Home Assessments in the Home Care Service: How to Improve this Process

Home Assessments in the Home Care Service: How to Improve this Process

Home Assessments in the Home Care Service: How to Improve this ProcessThe main thing all families with elderly members worry about

Most of elderly family members value their independence and the ability to live in their homes as long as possible. However there is a plenty of risks when they are living alone in their homes, and this worries all other family members and loved ones. Some of the major risks for the elderly people may include falls, poor nutrition, and poor cognitive function. This way, people frequently hire home care agencies to ensure peace of mind for everyone and make a senior’s home as safe as possible.

What is home assessment

Home assessments are an important component of home care service. It helps determine the degree of safety and comfort of seniors in their homes, and also the need for assistive equipment and tools. To conduct proper home assessment and ensure patients’ safety, home care specialists use special forms and checklists. They can contain the following fields:

– availability of clear paths free of obstructions for safe moving,

– availability of notes and labels with emergency numbers by large print,

– frequently used items are easily accessible,

– availability of grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet,

– all rooms are brightly lit,


The benefits of mobile apps for convenient and efficient home assessments

Today the most convenient, fast and efficient way of home assessments is using special mobile apps. They allow specialists to avoid lugging around a plenty of paper forms. All necessary forms and checklists are right in their mobile devices. Specialists can quickly fill them out in a few clicks. It is the way to get accurate and timely data and have constant access to it.

Keeping in mind the problem of tedious and inconvenient paperwork, Snappii has created In Home Care Providers app with 30+ ready-made forms. This smart app allows its users to fill out mobile forms on any mobile device and share them as PDF files with anybody via email, cloud, WhatsApp, etc. In Home Care Providers app helps never lose documentation and always be ready for any State or federal inspection or compliance audit. Here is a short video about the app.

Moreover, Snappii is ready to transform any existing form to its digital analogue. For example, we can convert your home assessment forms and checklists to the app. We will meet your specific needs in the shortest possible time. Send your forms and requirements here. Learn how Snappii helped Sunny Days Home Care Agency scale the business at a rapid rate and get into the Inc. 5000 list.

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