Introducing the Snappii Mobile Pipeline Inspection App

Introducing the Snappii Mobile Pipeline Inspection App


Snappiii has just released its native app for Pipelines inspection, it is available for download here. With the help of this app, inspectors can monitor pipelines states, report damages, survey leaks and more. Having access to data anytime from anywhere eliminates paperwork and saves lots of time.

The Pipeline inspection app includes the following enterprise-class features:

Technical Data Sheet

The Technical Data Sheet for gathering pipeline and associated facilities data is an indispensable form for the industry. This form allows user to submit data such as date, pipeline type, material, and areas to be covered.  With the Snappii interface, the form is intuitive and easy to navigate. Moreover, it is stored inside the app and can be completed offline and emailed later when an online connection is available.

Pipeline Test Report

The report covers such integral aspects as line loss amount and reasons, measures taken, and signature capture. Working in the field under various weather conditions is made easier with this single mobile app that includes multi-task forms together with the ability to store all forms in one place and submit them when the Internet connection is established.

Pipeline Leak Survey

Another useful form provides the ability to investigate pipeline leaks and report them as soon as possible. This short form collects all the necessary data: surveying area, pipeline leaks details, and will store the form data and send it later to any email address.

Snappii mobile app solutions not only help field operations staff to be more efficient, but also improves communication with the managing personnel in order to better manage pipelines systems. All mobile forms can be easily customized, and more forms can be added.

Need a different set of features? 

The Snappii development platform enables anyone to build a custom mobile app using a toolset and WYSIWYG editor.   Use the prebuilt App to get started and then take control and make it your own. Or, you can contact our team to help you build the app you need.

Learn more about Snappii’s App prototyping, App builder and App management solutions at

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