The Construction Time Card App for More Efficient Work Time Tracking

The Construction Timecard App for More Efficient Time Tracking

The Construction Timecard App for More Efficient Time Tracking

The Construction Time Card App for More Efficient Work Time TrackingTime cards and daily timesheets are an essential part of the construction process, but the tedious and time consuming work, that can be a real headache for anyone, from management roll to field specialists. Paper time cards are a thing of the past. All construction project team has so many important tasks to take care of, and they don’t have time to be spending hours each day recording hours, filling out timesheets, dividing up work time, marking regular and overtime hours and so on. Snappii can help any construction company in transition from paper time cards to an easy-to-use and powerful mobile analogue.

The best mobile app for time cards and work time tracking

Snappii offers Punch In/Out Timesheet app that contains all of the necessary aspects needed to accurately record time for any project or job code for every worker in every crew, and to generate a professional time card which can be emailed. Here are the main benefits of this app, which can urge you to ditch pen and paper forms and start using just your mobile device.

Simplicity and convenience

Punch In/Out Timesheet app makes it easy for the guys in the field to whip out their mobile device and quickly punch in or punch out in a few clicks. They even have the option to add breaks and descriptions. This way, the control over work time is simplified several times for both field employees and managers. It also contributes to timeliness and optimization of the entire workflow.

Accuracy and reliability

No more messing around with paper documents and fearing the possibility of losing records. Punch In/Out Timesheet app safely stores all data, which is accessible at anytime and anywhere. Moreover mobile time cards and forms are more accurate and allow managers to avoid difficulties associated with manual writing.

Reporting and timeliness

If construction time cards and daily reports are not created on a daily basis, things can go very wrong very quickly and eventually cost the company big amount of money, project delays or even larger troubles. Create professional looking PDF and Excel reports by projects, by job codes or by date ranges with Punch In/Out Timesheet app. They can be shared via cloud drives, emailed or printed. Each report is conveniently stored right in the app.

Learn more about Punch In/Out Timesheet app here. Also you can watch how it works in this short video. Join thousands of people who have already made their time tracking easier and more efficient.

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