Snappii’s Mobile Form Solution

Snappii’s Mobile Form Solution

My PDF Form Manager App,pocketForms are used across industries as people regularly deal with invoices, perform inspections, schedule appointments and more, and usually these are paper forms. A recent study has revealed that 83% of business documents being completed are paper-based forms with one third of the printed forms becoming outdated before they are used. Tones of money are spent annually on paper for offices and field services. That leads to some disadvantages and inconveniences while working with paper.

Snappii offers My PDF Form Manager App

Snappii, a Rapid Mobile App Development company, offers a Mobile Forms Solution. A new revolutionary technology removes all the barriers to switching to Mobile Forms. My PDF Form Manager app makes it possible to turn any PDF into an app, capture information needed and share created reports with others. There are no new forms to build or recreate. Simply pick a form, load it, and start using it.

Snappii’s Mobile Form Solution

By downloading the app you also will be able to:

– upload any PDF file,

– fill PDFs out,

– add custom fields including datetime, location, checkbox, bar/QR code, text, numberic, signature, photos etc.,

– send collected data to your email address,

– print PDFs,

– upload completed PDFs to cloud drives,

– save and store PDF reports on your device.

“Every business has forms. By loading existing forms into mobile apps, we have enabled any organization to go mobile and instantly use their mobile devices” said Alex Bakman, Snappii President and CEO, – Now paper forms can be replaced with mobile apps for as low as $15 per user per month.” Try our Mobile Forms Solution right now and enjoy its benefits.

 Infographic: My PDF Form Manager Mobile App

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