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Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More Optimized

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More OptimizedVertical transportation is becoming increasingly important as urbanization expands. Today elevators are often taken for granted, but they need regular maintenance and inspections in order to operate properly. There are several practices to help technicians ensure elevator maintenance and safety.

– Learn about the equipment history to understand the lifecycle, important details and the risk for potential issues. Having this knowledge will help you hold the equipment provider accountable if necessary.

– It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive and only respond to problems. Elevators should be inspected regularly regardless of any breakings.

– Rules and regulations are continually evolving to improve elevator maintenance practices. It is important to adhering to not only current protocol of maintenance, but also new and developing standards and always be aware of their appearance and changes.

– Keep detailed and regular records and ensure that the data you have about your equipment is accurate and complete. This will help you make the most effective decisions. Also it is a way to always have all documentation, which can be required by higher organizations. The advancements in technology have made work with data much easier. Data recording and processing can be automated. Special elevator inspection apps allow users to add necessary information to pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks. The completed forms can be conveniently and safely stored right on the mobile device and they are always available anywhere.

The best app for fast and efficient elevator inspection

Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Elevators app from Snappii. This elevator inspection app is designed to ensure organized inspection of all units and generate a professional report. It covers each major system and component of elevators. App users are able to quickly fill in pre-made forms, add photos and signatures. Also there is an opportunity to generate a PDF report and send it. Snappii elevator inspection app is customizable to any specific needs. Learn more about Inspect & Maintain Elevators app in a short video. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact Snappii with any specific requirements and ideas for app customization.

Learn how Vision Elevators improved time reporting and preventive maintenance

“Introduce your business and what you do there.”

“Nicholas Wareing, CEO Vision Elevators. Vision Elevators (Pty) Ltd provides mobility solutions to corporations and individuals throughout Southern Africa.”

“What challenge were you trying to address with Snappii?”

“Two of our key business processes, time management recording and preventative maintenance recording were reliant on administrative capturing into our ERP system. Not only was this time consuming and prone to inaccuracies but also resulted in delays in information being available for decision making.”

“What was the scope of Snappii’s involvement?”

“The main idea for the application was to use webservices to provide the app with the required information for the infield users direct from the ERP system and then allow the infield users to complete additional information on the app and feed this back immediately to the ERP system direct from their mobile devices.

Snappii was involved in creating the app and assisting in ensuring the information flowing inbound and outbound from the webservices was correctly linked and integrated.”

“How did you come to work with Snappii?”

“After researching companies online, we discovered Snappii and found their platform was the most user friendly of those we researched. They also had the ability to link with webservices and had all the other components/features available that we required. After meetings with Alex and the team we were impressed with their understanding of our requirements and the decision was made to begin the implementation with Snappii.”

“Are you happy with the result?”

“Yes, we have achieved what we set out to do and have saved approximately 40 hours a week in manual processing. The information we are now receiving is more accurate and is live.”

“What did you find most impressive about them?”

“The Snappii platform and their editor are very impressive. With some basic understanding you are able to quickly and easily develop the app as you require. We are now in the process of adding additional functionally to the app that will extend to different area in our business.”

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