How To Promote Restaurant Business Using QR Codes

How To Promote Restaurant Business Using QR Codes

According to comScore, 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their devices to scan a QR code in the three-month average period ending October 2011. In the big scheme of things, this isn’t a large number. However, the number of people using QR codes is expected to grow.

QR codes are a new and exciting way to gain more business from your customers and prospects. Here are 10 hints how you can use QR codes in marketing your restaurants,cafes, pubs etc.

1. Place a QR code on a business card. It will keep the space clean, instead of overloading it with info.

2. Put a QR code image on a front door of your store or restaurant, or whatever that will lead customers to your online store. Website, where they can buy from you, or make an order, etc.

3. Insert a QR code on a place mat, while your customers are waiting for the order, they can scan the code and either go to your website, or Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter. Or maybe fill out a form with their feedback.

4. Use QR codes to code specials, discounts and giveaways. These codes can be placed in advertisements, or all over your restaurant (bar, hair salon, gas station, etc)

5. Create a 100 T-shirts with your QR code on it, and let interns walk in them. Code different messages in the QR codes, so that people could see more from you.

6. QR codes can also give tips and advice. Let your customers and prospects scan the code that will show them a How to tip labeled with your brand, and they will share the tip with their friends.

7. Make a QR code dial a predetermined number to order your pizza for example. Instead of dialing the number, customers will only need to scan the code.

8. Build your email subscriber list. Use your QR code to send people to your email signup. Just make sure you give people a compelling reason to subscribe to your list…otherwise you will have just wasted their time. Not the best way to engage your audience.

9. Use QR codes to get Likes and Follows. You can create mobile-friendly landing pages with Facebook like buttons or lead them to your Twitter page for a quick follow.

10. Labeling. Put QR codes on bottles of wine or other products to provide the clients with more information about certain orders. The opportunity to get some knowledge will attract customers’ attention and engage them.

You can decide which suggestions will work for you and start making your app even without programming skills using Snappii technology right now. All of the listed opportunities are easy to implement in your app with the help of WYSIWYG editor. Friendly user interface will help you create your mobile app in minutes. While your competitors are still thinking what QR code is you can take advantages of them and let your business flourish.

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