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Industrial Mobility is a Great Bridgehead for Oil and Gas Enterprises

Industrial Mobility is a Great Bridgehead for Oil and Gas EnterprisesWhen businesses have industrial-sized data, they need an industrial level tool. It’s well known that a mobile app can help businesses engage and connect with their clients, but it can also be used to improve productivity and the overall efficiency of the company. According to the research and analytics firm Gartner, “the worldwide enterprise-application market grew to roughly $149.9 billion in 2015, on its way to an estimated $201 billion by 2019”. Robust, industrial apps are rapidly becoming the focal point of modern businesses.

Great opportunities for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry have been showing great interest in industrial mobility as well. According to a recent survey of oil and gas industry executives, mobile apps rank number 2 on the list of top priorities for CIO’s. The profit in the oil and gas industry relies heavily on the speed and quality of their operations. Mobile apps allow specialists to avoid delays, control each process and always be fully informed to make educated decisions.

A great app should be as intuitive as it is useful. Having employees go through a substantial amount of training to use a new technology is counter-productive, and often leads to more headaches than profits. It should complement a specialists will to improve existing infrastructure and processes, not impede it.

Snappii is a leading provider of business apps. All of their apps can be customized to meet any need, whether it’s for an enterprise or a particular department of it. Here are some of the pre-made, customizable apps that they offer in their app catalog:

– Oil & Gas Field Operations app provides various types of helpful mobile forms which are easy to fill out, store, share, etc. With this app, users can have all their data right in their pockets.

– Oil & Gas Safety Management app is a great tool to conduct multiple oil and gas inspections using just a smartphone.

– Oilfield Pipe Volume app is designed to calculate the volume of pipelines and includes three formula forms for the data calculations.

– Oil & Gas Risk Assessment Summary app is ideal to make risk assessment summaries right on-sites and transfer collected data to the office via email.

Find even more apps on Snappii’s website. If we don’t have it pre-made, we can make it for you in a snap.

Snappii Offers 8 Customizable Apps for Oil and Gas Industry at No Cost

Snappii Offers 8 Customizable Apps for Oil and Gas Industry at No CostNow every oil and gas company can afford to use Mobile Apps for quick and efficient operations.

Most operations in the oil and gas industry require work in the field using paper forms. Data collection and creation of reports require adding pictures, signatures, locations, etc. Continue reading “Snappii Offers 8 Customizable Apps for Oil and Gas Industry at No Cost” »

Powerful Mobile Solutions for Any Oil and Gas Process

for blogModern mobile technology has become an enterprise requirement for the oil and gas sector. With increasing demands for more efficiency and productivity, mobile solutions help upstream oil and gas companies improve their operation. Below we will illustrate how specific processes in the oil and gas industry can be positively affected by them. Continue reading “Powerful Mobile Solutions for Any Oil and Gas Process” »

Health Management with Mobile Technology

for blogAny company, especially the ones involving heavy physical labor, such as oil and gas and construction businesses, has an obligation to protect and promote the health of its employees in different work operations. To achieve this, establishing an effective health management system in the enterprise is required. Continue reading “Health Management with Mobile Technology” »

Why Mining Industry Needs Mobile Technologies

for blogToday, mobile technology has penetrated almost in every major industry, and mining is no exception. Those changes that new mobile technologies bring to this industry should be perceived as the opportunity to improve and grow the industry.

Julie Tregurtha, the head of database and technology and mobility sales for Continue reading “Why Mining Industry Needs Mobile Technologies” »

Snappii Offers Oil & Gas Safety Management App

unnamedHealth and safety is an important part of any industry, particularly of such high-risk industries as oil and gas. Moreover, reducing the number of dangerous occurrences and injuries remains a top priority of the working process. Reporting safe performance and learning from accidents and incidents contribute to the prevention of accidents and improve safety standards in enterprises. Not surprisingly, the industry has recognized the importance of modern mobile technologies, especially Continue reading “Snappii Offers Oil & Gas Safety Management App” »

Mobile Business Apps Role in Inspection Process

for blogSome large companies are investing huge sums of money in products such as SAP, but this can take years to deploy. At the same time there is such a codeless mobile business app developer as Snappii that provides the same features and benefits but on a cloud-based platform and don’t involve coding. This allows building mobile applications in days, not months.

Snappii’s inspection apps improve the process of performing inspections by allowing mobile users to take notes, snap pictures, and capture locations and bar codes with the Continue reading “Mobile Business Apps Role in Inspection Process” »

OPEC is Betting Lower Oil Prices. Should US Shale Industry Be Worried?

for blogOn November 27, the 12 Petroleum Exporting states of OPEC had a meeting that had determined the future of the world oil market for the first quarter of 2015. OPEC decided to leave oil production quotas at the same level in order to squeeze higher-cost producers in North America, including the thriving U.S. shale industry. Continue reading “OPEC is Betting Lower Oil Prices. Should US Shale Industry Be Worried?” »

Top 5 Business Mobile Apps for Oil and Gas Industry

for blogOil and Gas Industry involves job tasks tightly connected to safety, as performing inspections, detecting leaks and measuring oil and gas density requires accuracy in data capture.

Nowadays it is obvious that the implementation of new technologies has made the development of a wide range of unconventional resources Continue reading “Top 5 Business Mobile Apps for Oil and Gas Industry” »

How Push-notifications Help you Improve your Business

for blogMobile Marketing – is one of the most advanced forms of marketing for small businesses. This trend will only grow, especially for such a powerful tool, as Push-notifications.

Firstly let`s consider what push-notification is?

If you regularly upload and use mobile applications, then you must know what such a message is. Continue reading “How Push-notifications Help you Improve your Business” »

4 Reasons Oil & Gas Industry Needs a Mobile App

for blogMobile oil and gas applications are transforming the industry and having a great impact on the business today. Snappii Corporation makes a direct contribution into the field and releases a series of mobile business apps designed to improve workforce productivity and safety, prevent failures and incidents, increase asset reliability and performance, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

More and more oil and gas companies today are tending to use mobile business apps. It has always been a challenge to manage both offshore and onshore operations in a competitive, constantly changing and heavily regulated environment which is what the oil and gas industry is. Continue reading “4 Reasons Oil & Gas Industry Needs a Mobile App” »

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