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Snappii Announces a Featured App of the Week – HR App

HR appSnappii announces that its HR app has been installed on over 10,000 Smartphones and Tablets used by thousands of HR professionals worldwide and is growing.

Today Snappii, a codeless app development platform with over 80 business apps available on Apple and Google Play Store, announces its featured app of the week – HR app that is used by thousands of professionals all over the world. The app is installed on 10,000+ Smartphones and Tablets and the number is growing.

HR app is a convenient mobile solution that will increase any company’s HR office efficiency, optimize the workflow, reduce paper usage to minimum, and make calculations as easy as in the first grade. All the data can be stored on a mobile device locally, imported to PDF or Excel file and shared with anybody. HR app is available for download for both: iOS and Android devices.

A mobile app for HR industry is a natural fit. As human factor is a major, Human Resource industry would not be complete without an HR mobile business app. This mobile app is designed to improve  professionals’ workflow and an accurate and regular flow of business information, such as interview database and weekly timesheet reports, salary and vacation estimates and, for some emergency reasons – incidents. Listed are only a few forms that are a must-have for every HR department:

Weekly Timesheets form allows HR personnel to track and estimate weekly workload and email completed and signed forms to a head office. Employees are able to fill in all necessary information as name, department, and timestamps via their mobile devices, and after a careful revision of a supervisor it will be sent to a company`s data storage or e-mail.

Interview form is a great opportunity for interviewers to organize their processes for good. With the help of a variety of useful forms app users can record all the information about a candidate easily. The form covers questions starting with General and Personal Information to such things like Teamwork, Leadership and Problem solving. HR professionals can make an accurate representation of a new candidate and share it with a head office via e-mail or store it locally on a device.

Incidents form is designed to record incidents flow on a work place. App users can fill in company and employee details, and specify an incident type. If an employee is transferred to a treatment facility, Health Care Professional Information sub-form to report it is used. This sub-form helps to track treatment time and estimate an employee`s salary outcome.

Calculator forms are the most useful in HR field of service. Using these one can calculate monthly salary in minutes. With an average 40 hours per week workload workers can easily calculate their money flow in no time. It also works for HR professionals. Cost per Hire sub-form calculates the true cost of hiring a new employee through external avenues or through internal placement. The calculation includes advertising costs, plus agency fees, employee referral bonuses, travel costs, relocation costs, and reference checking costs.

Vacation Request form is the most desirable both for employees and HR professionals. This easy-to-use form helps eliminate paper usage and helps send a day off or vacation request anytime from anywhere.

The HR app made by Snappii is 100% customizable and extendable to meet any HR department needs, for example: scheduling employee time, cover in-store hours, managing sick time, etc. Snappii offers a lot of great business solutions that allow its users to collect data including photo capture, note taking, bar and QR codes, geo location and maps, date and time, weather, review documents, signatures, and reporting. All are welcome to try Snappii mobile business solution at no cost at

About Snappii:

Snappii is a unique mobile solution for businesses that offers both: a platform to create mobile business apps without programming in days, not months, and a wide selection of ready-made industry specific and general apps that can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play store at no cost. Over 20, 000 apps have already been built on Snappii, with customers range from the largest companies to medium and small organizations. Learn more at

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