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Snappii Releases Major Upgrade in Functionality for Android and HTML5 Web Apps

Snappii 2.0 adds database and new features for building enterprise grade mobile mobile business apps
Snappii, a fast growing start-up that offers a development platform for rapidly building enterprise grade mobile mobile business apps without programming skills has just released the next generation of its technology for the Android platform and HTML5, in addition to the previously released iOS platform.

Customers using Snappii 2.0 can now develop mobile business apps that leverage database(s) not only for iOS, but also for Android devices. The databases can store any type of information including text, numbers, pictures, and videos. They can be accessed, edited and modified from the mobile business apps. Furthermore, databases can be stored on any device locally or be server based to share data with other users. New features are also available for HTML5 web mobile business apps that make it possible to use Snappii 2.0 in any browser from both devices and PCs.

“Marrying databases to mobile business apps enables our customers to create all kinds of mobile mobile business apps that work with live and dynamic data. This further distinguishes Snappii as a platform for creating enterprise grade mobile mobile business apps, but still not requiring any mobile programming skills,” said Alex Bakman company founder and CEO.

Snappii has also redesigned its site and made it even more user-friendly and convenient. The new WYSIWYG Editor has a flexible and easy to use layout. Sliding panels open up more work space for app creation. Now users can easily access all tabs, buttons and settings making the UIeven more intuitive and clear.

In addition to databases and design, Snappii has added many new features requested by customers for Android and HTML5 platforms. They include the ability to

  • sort any data inside the mobile business apps
  • search for any data inside the mobile business apps
  • control the appearance of any information organized in list view
  • control the appearance of any detailed screen
  • control group access to various levels of functionality
  • ability to extract data as PDF reports and email it
  • any much more


Snappii 2.0 for Android and HTML5 web mobile business apps adds 2 new tabs: Advanced List and Advanced Form.

Using Advanced List customers have the:

  • ability to create databases by uploading a spreadsheet. Snappii customers can customize theList view and the data they collect from their app users.
  • ability to upload data from own spreadsheet format. Snappii customers can insert the fieldsthey want into the spreadsheet and get the data from app users.
  • supported column data types: text, numeric, datetime, date, time, gps location, image, address. Snappii customers can add these types of data to the new spreadsheet format.
  • ability to customize cell and detail view
  • control who can add, edit and delete items in a list
  • specify groups of users who can add items, who can edit or delete any item (moderators oradmins), and if users can edit or delete items they added
  • ability to add email button and allow app users to select items in a list and email a PDFreport of those items
  • enable app users to sort the list by various fields in the local database. This option gives app users the ability to do a search on specific values in the list

Use Case: A car dealership can show inventory of cars in the app. Customer can sort the car inventory by models of cars, year, vehicles type, etc. Additionally customers can search for cars based on any field.

Using Advanced form customers can:

  • save new items to the database in addition to ability to email reports
  • add to contacts button
  • post to Facebook button
  • post to Twitter button
  • send text message (SMS)
  • location button – show single location on map
  • send email button
  • ability to allow app users to save photos, drawings/signatures, maps, gps locations to thedatabase
  • ability to allow app users to create private lists only on their own device (local database)
  • data is cached on the device as it is pulled to the device so users can still view data whenthey are offline
  • data can be entered via advanced form or advanced list while the user is offline

Use Case: A medical practice requires patients to fill out forms. These paper forms can be eliminated and replaced with an app where users enter data that can be stored on their device. The data is reviewed and can be emailed as PDF file. Even without an internet connection, the app will continue to work and save the data locally. Once the internet connection is reached, the forms will be sent out. The Advanced Form feature is also especially useful for those who work in field operations and don’t have access to PCs.

Snappii is committed to continuously improving its usability and functionality for building enterprise grade mobile mobile business apps. Please visit the Snappii site to see all of our offerings.

About Snappii:

Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful serial entrepreneur who has grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii has publically launched its services in March of 2011. All are welcome to try Snappii at no cost

For more information about Snappii:

Phone: 603-651-0066


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