Work remotely with confidence

Work remotely with confidence

In a recent study by Owl Labs, 16% of the companies have completely switched to remote work, while 44% do not allow remote work at all. After the pandemic, 71% want a hybrid or remote working style, and 84% of employees are interested in working from anywhere, at the same time, they do not want to be tied to specific working hours.  90% of employees say they were as productive or more working remotely when compared to the office. Given these numbers, companies in the U.S. started adjusting their workplaces to fit a new hybrid working norm.

With Businesses opening up, and employees returning to the office, 57% say they prefer working from home full-time. 1 in 3 states they would quit their job if they could no longer work remotely after the pandemic.

Benefits for employers

The employers can get more out of their employees as 55% say they work more hours working remotely than at the physical office. 78% are more likely to recommend their company and 75% are less likely to leave their employer. Working from home causes less stress for employees and cuts down transportation and food expenses. The company saves up to $2,000 per employee according to Stanford. The fewer people there are in the office, the less the employer needs to pay for maintenance, bills, supplies, etc.

Snappii supports the needs and expectations of businesses and offers an easy-to-use mobile solution that allows employees to submit their daily reports wherever they are. My Daily Report app. With a simple and intuitive app interface, it is a perfect assistant to complete daily reports on time.

My Daily Report app from Snappii is an ideal tool to record your work progress. This simple app allows voice to text and adding photos. Speak your notes, don’t type them.
The daily reports are stored as PDF files that can be shared via the means available on your device and printed. Find your reports and quickly edit them.
With the My Daily Report app from Snappii you can:
– eliminate paperwork
– accelerate your workflow
– save time and reduce expenses

Download My Daily Report app from Apple and Google today and look professional to your boss and clients.

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