Snappii Apps for Precast Bridge Construction Projects

Snappii Apps for Precast Bridge Construction Projects

Snappii Apps for Precast Bridge Construction ProjectsStart from the quality, efficiency and safety

Construction of large bridges and related infrastructure requires the specialized engineering systems, experience and a huge team of specialists. A key of a successful project is to develop project specific construction methods that promote highly efficient rates of construction, while keeping the safety and quality control measures to meet ever-changing job requirements. This approach is main for all categories of bridge construction techniques, whether for cast-in-situ applications or precast construction. Special construction apps are an essential assistant in this field. They can help keep everything under control, smoothly manage the workflow and optimize the operations without spending a huge amount of time and effort.

The best apps to keep the project

Project managers need to work closely with the entire team while the project oversight, and stay informed at all times, with accurate and timely data at their fingertips. Snappii’s Precast Erectors Reporting app and Precast Erectors Planner app can help achieve this. A lack of constant flow of timely data and delays are the main enemies of a clear workflow and a successful project progress. Precast Erectors Reporting app and Precast Erectors Planner app are able to synchronizing the entire field team and keep all the team members, contractors and producers on the “same page”. These apps provide a real time view of all the field activity and project reporting, which enables management to schedule labor, equipment and materials just in time. This also allow project managers to save time and money, and win more future deals.

The main features of Precast Erectors Planner app:

– Load erection sequence from Excel

– Automatically fills out a 4 day look ahead with delivery dates and delivery times

– Automatically calculates the number of pieces that are erected on any given day

– Team members are instantly notified about schedule changes

– Easy to create daily and anytime status reports

– Unlimited photos

Find more information about the app and schedule a demo here. Watch the video about the app.

Precast Erectors Reporting app consists of these forms:

– Erection Foreman Daily Report

– Project Coordinator Checklist

– Erection Site Visit Checklist

– Project Stability Assurance Checklist

Download the app from the Apple App Store. Watch the video how it works.

Contact us if you need any customization of the apps. Snappii team is ready to discuss your requirements and make all possible to meet them.

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