Build Native Apps with No Code Mobile App Builder

Build Native Apps with No Code Mobile App Builder

Creating mobile apps is a very well-paid spot, especially while working with other IT services. Many companies are looking for ways to build native mobile apps for their businesses, and anyone can help them achieve this goal. Even if you are not a programmer, you can still build native mobile apps and deliver them to businesses.

Build native mobile apps for businesses

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform, offers its users an outstanding experience that allows any person build native mobile apps in days, not months, and deliver them to clients. Anyone can feel like a real mobile app developer, find clients, and build native mobile apps for them. Snappii is very flexible in terms of training and support, and you can make sure you will be taught how to make a mobile app without coding using the Snappii platform.

Snappii App Builder is a real alternative to hiring costly native app developers. Mobile app developers charge a lot more money that you will spend creating a mobile app for your business with the codeless app builder. Watch how easy it is here.

Why native mobile apps are better than mobile websites

There’s a real battlefield in the development sphere on mobile apps vs. mobile websites. Even though mobile websites have already become a must, many developers think that it is enough, and it is not worth it to build native mobile apps. However, studies prove that native mobile apps have more benefits than mobile websites. Here are a few of them:

  1. Engagement. Users will see the mobile app icon on their smartphone screen and associate it with the brand and specific tasks it brings about.
  2. Security. Native mobile apps use data encryption and mobile device management software, which can lock down apps, giving app users control over the functionality the mobile app offers.
  3. Instant access. Native mobile apps can work in online and offline modes, hence, enabling instant access to the data anytime from anywhere. Mobile websites will only work with the Internet connection on.
  4. Generating more business. When you build native mobile apps, you can add such a great feature as Push Notifications. Using push notifications, you can sell more deals to your customers, as the response rate to push notifications is 30 times larger than to email messages.

These are only a few from many benefits your business will gain if you build native mobile apps. The next question is what’s the best way to build it?

How to build native mobile apps fast and easy

Snappii offers its users to build native mobile apps using its outstanding WYSIWYG visual editor (What You See is What You Get). Snappii’s powerful codeless Editor allows its users to build sophisticated feature-rich native mobile apps and instantly preview them on a mobile device. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, users can drag and drop the desired elements on the canvas, such as form fields, calculations, catalog, calendar, gallery, maps, QR code scanner, login button, social media channels, notification, and many more add more features. Mobile app development process is a great creative work, especially when you do not have any coding skills. With Snappii’s native app builder, you can preview your work on a mobile device anytime. Register for a free trial today.

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