Snappii Offers the HR App

Snappii Offers the HR App

34Nowadays there is a clear trend within midsized and large companies to engage more employees through mobile HR solutions. The results that ADP and VDC reported in their survey of 400 midsized and large firms concerning their use of mobile HR applications demonstrate this trend. Moreover, employers are beginning to see real value of mobile devices with HR apps, providing them to their employees for assistance in their work.

Snappii, an ultra-fast codeless mobile app development platform, offers the mobile HR App. The app enables you to:

– Track company expenses

– Easily report incidents on premises

– Send private requests to supervisors

– Calculate Salary and Turnover rates

– Send push notifications with alerts, news and updates

Today employees can use their mobile devices with HR App at work, enjoying its benefits. Thanks to the in-built calculator, employees are able to calculate their salary themselves. This way, employees are always aware of their weekly, monthly or annual income.


One more benefit of the HR App is that the user can reduce paper usage. Obviously, HR industry includes working with a lot of data and documents. Thanks to such feature as Interview, all your data about recruiting process and candidates can be in one place in your smartphone or a tablet.


Awareness is extremely important in the HR industry. Push Notification feature allows employees to stay aware of recent events. Moreover, some features of HR App let employers supervise the work of their employees and assess their progress. Thus, it optimizes a workflow.


You can find more benefits of the HR App by watching a demo video. Try all above features on your IOS device by downloading the HR App here or on an Android device here

Snappii also will be glad to customize this app for you. For example, we can add or change forms, add calculations, add your logo and branding, change user interface, add access controls. In a word, we can make any changes you need. Moreover, we can usually implement most changes in just a few days.

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