The Lifecycle of Enterprise Mobile Applications

The Lifecycle of Enterprise Mobile Applications

for blogI came across this article called the “Four Phases of the Enterprise Mobile Application Lifecycle. As I”d shared in my blog, “What to Consider Before Developing an Enterprise Mobile App“, I thought there were some more great points for you to consider in preparing to develop your organization”s enterprise mobile application as well as reviewing your existing enterprise mobile app and what changes and/or improvements you may want to consider.

As the article states, “the process of mobile application development requires knowledge, skill and experience.”

Phase I:
“The first step towards the development of an application is to gather ideas and views.  The most feasible ideas should be shortlisted and should be approved by the higher authorities or a team of experts.”

Phase 2:
“An initiation team should be formed to take the ideas and execute them in order to initiate the project. Experts from the IT, Marketing & Legal sectors, at a minimum, should be part of this team. The requirement for the correct functioning of the application must be developed by the team.”

One of the benefits of designing your Enterprise Mobile App in the Snappii Platform is it can be viewed and worked on by all the members of your initiation team. The visible What You See is What You Get Drag and Drop editor makes it easy for your entire team to work together to ensure the correct functionality for the entire team is includes.

Phase 3
“An Application and Testing team is one of the most important teams to be formed during this entire process of Mobile Application Development. The functioning of all the features must be ensured.”

In addition to the WYSIWYG Visual Editor, your initiation team also has the ability to test the application on every platform you want to build your app to work on, from iOS and Android to HTML 5. You simply download the Snappii Live Build Preview App to any mobile device, Smart Phone or Tablet to see exactly how your app will function.  Any improvements and/or additions you”d like to make can easily be made in the Editor and you can quickly reload it and check that you have the functionality and features you want working properly, including the proper data integrations.

Phase 4:
“This part of the project is carried out by the Mobile Application Transition team. The team should focus upon the success of the application by promoting and advertising the application launches.”

In the article, “Designing enterprise mobile mobile business apps:  Keep it simple to make it great“, Suzanne Kattau makes several further points to consider in your enterprise mobile app development.

  • “If enterprise users don”t find your mobile app simple and easy to use, they won”t”
  • “Shorter is better when it comes to mobile mobile business apps”
  • “Great mobile mobile business apps are very task focused”
  • “the more focused the app is on a specific task, the more effective it”s going to be to the enterprise user”
As you’2013-07-15 06:49:56’re developing your app, ask these two questions?
  • “How will I keep my app”s functionality focused?”
  • “What kind of simple navigation will I provide to users?”
One of the many benefits the Snappii Platform offers is there is no need to know how to write code in Objective-C or Java. Any member of your staff can use the drag and drop editor to build your enterprise mobile app quickly. In addition, Snappii offers a Rich library of pre-built industry specific templates. Not only can these templates by edited to meet your needs, they also are built to include many industry enterprise mobile app standards, so you can ensure your app will provide customers with the features and benefits they”d find in any other industry app.
Try starting the development of your first enterprise mobile app today. Go to You”ll find videos and documents to help you answer and questions you may have and we offer on-line and e-mail assistance from our experienced development team. For literally a tiny fraction of the cost of having to hire trained and educated developers, you can have your app available on your website, the Apple store and the Google store in just days.
If you have further questions, don”t hesitate to email today.

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