6 Tips That Will Help You with App Store Optimization

6 Tips That Will Help You with App Store Optimization

for blogSome people believe that App Store Optimization (ASO) is like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and, to some extent, they are right. However, ASO has its own specific characteristics.

The key difference between SEO and ASO is that, for SEO, it is enough that users visit a website or a page. In ASO, the purpose isn’t generating app-page traffic but making sure that your application gets installed and used on a regular basis. In other words, it’s not about traffic but rather about conversion. Thus, with ASO, you should pay close attention to the various aspects that will affect the user’s behavior and ultimately lead to desired results. The following tips can help you with that.


This aspect is the same as in SEO. The content of your application page must consist of actual and sought-after terms that will place the app in the forefront of the search and attract potential users.

App description

To be in the first position of search results, keywords are good for Google and Apple algorithms, but it is quite different in the case of app descriptions. Here it is important to take the human factor into account because it is a human who will read this description and decide whether to install your application or not. That is why just saturating the description with keywords is not the best variant. You have to write the description creatively, which will actually attract the user and lead to the desired result.

App logo

The logo of your application should be maximally attractive because this is the first thing that attracts the user’s attention. Thus, do not forget about the right colors and make sure that your logo is simple, modern, and visually appealing.


Do not forget about quality screenshots that should advantageously represent the app. This is an extremely important point, as it clearly demonstrates the application to the potential user and better shapes his/her opinion.


Many people are quite attracted by good video trailers. That is why a high quality video is a great way to influence potential users. Moreover, your video should be concise, intriguing, informative, and entertaining.

Competitive research

Last but not least, the best way to learn what you should and should not do in ASO is to look at your competitors and analyze their stats and strategies. This information will help you understand how and what to change in order to attract more users. In other words, always keep your friends close and your direct competitors even closer.

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