Public Safety App for Your Safety

Public Safety App for Your Safety

38We live in a world full of incidents. Sometimes it is a theft, sometimes – a hurricane. You can`t foresee all of those, but you should be aware and prepared for sure. Due to the remarkable technological progress, we all have our mobile devices with us. It is now easy to report a crime or simply call for help. Maybe it is time to start using this opportunity for ensuring our safety as well? 

As you may know, even the White House is concerned about public safety apps. They even have a form to let app developers report whether they have public safety apps in development. Public safety is important for National Security too. That is why Snappii, a mobile codeless platform, offers its Public Safety Provider App to you.

Both of our iOS and Android Public Safety Provider Apps:

allow security officials to notify public of potential danger via emergency alerts

enable public to report crime with the built-in report a tip feature

enable victims to notify police, friends and relatives when they fear for their safety (either by email or phone)

The red panic button allows you to instantly dial 911, the local police, or an appointed safety official on campus or in a business area. You can also add several e-mails of your relatives, friends or co-workers to inform them if you are in danger.

pr_sourceYou can be a good citizen and report accidents and crimes you have witnessed. With the help of a detailed incident list and an informative form with photo and location features, you are able to share all the necessary details with your local police department or the safety department.


The app also allows you to access all reported incidents and crimes on your mobile device, as they are stored locally. Very convenient, isn`t it?


And if you don`t have Internet connection – just save your report in the app and stay vigilant.

You can find out more about Public Safety App by watching the demo video or try all the features mentioned above on your IOS or Android device.

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Last but not least, Snappii can customize this app for you. Change forms, add new ones, and upload your logos and graphics. If you don`t want to do it yourself, just send us your requirements, and we will do the rest. It is really very easy and fast. Contact us not at www.

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