Top Best Real Estate Apps

Top Best Real Estate Apps

for blogWhen the time comes to buy a new house, this process seems quite complicated, especially if you are a first time home buyer. However, your smartphone or tablet with a house hunting application can significantly facilitate this process.

Most people hire a realtor who deals with budget, directly searches for a suitable property, and prepares necessary documents. That said, thanks to the special mobile applications, you can cope with some of these tasks yourself. Here are the most useful apps that can help you in this regard.


Zillow is one of the most popular house-hunting services available. The app allows you to search for houses while on the go. Zillow lets you look for a suitable variant in multiple ways: by using GPS, specifying the address, or drawing a custom region on the map. You can also filter search results, for example, by price, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or by specific keywords. The app allows you to make a list of your most-loved houses. Zillow will send notifications when new listings hit the market or a price drop.


Trulia is another extremely popular house-hunting service. The app allows you to instantly see nearby homes for sale, apartments for rent, or open houses. The Trulia app lets you search using a map. You can also look at crime rates and neighborhood amenities in a particular area. You can even view full-screen photos of the house. So the Trulia app is the easiest, most pleasing way to get the real estate info you crave.

Doorsteps Swipe

The Doorsteps Swipe app can be identified as a combination of the Zillow app and the Trulia app. The app takes the features of other traditional house-hunting apps. The app allows you to set your own criteria as far as the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, price, location, etc., as well as draw your own area on the map to search within that diameter. You mark and save your favorite houses in a list, and then you can share your favorites with friends or reach out to a real estate agent if you’re curious to learn more.


The Homesnap app instantly tells you all about any home you snap. You just take a photo of a house that’s for sale and get the low-down. Besides the common information like the number of bedrooms, you can get hidden details about the property, such as its selling history. Each house will be saved in your profile. You can also search for houses traditionally within the app and make a list of items you are interested in.

If house-hunting is your profession or you own a rental company, Snappii offers the Rental Business Management app. It is a universal mobile solution designed to help today’s real estate, vacation homes, car rentals, etc. This mobile app combines a lot of useful features into one integrated system.

Rental Business Management

The Rental Business Management mobile tool helps you increase your productivity by organizing your rental information, having a total control over it, tracking statuses of all items you offer for rent, and automating the reporting option. This convenient and easy-to-use mobile app is designed to make your business more productive and efficient, help in optimizing the workflow and improving customer satisfaction. By utilizing the Rental Business Management app, you will have the following benefits:

– Optimize the workflow

– Have total control over the production flow

– Increase productivity and efficiency

– Improve customer satisfaction

– Avoid penalties

– Improve data accuracy

– Save time and reduce costs

Snappii offers many mobile apps for the Real Estate Industry as a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will increase your productivity by organizing your rental information, having a total control over it, tracking statuses of all items you offer for rent, and automating the reporting option. Visit our page and find a suitable mobile business app for your business.

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