Helpful Tips for Proper and Efficient Cleaning and Disinfection of Commercial Elevators

Helpful Tips for Proper and Efficient Cleaning and Disinfection of Commercial Elevators

Helpful Tips for Proper and Efficient Cleaning and Disinfection of Commercial ElevatorsIn view of recent events and the spread of COVID-19, effective cleaning and disinfection of facilities, property and various objects are now more important than ever. Businesses are reopening and it is essential to ensure safe and healthy workplaces. Let’s pay special attention to elevators in this blog post. It is one of the most demanded and frequently used places. People may only be inside an elevator cab for a few seconds, but it only takes one press of a button to spread illness-causing germs and infection. This way, cleaning and disinfecting elevators properly and frequently is key. Here are some tips for efficient cleaning and disinfection.

Some general points and preparation

First of all, ensure all precautions have been put in place. The doors should be isolated and warning signs are places. Clean the elevator starting from the inside going outside and from top to bottom. This prevents already cleaned surfaces from re-contamination.

Focus on cleaning products

Before disinfecting, remove dirt with soap and water. Use cleaning solvents due to the manufacturer’s and elevator service provider’s recommendations. Be sure the products are safe to use and will not damage the surfaces and various details. For most elevator surfaces 70% alcohol solution is recommended. However, avoid using alcohol based cleaners for lacquered surfaces and some plastic components. Use disposable cloths.

Contact a specialist

From time to time you should resort to outside special cleaning company services. There are some components of elevators, which are available just for competent and certified engineers. For example, moving parts of the elevator require prevention from rusting and pest infections. It should also be taken into account and agreed upon.

Focus on regularity

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of commercial elevators depends on the type of building, daily traffic, the season and climate. It is very important to monitor the regularity, especially if there are a large number of elevators. It is necessary to develop a schedule and also conduct regular checks.

Mobile solutions

Modern mobile solutions can significantly help with elevator maintenance as well as their cleaning and disinfection. Special mobile apps are used for fast and convenient inspections, work assigning, creation and sharing schedules and other important data, etc. Pre-made mobile forms allow specialists to conduct instant inspections of elevator conditions and quality of cleaning and disinfection.

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