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Mobile Solutions for Job Search

Mobile Solutions for Job SearchSearching for a new job often requires a lot of time and effort. However, thanks to mobile technology, nowadays job hunters can do so on the go, for example, while riding on a bus or sitting in a coffee shop. In 2014, Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting site, found that 9 out of 10 people reported searching Continue reading “Mobile Solutions for Job Search” »

How to Easily and Legally Track Employees’ Working Hours

How to Easily and Legally Track Employees' Working HoursTracking employees’ working hours is not so simple process. Moreover, entrepreneurs must not violate personal rights and take into account the different legal issues. Modern mobile solutions greatly simplify this process and make it more convenient however the usage of mobile apps in tracking is accompanied by some nuances. Continue reading “How to Easily and Legally Track Employees’ Working Hours” »

6 Categories of Business Apps for Tablets

for blogDespite Gartner’s stating that tablet sales are plummeting, they are still sought after. It would be probably safe to say that people will continue to use tablets for their business needs. Therefore, in today’s blog post, we will highlight the trends in the use of tablets, namely, in the use of mobile business applications for them.

Mobile applications fall into 2 major categories: general consumer and business apps.  The latter can be further divided into: Continue reading “6 Categories of Business Apps for Tablets” »

Is Your Recruiting Team Tech Savvy?

for blogAbby Perkins is Editor in Chief at Talent Tribune, a Software Providers blog dedicated to jobs, workplace culture and HR technology.

Over the past decade, technology has become commonplace in human resources departments nationwide. In many cases, everything from Continue reading “Is Your Recruiting Team Tech Savvy?” »

Why HR Industry Needs Mobile Apps

for blogAccording to San Francisco-based research firm Flurry Analytics the use of mobile apps grew by 115 percent last year. Many companies continue to realize a positive impact of mobile applications for businesses. In addition to helping customers, mobile apps facilitate and make the work of the employees more comfortable. Here are the main benefits of Mobile HR applications.

Facilitating to employees’ communication

Many workers in such industries as construction, manufacturing, transportation Continue reading “Why HR Industry Needs Mobile Apps” »

IBM’s launching ‘Mobile First’ iPad Apps for enterprise

for blogTim Cook, the CEO of Apple and serves on its Board of Directors, noted that IBM’s Mobile First iPad apps are on schedule to launch as early as next month. It will be a new line of enterprise apps. And also it will be a big Apple’s breakthrough which will help Apple capture the corporate market. Continue reading “IBM’s launching ‘Mobile First’ iPad Apps for enterprise” »

New Trend in Mobile App Development

for blog According to a recent Gartner research app development teams will have to employ practices that are different from traditional app development, because there is a big demand from business companies and it puts increasing pressure on IT organizations to deliver large numbers of mobile applications.

“Enterprise application development Continue reading “New Trend in Mobile App Development” »

BlackBerry. A chance to surprise

for blogBlackBerry is not a favorite device among smartphones anymore. There are a lot of other preferable companies who offer their products more often. Furthermore their products are in demand and a huge edition. But BlackBerry doesn’t mind being quirky and is willing to take some risks along the way. Continue reading “BlackBerry. A chance to surprise” »

Are we coming to an end of paper?

for blogForest gives us plenty of paper non-stop every day. It seems that paper never ends. We go to a shop, buy a new batch of paper, write, send and dispose it. Several years ago the usage of paper was much more often. But think…we read news at the beginning of the working day, books in metro, send reports, receipts and emails on mobile devices. There is an era of high technology; the paper usage will not be worth it in several years or even months. Continue reading “Are we coming to an end of paper?” »

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