Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This Process

Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This Process

Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This ProcessWhat is Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services specialize at cleaning of such areas as factories and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, power plants and other industrial facilities. Industrial cleaning is typically done by a professional commercial cleaning team with a usage of specific cleaning tools and techniques. Such specific cleaning teams must be highly skilled and operate without harming workers and expensive equipment. There are some types of industrial cleaning:

– floor cleaning,

– carpet and upholstery cleaning,

– window and glass cleaning,

– disinfection and sanitation,

– heavy equipment cleaning,

– power washing,

– post-construction cleanup and construction debris removal.

– etc.

Need to know

Usually industrial environments are busy, crowded and high-traffic, and can even operate around the clock. Industrial cleaning companies work closely with the enterprise and draw up a plan and strategy to not interfere with operations and encourage minimized delays and risk. Inappropriate work of industrial cleaning company or failure of the enterprise to employ a professional cleaning team could lead to drops in employee productivity, poor quality of workflow and products, bad reputation and even incidents. That’s why it is extremely important for industrial cleaning companies to improve their operations and implement advanced solutions such as mobile technology.

The benefits of mobile solutions

Today special mobile apps can provide industrial cleaning companies a set of useful features. For example, accurate and convenient planning and scheduling, instant work with timely data, exchange of any information, inspections and reporting, safe data storage and more. Specialists can forget paperwork and spend time more efficiently.

Inspections are an essential process in cleaning service. Confidence in proper conditions and official confirmation of this contribute to smooth and safe operation of the enterprise and successful completion of tasks of cleaning companies. Snappii offers Cleaning Inspection Checklist app for fast and convenient audit and inspection of any specified area. Users are able to fill out the form by adding evaluations, notes and photos about the quality of cleaning. Then they can generate a PDF report, print it, send it via email, or safely store it right on the mobile device. Also Cleaning Inspection Checklist app has a Disinfection Checklist with 38 checks to ensure that all the surfaces have been disinfected. The app is customizable to meet any specific needs. Contact Snappii to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

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