipment of a Fall Season

Fall is a quite popular time to buy heavy vehicles. There is some season-related heavy equipment, and companies are in a hurry to provide themselves with it. Also, companies are already starting to plan their needs for the next year. Here are some the most in-demand heavy equipment of a fall season.

Tow trucks

Winter is coming and tow trucks are the most popular heavy vehicle in the market. Perhaps, buyers are getting prepared for the icy weather. Among the top quality tow truck brands are Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Iveco, Scania, DAF and Renault.

Refrigerated vans

Refrigerated vans have rather increased popularity in autumn. This may be due to the end of the warm season and the opportunity to get a discount on this type of heavy equipment. Also, with the onset of the cold season, the transportation of such goods as for example fruits and vegetables increases from southern areas.

Skid steer loaders

Skid steer loaders are in-demand during fall due to their versatility. They can easily shift between doing indoor work, small construction work, as well as outdoor snow and ice removal. Also skid steer loaders are very useful for different utilities works. And with the beginning of the heating season, such works increase.

Keep heavy equipment in a good working condition

If your business owns any heavy equipment, it requires regular inspection and maintenance. It can significantly extend its life cycle. Snappii offers a smart and convenient Heavy Equipment Inspection app. It allows users to conduct detailed on-the-go inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. The users are able to indicate problems and disrepairs, and instantly notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required. This video will provide you more information about Heavy Equipment Inspection app. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Need any app customization? Snappii team is ready to discuss your specific requirements. Send them here.

How to Make a Roof More Energy Efficient and Reduce Energy Costs

How to Make a Roof More Energy Efficient and Reduce Energy CostsSummer or winter months are usually the time of increased energy costs. The reason is more intensive use of heating and cooling systems. There are some ways to reduce energy costs in home, and energy-efficient roofing is one of them.

Adequate roof insulation

One of the ways to make a roof more energy efficient is ensuring adequate insulation. Poorly insulated attics can’t fully withstand high temperatures and force homeowners to increase energy costs. However, while improving insulation, it is important to know the optimal amount and type of insulating material that should be used.

Roof coating

Another method for increasing a roof’s energy efficiency is to add specific coating or material to the roof. Dark colors retain more heat. In its turn, there is a coating to reduce heat retention, for example special cool-roofing paint. In addition to energy efficiency, this solution contributes to increasing UV and waterproofing protection for the roof.

Energy efficient roofing materials

The following solution is suitable while roof replacement or construction of a new roof. There are special energy efficient roofing materials, which should be thought in advance. For example, metal roofing provides significant savings in energy, than shingle.

The process to start with

Considering all the variety of opportunities to increase energy efficient of roof and reduce energy costs, and keeping in mind various specific aspects of each house, homeowners should conduct roof inspection before deciding on the best strategy. The best way to make such inspection accurate, efficient, as well as fast and quite simple, is using special mobile app.

Roof Inspection app from Snappii

Snappii offers smart and multifunctional Roof Inspection app. This app is specifically designed to perform multiple types of roof inspections by using a mobile device. Roof Inspection app covers the following types of roof: asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate, metal, wood shingles and shakes, built-up/membrane/green roof. The app users are able to collect roof inspection details in minutes right in the field, take pictures, make notes, add digital signature, generate reports and send them. This video demonstrates how Roof Inspection app works. The app is available to download in Apple App Store and Google Play. Snappii team is ready to discuss the customization of Roof Inspection app. If you have any specific requirements and you want us to implement them in the app, please send them to us.

The importance of regular roof inspections

Keep in mind, that any roof requires regular inspections regardless of the immediate problem or intention to remodel something in the roof. By making sure the roof is in good condition, you can prevent different hassles and keep safety of inhabitants.

What You Should Know about Eye Safety Equipment for Welding

What You Should Know about Eye Safety Equipment for WeldingWelding operations present several hazards to both those undertaking the activity and others in the environment. This may be associated with harmful bright light, burns from molten metals, etc. Therefore, it’s important that both the employers and employees are aware of the risks and hazards welding poses, and understand what precautions they can take to prevent accidents.

The importance of eye protection

Eye injury is the most common type of injury, and sometimes it can even results in blindness. It may occur from radiation, intense light produced by a welding arc, sparks, hot slag and other flying particles. This way, all welders should know and follow the best safety practices related to eye protection during welding.

Basic Eye Safety Equipment

Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) is the leading cause of injuries. Eye protection equipment usually includes safety goggles, safety glasses, welding helmets and face shields. The equipment must always be appropriate for the type of welding.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses is an important safety measure and should always be under a welding helmet in every welding work. There are different levels of protection, which depend on the type of welding. The glasses should have side shields to provide full protection to both the front and sides of the eyes. There are special tests the safety glasses must pass before they are certified for use.

Safety goggles

Safety welding goggles are more advanced than safety glasses. They provide high protection of impact, particle and welding light. Safety welding goggles also have shade level like safety glasses. Safety goggles have special venting. It way be direct or indirect. Goggles with direct venting come with a mesh of small holes on the sides. This helps reduce fogging. If prevention of fogging is not a priority, there is an indirect venting, using in protection from high dust and splash.

Welding helmets

A welding helmet protects the skin and eyes from severe sparks, as well as from vision-damaging infrared and UV rays emitted by the arc. Welding helmets usually should be worn over welding goggles or safety glasses. Also they should have a filter shade that is suitable for the type of welding. There are helmets with a fixed shade which remains darkened at all times. Moreover, there are auto-darkening helmets, which automatically change the shade when a welding arc is initiated.

Face shields

Face shields are used to protect a welder’s face in addition to the eyes, offering even higher impact protection. There are filters in face shields for additional protection from sparks and debris.

In addition to using the protective equipment above, it is important to control established rules of conduct, regular inspect welding equipment, check and maintain fire-fighting equipment and conduct regular safety trainings.

Snappii’s safety mobile solutions

Snappii can become your assistant in providing safety at the workplace. We offer powerful apps for various safety inspections. For example, a ready-made Welding Environment Inspection app. Make sure that welders adhere to safety guidelines and keep workplace safety with the convenience of your mobile device. Learn more about the app and download it to try. Find more safety apps here. Most of them are customizable. If you are interested in creating your own app, Snappii team is able to provide its excellent service. We create complete custom business apps in weeks. All your requirements will be met. Contact us here to discuss this.

How Mobile Solutions Benefit Facility Management

How Mobile Solutions Benefit Facility ManagementToday’s facility manager is under pressure to keep everything under control. Complying with strict regulatory standards, regular inspections, maintaining assets and more are among the major duties. The facility manager who relies on outdated manual processes of operations with data is not equipped to succeed in this field and maintain a high level of service quality. Here are a few ways that modern mobile solutions can help overcome challenges of facility management and elevate service quality.

Data accuracy

Data accuracy is a key. All data needs to be correctly captured, processed and managed, and mobile solutions allow managers to simplify and optimize these processes. This contributes to ability to respond immediately and by the best way to customers or regulatory authorities.

Optimized inspections

Mobile solutions streamline the facility inspection process. They allow users to perform high quality inspections right in the field. No more tedious paperwork required. There is an opportunity to instantly generate complete reports and share them with any specialists.

Improved communication

There are always team members who work remotely, and communicating efficiently through traditional methods can get a tricky. Using mobile solutions, managers can contact any employee anytime and anywhere. Also it is even possible for different members of a team to efficiently work and collaborate on the one project remotely.

Increased safety and security of assets

It is extremely important to keep all the assets within the organization safe and secure. Trying to achieve this manually is not is not reliable and is prone to human mistakes. Using mobile facility maintenance solutions, managers have the ability to track their assets in real time and always keep them on hand. The increased control over the assets ensures that they are safe at all times.

High quality mobile solutions from Snappii

If you are ready to move to mobile solutions to improve facility management, Snappii is ready to help you. We create powerful, multifunctional business apps for various industries and fields of activity. Read the testimonials of our customers here. We hold every business app we make to the highest standard. Snappii services are available for businesses of different sizes. Let us know your requirements and avail the enormous benefits of using a well-designed business app.

4 Tips to Keep Heavy Equipment Running

4 Tips to Keep Heavy Equipment RunningHeavy equipment is a real backbone of such industries as construction, mining, agriculture and more. Such machines, intended for hard work in the field, are susceptible to wear and tear, breakdowns, and various damages. Due to the size and complexity of heavy equipment, repairing even minor damage can be extremely costly. Maintenance and regular inspection of heavy equipment fleet is essential in preventing problems and financial losses. The following tips can be very useful for ensuring long and efficient life of heavy equipment.

Cleaning routine

One of the simplest solutions to keep heavy equipment in a good working is its regular cleaning. Dirt and dust can speed up processes like rusting, clog filters and vents, as well as damage any leading components. Heavy equipment fleet needs a schedule of cleaning, pressure washing and some additional cleaning procedures like cleaning the engine.

Stick to equipment’s limits

Operators work with machines regularly and they are the front line of identifying any problems. Not only should they know how to operate a particular type of heavy equipment, but also know how to do it safely, without risks and exceeding restrictions, established loads and norms. It should be a part of operators’ training. Pushing machinery beyond its limits shortens its life, as well as increases the chances of accidents.

Storage issue

For a long service life heavy equipment needs special space for storage outside working hours. Adverse weather conditions could damage it, as well as leaving heavy equipment outside is unreliable. Also it is important to take care of correct movement of heavy equipment to the storage place.

Involvement of modern technologies

Integration of modern mobile technology into heavy equipment maintenance process can provide a lot of advantages. Special mobile apps can remove the problems posed by traditional paper checklists and provide more accuracy, speed and agility in conducting heavy equipment inspections. Such mobile solutions require some investment, but it will pay off in increased productivity and uptime of all heavy equipment.

Snappii’s mobile solutions for heavy equipment maintenance

Companies of various industries trust Snappii to get a high quality, beneficial and convenient mobile solution to keep their business running. For about 10 years we primarily specialize on 2 directions: ready-made business apps and custom business app development. Saying about the field of heavy equipment management and maintenance, Snappii offers the ready-made Heavy Equipment Inspection app, which allows users to conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. This inspection app is able to replace paper-based forms and paperwork, and provide an ability to collect, process and share all necessary information with just a mobile device. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance, and notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required. You can find more information about this app here. Heavy Equipment Inspection app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

The second direction of Snappii’s activity offers an opportunity of creation a personal mobile app for heavy equipment maintenance and inspection in accordance with specific requirements. Our team will meet all your needs and create an app from scratch. Contact us here to discuss this.

4 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Workplace Inspection

4 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Workplace InspectionRegular inspections of workplace are essential. It influences safe and efficient work process. Inspections are traditionally performed with paper forms and checklists. However nowadays businesses realize the inconvenience and unreliability of paper and prefer digital analogue, such as inspection apps and mobile forms. Recent study showed that companies are increasing efficiency by about 50% after going digital. Here are the major benefits they will get from mobile apps for workplace inspection.

Accurate and timely data

Inspection apps allow specialists to collect more thorough and reliable data. No need to spend time on poor-performing manual writing, which contributes to mistakes and inaccuracies. Inspection apps provide timely and reliable information to ensure safe and proper workplace easily and quickly.

Increased speed of inspections

Mobile inspection apps allow specialists to perform better workplace inspections in less time. Instead of filling out forms manually, printing them, transferring them to the central office, etc., any worker can fill in pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks, share them with the team and have instant access to all completed forms from any location.

Compliance with all regulations

Workplace safety is extremely important and highly regulated task. Mobile inspection apps ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures or external regulatory standards. The apps make that part easy with preconfigured mobile forms and specific features.

Instant reporting

Inspection apps offer not just data collection opportunity but also the way to process and analyze any data. Moreover, there is an opportunity to generate professional reports on the base of the completed mobile forms right on the mobile devices. Instant reporting contributes to better and faster decision making process. This way, the process of maintenance and inspection of workplace rises to the next level.

Mobile inspection apps from Snappii

Snappii is the leading provider of powerful apps for various inspections. We have a gallery of ready-made apps to inspect workplaces, equipment, safety measures, workflow, product quality and more. All Snappii’s inspection apps are empowered with a set of useful features and professional pre-made mobile forms. Most of apps are customizable and can be modified to meet any specific needs. Find ready-made inspection apps here and contact us if you need any customization. Snappii team is able to create any inspection app from scratch in accordance with the requirements of your business. Contact us here to learn more about custom app development and to discuss your needs.

Power Line Inspections with Drones and Mobile Inspection Apps

Power Line Inspections with Drones and Mobile Inspection AppsThere are more than 3.5 million miles of power lines in the USA. They require regular inspection, which is a time-consuming and manual job. In addition there are unforeseen inspections, for example after storms. Nowadays power grid companies try to implement new technologies to optimize their job.

Drones are here to help

The consequences of hurricane Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas have encouraged the aviation authorities (FAA – Federal Aviation Authority) allow the use of drones to assess and inspect damages. This contributed to faster restoring of power lines, and ensured workforce safety in dangerous areas.

Effective, convenient and safe

When it comes to occupational safety, the drones are unbeatable. Power lines are mostly inspected by observation from the ground using binoculars or by climbing. Also there are inspections by helicopter, however it is a complicated and expensive process. This way, work of industrial climbers is the most popular method. It always involves significant risks for life and health. Drones provide a clear advantage here. Climbing is no longer necessary for pure inspections.

The benefits of mobile inspection apps

In addition to development and implementation of drone technology, mobile software for work with received inspection data is also developing and spreading. Thanks to mobile inspection apps, specialists can easily collect any data, process and analyze it, manage the inspections and maintenance works, predict potential problems to prevent them and make better decisions, manage and store all necessary documentation and more.

Snappii is a leading provider of business mobile solutions. We helped thousands of companies take their business to the next level. We are able to create a custom business app from scratch in accordance with your specific needs. Snappii is proud to offer the solution of highest quality and greatest speed. Send us your requirements to discuss them and get started. Inspection apps are one of our major directions of work. We can use your existing usual inspection forms and checklists and convert them to the digital format. Avoid paperwork and spend time more profitably. Send us your forms and get a free quote to start.

What is CGMP and the Best Way for Warehouses to Follow It

What is CGMP and the Best Way for Warehouses to Follow ItCGMP standards and regulations are an essential point to understand and implement for sellers of food, cosmetics, drugs or medical products. It is especially important if they use outsourced warehousing solution for their products. First of all let’s find out what CGMP is.

What is CGMP?

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) – are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines, which provide minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that their products are consistently high in quality in order to deliver products safely to consumers. These guidelines are recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, and medical devices. The regulations include manufacturing, processing, packaging and holding products. The rules that govern each industry may differ significantly. In the US, CGMP is controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

CGMP regulations for warehouses

CGMP regulations include the “holding” of products, as we mentioned above. This way, warehouses for these relevant products must meet CGMP standards. The regulations cover all areas of warehousing: warehouse design and configuration, fire safety, pest control, competence and training of the warehouse team, forklift quality and more. Warehouses should have a documented and strictly enforced set of procedures to comply with all regulations. The best way to ensure a warehouse comply with CGMP regulations is to conduct regular inspections with special mobile apps.

Mobile inspection solutions

Inspection apps provide digitized checklists and inspection forms right on mobile devices. All necessary data can be instantly added and processed. Pre-made mobile forms help avoid mistakes, omissions and inaccuracy. Inspection apps is the best way to save time and increase efficiency of operations.

Snappii provides mobile inspection solutions for a plenty of industries. Among the useful features of Snappii’s inspection apps is an opportunity to generate professional reports on a base of completed forms. The reports are available in PDF and Excel formats and can be shared with anyone. Also these data can be safely stored and accessed when necessary.

Snappii team is able to convert any existing form or report to mobile app. Fast, easy and affordable. Anyone can continue to use established and familiar forms on mobile devices. Send us your forms and get a free quote to start.

What You Should Know about Inspection of Road Construction Process

What You Should Know about Inspection of Road Construction ProcessAny road construction project is accompanied by inspections. This is required to be sure that work is being done in accordance with established criteria and generally accepted practices, that the road is built with quality materials and that the road construction process follows safety regulations. A variety of specialists may be involved in inspection activity either through the contractor or from the road owning organization. Both sides have an incentive to inspect the quality of the work as it comes with costs.

Observation without intervention

Inspectors can’t interfere with the construction process, they just monitor and observe. If inspectors notice an issue that can influence the project and requires specific actions, they can communicate with a project foreman or someone with the authority to make decisions and direct workers accordingly.

Inspection teams and distribution

Inspectors commonly spend all of their working hours in the field, observing the work and collecting necessary data. It is a time-consuming process, that’s why large and complex projects require more than one inspector. This way, they form an inspection team. Responsibilities and certain areas of work can be divided between the inspectors. The chief inspectors or project managers oversee an inspection team and coordinate it.

Mobile solutions

Inspection is agile and observant type of work and requires special smart tools. Modern inspectors prefer mobile solutions for fast and efficient operation in the field. Inspection apps allow them to avoid paperwork and automate work with inspection data. Moreover, special inspection apps ensure constant synchronization and communication of the entire inspection team. Inspectors are even able to generate professional reports, based on the data received, right on their mobile devices and share them.

How Snappii can benefit road inspection process

Snappii is a leader of multifunctional inspection apps. We cover a plenty of industries and offer a high quality service for companies of any size. Meet Snappii’s ready-made Road Inspection app. The app covers the following types of inspection forms:

– Risk Assessment

– Road Segment Inspection

– Concrete Roads Inspection

Snappii team is always ready to add your own forms to this app. Fill in mobile forms in a snap, safely collect all data and share it with anyone. Download and try Road Inspection app.

Snappii is able to create your own custom app from scratch in accordance with your specific needs. We hold every app we make to the highest standard. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss them.

The Top HVAC Maintenance Tips

The Top HVAC Maintenance TipsEven if your HVAC system is rather new, and it seems to be running just fine, it needs regular maintenance and inspections. It will allow you to make sure your HVAC system works efficiently, and that you’re getting value for the money you paid for it. Also the safety of your home and your family depends on it.

If you have one unit to cool and heat your home, you should perform a maintenance check twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Separate systems also require seasonal check. Spring is the best time for cooling system, while fall is the best time to have your furnace checked.

Here are some useful HVAC maintenance tips:

– Frequent clean and change of air filters

Change your filters often in your central air conditioner, furnace and heat pump. It may influence on your energy costs. Also dirty filters can damage your equipment, leading to early failure.

– Seasonal HVAC maintenance schedule

Create a schedule to not miss the time of the next inspection. Also it may be useful when contacting any professional service.

– Clear and well maintained area around the HVAC system

Keep the area free of debris. Also you should take care of nearby plants, and trim shrubs near your air conditioning unit to ensure proper air flow and circulation and avoid equipment breakdown.

– Clean evaporator and condenser coils

According to the U.S. Department of Energy “a dirty condenser coil can increase energy consumption by 30%”. Also it has bad influence on the entire system and can lead to the breakdown.

HVAC apps from Snappii

Regular and accurate inspection and maintenance will keep your HVAC equipment operating efficiently and running smoothly throughout the year. Snappii has a tool which can become an essential assistant in these processes. Smart and multifunctional HVAC apps from Snappii allow anyone to conduct professional and efficient inspections and always keep all necessary data on hands. Find these apps here and try yourself. Moreover, Snappii team is able to create any custom HVAC app from scratch. We will meet all your specific requirements. Send them here and let’s discuss.


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