How to Manage Office Inventory?

How to Manage Office Inventory?

for blogSnappii introduces its Office Inventory mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

The app is designed to make quick and easy inventories in offices. The inventories are conveniently kept in one place, can be stored on the device, and shared via email, message, added to Dropbox and other options available on your device.The app allows to add inventory either by categories, or without them. The app user can select from a wide range of categories to add a new inventory, such as: appliances, books, electronics, furniture, lights, windows, doors and more.
Once the inventory is done, it is easy to store it on a device as a PDF, Excel or both and share with others.
The digital inventory form allows to capture different types of data such as date, item names, quantity, locations, bar codes, images etc. and store them right on your device.

Key app features include:

• Make quick inventories on the go
• Sync across multiple devices
• Select categories to conveniently make inventories
• Save and store collected data on a device
• Share saved reports right from the app
• Email PDF and Excel reports with latest inventories made
• Edit/delete made inventories
• Collect, store and send information from customers, partners, clients, and employees
• Discuss and exchange ideas on different topics via the discussion forum
• Get push notifications
• Take photos
• Scan QR and Bar codes
• GPS enabled to provide users with location information including mapping and directions
• Work offline. The form will be emailed and saved once Internet connection is re-established

The app is available to download for free from Apple here and Google here. Download this must-have mobile app to manage your office inventory quickly and easily.


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