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Mobile Emergency Response Apps

Mobile Emergency Response AppsSmartphones and mobile apps accelerate numerous processes in our life. Not surprisingly, emergency apps are on the rise since they allow users to immediately get in touch with emergency services and notify others of potential or imminent danger, thereby averting or minimizing injuries, crimes, and casualties. Continue reading “Mobile Emergency Response Apps” »

Improve Safety Inspections with Mobile Technology

for blogWe all know how important it is for entrepreneurs to provide and comply with safety in the enterprise. No matter what industry your business belongs to, there are many things that need to be checked, and some several times a day, as one small oversight can lead to serious consequences. Continue reading “Improve Safety Inspections with Mobile Technology” »

Benefits of Mobile Business Apps for the Utilities Sector

for blogToday’s utilities sector is faced with many questions such as increasing competition in the market, expanding consumer access to information, reorganization of workflow, regulatory and cost uncertainties and so on. Fortunately, modern technologies enable utility companies to successfully address these issues in the ever evolving market. Continue reading “Benefits of Mobile Business Apps for the Utilities Sector” »

Is Your Business Ready for Fire Inspection?

for blogIf you are a business owner, in addition to optimizing the workflow and increasing sales, you also need to pay due attention to the safety of your employees, and fire prevention is one of the components of the issue of safety in the workplace. Regular fire inspections are primarily intended to protect people and property, and Continue reading “Is Your Business Ready for Fire Inspection?” »

Snappii Offers Oil & Gas Safety Management App

unnamedHealth and safety is an important part of any industry, particularly of such high-risk industries as oil and gas. Moreover, reducing the number of dangerous occurrences and injuries remains a top priority of the working process. Reporting safe performance and learning from accidents and incidents contribute to the prevention of accidents and improve safety standards in enterprises. Not surprisingly, the industry has recognized the importance of modern mobile technologies, especially Continue reading “Snappii Offers Oil & Gas Safety Management App” »

Public Safety App for Your Safety

38We live in a world full of incidents. Sometimes it is a theft, sometimes – a hurricane. You can`t foresee all of those, but you should be aware and prepared for sure. Due to the remarkable technological progress, we all have our mobile devices with us. It is now easy to report a crime or simply call for help. Maybe it is time to start using this opportunity for ensuring our safety as well?  Continue reading “Public Safety App for Your Safety” »

Learn How a Mobile Business App Can Meet Your Organization’s Inspection Needs

for blogConducting competent inspections is crucial to daily work, but often takes up too much valuable technician time. This applies to any organization in any industry.

Inspection managers and safety directors commit a huge amount of complicated inspections to comply with internal and external standards. Continue reading “Learn How a Mobile Business App Can Meet Your Organization’s Inspection Needs” »

How to avoid accidents at work. The practice of reporting near misses

for blogThinking through the “what if” scenarios is actually the right thing to do in the workplace.  Reporting a near miss allows your safety team to evaluate what happened with an eye to preventing it or something worse, from happening in the future. It is not a pessimistic behavior. It’s just the precautionary measures that help mitigate future instances. Continue reading “How to avoid accidents at work. The practice of reporting near misses” »

The mobile business app will help you be aware of the main points of construction safety

for blogGeneral contractors manage a variety of considerations as they oversee a building’s construction, including budget, materials and schedule. They also must ensure compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements, from environmental standards to legal employment practices. One of the most important concerns a Continue reading “The mobile business app will help you be aware of the main points of construction safety” »

Are you ready to throw away your wallet?

for blogThe problem with paper money will be solved in 2015. The Apple Pay will likely prompt millions of consumers to stop digging into their pockets for their cell phone and possibly ditch their wallets. Most part of economists all over the world argues that governments must do something similar for all the citizens. Continue reading “Are you ready to throw away your wallet?” »

Kate, HawkApp

I have to say I am loving Snappii. Its really made a difference to us.
We were looking at about £12000 and 12 weeks development time which was just not an option for us. Finding Snappii has allowed us to develop a USP for our business. We are still doing a fair bit of awareness work, testing etc to get it embedded within our clients processes and daily habits but its all looking good! Have to say the support team have been amazing as well. Have been really impressed by them, especially when I was probably asking quiet simple and obvious questions and they were still very polite and helpful!

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