Curious Results of Red Hat's Mobile Maturity Survey

Curious Results of Red Hat’s Mobile Maturity Survey

Curious Results of Red Hat’s Mobile Maturity Survey

Curious Results of Red Hat's Mobile Maturity SurveyRed Hat, an American multinational software company, has announced the results of its mobile maturity survey. Some findings can become a huge push for mobile app development companies and determine the future direction of their work. For example, the survey revealed that “90% of the respondents anticipate increasing investment in mobile application development the next 12 months”. Also, some respondents predict “their organization’s investment for mobile application development increasing at an average growth rate of 24% during the same period”. In this way, developers expect a real boom in demand; however, nobody’s canceled high requirements for future products.

Not Just More but Also Better

In our previous blog post “New Demand in Mobile App Development”, we have already talked about increased attention to the apps’ quality. IBM highlighted this issue in a new report “Why Good Apps are Not Good Enough”. “Overall, the report finds that companies that produced mobile applications that the company defined as “great” achieved remarkable results, even over those who produced mobile apps they defined as “good”. The report also provides some findings which are exactly connected with the status of “great apps”.

“- A great app not only works flawlessly, it also provides immediate and relevant mobile moments.

– Great apps increase revenue, reduce cost, and engage customers exponentially more than good apps.

– Firms must measure the things that will lead them to create mobile apps.

– A great app makes an average of 5x more revenue than a good app.

– Great apps improve customer loyalty rates by 15% over good apps.”

Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers you a wide collection of great apps. Snappii is a real expert in rapid, high quality and powerful mobile solutions for businesses. Snappii’s ready-made apps meet the requirements and needs of any industry and field of activity. Moreover, their customization solution tremendously improves user experience. If you need a personal business app from scratch, you can order custom mobile app development, and Snappii’s team will provide you with a unique product just within a few weeks. Red Hat’s survey notes, “one-third of respondents say mobile apps change the way they do business”.  Not convinced yet? Check Snappii out and see for yourself!


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