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How to Maintain Vehicles in Proper Condition between the Official Inspections

How to Maintain Vehicles in Proper Condition between the Official InspectionsWhy regular vehicle inspections are essential

One of the core processes of anyone who owns vehicles is their regular inspection and maintenance. For the company fleet, it is an even more mandatory and rigorous task. The condition of vehicles influences the safety of drivers. Also keeping the proper condition of vehicles helps avoid breakdowns and costly repairs and thus saves the company’s budget.

You don’t have to be a mechanic, or an inspector to perform a basic vehicle inspection. And although this process cannot replace the mandatory vehicle safety inspection and emissions inspection governed by the state, it offers increased protection for both driver and vehicle in between these official inspections and better preparation for them.

The time of mobile vehicle inspection apps

To maintain the regularity and accuracy of vehicle inspections people need a system. The paper-based way is outdated due to its inconvenience, unreliability, and time-consuming. Today the place of paper inspection forms is taken by mobile apps. Vehicle inspection apps provide pre-made mobile inspection forms that can be filled out in a few minutes right on a mobile device and instantly submitted. Moreover, such data is conveniently and safely stored in one place and it is always at hand. A smartphone or mobile tablet with a vehicle inspection app can replace a bunch of paper folders.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app: a pocket tool for fast and efficient inspections

Snappii offers a ready-made Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app which takes its rightful place among modern vehicle inspection apps. The app allows users to instantly collect necessary data and fill out the pre-made mobile form. There are also the following functions:

– the opportunity to perform pre and post trips inspections,

– mileage covered calculation,

– speech-to-text function,

– photo evidence,

– the opportunity to generate and share PDF and Excel reports.

The Snappii team has created a short video demo to show how the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app works. Also, you can find more detailed information about the app’s features here.

The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play. The Snappii team is ready to discuss app customization. We can add your own form right to this app or create a new one app based on any existing form. Contact us with your requirements and get a free quote.

Mobile Inspection Apps: Why It Is the Best Way to Perform Vehicle Inspections

Mobile Inspection Apps: Why It Is the Best Way to Perform Vehicle InspectionsVehicle inspection – a pledge of compliance and safety

Vehicle inspections are a close look at some of a vehicle’s components to determine if they are functioning at proper levels. Some States mandate regular vehicle inspections to ensure that established standards are being met. The opportunity for drivers and other professionals working with fleets to perform instant vehicle inspections helps minimize the chance of vehicle-related violations, accidents, and expensive repairs.

The transition to mobile inspection apps

As vehicle inspection is primarily a capturing and recording of data, workers need tools for working with this kind of data. The use of paper forms and pens is already outdated. It’s is time-consuming and absolutely inconvenient and inefficient in inspections in the field. In addition, such data is unreliable and requires maintenance efforts. That’s why special mobile inspection apps are so popular these days. Users spend twice less time filling out forms and reports. And it’s not even worth talking about the colossal handiness of such inspection apps. All data is safely stored in a mobile device and always at hand.

Why Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app?

Snappii offers a great smart vehicle inspection app. The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app allows users to instantly collect necessary data and fill in the pre-made mobile form. Users can even speak their answers without typing, thanks to the speech-to-text function. Also, they can document any damages with photo evidence. The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is the most convenient pocket tool for pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Users just tap a button to mark the condition of each part. Vehicle inspections have never been easier. Moreover, after filling out the form, it can be instantly converted to a PDF as well as an Excel report and shared. Find some more information about the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app here and also watch a short demo video. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you are not sure that the app meets all your needs, let’s discuss its customization. Send us your requirements here.

Specificities of Commercial Vehicle Maintenance in the Winter Season

Specificities of Commercial Vehicle Maintenance in the Winter SeasonThe winter season is tough for commercial vehicles. Cold temperatures affect various vehicle systems, especially batteries. One more issue involves unwanted fuel gelling and plugging filters that lead to the engine shut down. The chemicals for ice control at roadways increase the risk of corrosion of tires, trucks, and trailers. Moreover, costs associated with unexpected breakdowns in the winter season are higher than in summer. Proper and increased maintenance in the winter season is crucial to the long-term well-being of commercial vehicles and, of course, an entire business.

Why Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app

The best way to conduct fast and professional vehicle inspection is to enlist the help of the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app from Snappii. It is a smart, pocket tool to inspect various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones right on a mobile device. The pre-made mobile form makes data collection a paperless process of several clicks. Thanks to the speech-to-text function, users can even avoid typing. Also, the app allows users to document any damages with photo evidence. The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app provides an opportunity to perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Users just tap a button to mark the condition of each part. After filling out the form, it can be instantly converted to a PDF and Excel report. The reports can be shared as well as stored in the app for quick access anytime. Watch this video to learn more about this powerful vehicle inspection app and see it in action. The Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is available to be instantly downloaded in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Some more tips to take into account

The winter season requires not just special attention to the vehicle conditions, but also to the type of driving. Winter conditions such as snow and ice dramatically affect the braking distance of a vehicle. This way, it is recommended for drivers to turn to speed reduction in this period. This aspect should be taken into account even at the stage of planning the time for transportation and delivery. Also, keep the commercial vehicles safe by adequately stocking them with what they need in the case of trouble during a winter storm.

Perform regular vehicle inspections and drive safely to successfully survive this winter season!

Regular and Proper Inspections of Commercial Vehicles with Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App

Regular and Proper Inspections of Commercial Vehicles with Inspect & Maintain Vehicles AppThe advanced benefits of vehicle inspections

Regular inspections of commercial vehicles are a matter of responsibility, safety, and compliance. Also, proper vehicle inspections can provide some additional benefits to the company.

– The issues are identified before they grow into problems that are expensive to fix or even cannot be repaired. Regular inspections ensure that vehicles get the attention they need when they need it.

– Regular and adequate vehicle inspections decrease the company’s overall vehicle downtime rate. Each of the idle vehicles is an asset being underutilized and a leakage of funds.

– Sometimes vehicles can be operating at a higher cost than necessary. Timely inspections can help easily identify problems that increase fuel consumption as well as allow professionals to keep vehicles in optimal operating conditions.

– Sometimes commercial vehicles become a way of a company’s ads and maintenance of corporate reputation. The vehicles with obvious problems and breaking do not contribute to this at all, and even vice versa. This way, vehicle inspections are also an opportunity to maintain the company’s image.

The advantages of regular and proper vehicle inspections are clear. And what about the inspection process itself? Are there ways and tools to improve it? Snappii has just one but its advantages are great.

Smart and skillful vehicle inspection app

Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app which is a great smart tool to instantly inspect various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones using just a mobile device. It is the most efficient way of vehicle inspections without paper forms, plenty of time for their processing, inaccuracies, constant movement between workplaces and office, etc. Any specialist can instantly take a smartphone or a tablet, add any vehicle, and start its inspection. The pre-made mobile form makes data collection a process of several clicks. Due to simplicity and convenience, the regularity of vehicle inspections is better maintained. There is a speech-to-text function for more convenient work in the field. Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app increases the vehicle maintenance and drivers’ safety level due to the opportunity to perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Users just tap a button to mark the condition of each part. The completed mobile form can be instantly converted to a PDF and Excel report to share and store in the app for constant instant access.

Don’t worry that you have to abandon your usual inspection forms if you are interested in Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app. Snappii team can convert your own forms to the app. Send us your forms and requirements and let’s discuss.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App: Fast Inspections for DOT Compliance

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles App: Fast Inspections for DOT ComplianceFrom time to time commercial vehicles are put through a DOT inspection to make sure they are complying with all of the rules. These inspections are carried out by a state police officer or a DOT inspector. However, drivers must be aware of these inspections, be prepared for them and carry out their own ones.

A snag and consequences

DOT mandates a program of pre- and post-trip inspections. When an issue is discovered, a vehicle inspection form should be submitted stating the nature of the problem. Also, it requires a form after repairs, confirming that the issue has been corrected. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and as a result, contribute to ignoring, violations and heavy fines.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app – the solution that was so necessary

Keeping in mind all the difficulties of completing the vehicle inspection forms, Snappii has created an Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app. This app allows users to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones right on a mobile device. It is possible to easily identify any issues and breakings, report them to mechanics and ask for a quick repair. Pre-made mobile pre- and post-trip inspection forms help avoid tedious and unreliable paperwork. Moreover, the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app enables drivers and other professionals to keep all data at the fingertips and provide it, if necessary.

Have any specific needs? Lean on Snappii

We understand that any business is unique and have its own requirements. You can appreciate the benefits of the Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app but still refuse to use it due to its generalized format. Therefore, Snappii offers a great opportunity to customize the app. We will meet your specific needs and make the necessary changes. App customization is more affordable than the creation of an app from scratch. Many businesses have already appreciated this solution. Don’t waste your time and don’t settle for less! Contact Snappii to discuss app customization right now.

4 Key Reasons to Use Fleet Maintenance Apps

4 Key Reasons to Use Fleet Maintenance AppsThe fleet is mobile by its very nature, so it needs the same mobile solution for inspections and maintenance. Today there are special mobile apps that help boost productivity and efficiency. Here are the key reasons the organizations using any vehicles should go mobile as part of their fleet maintenance strategy.

Rapidity and agility of work

Fleet maintenance apps provide inspectors, drivers and other specialists the ability to highlight any defects and problems in real-time. Thanks to synchronization and the cloud, any data becomes instantly available to all users on the system. This eliminates the delays associated with paperwork and data transfer. Maintenance specialists, technicians and repairmen get instant visibility of issues and can act immediately. This way, fleet maintenance apps contribute to more fast and optimized work.

Data accuracy

With a paper-based solution, the issues are recorded manually and are transferred to the office. Unfortunately, often handling paper associates with human errors. Moreover, the received data is added to the fleet maintenance system in the office. This process also often admits losses, errors and inaccuracies. Fleet maintenance apps eliminate these difficulties. They allow workers to operate with timely and as a consequence more accurate data. Also, pre-made mobile forms in such apps help avoid issues associated with handwriting.

Constant access to all data

In a paper-based fleet maintenance system, drivers and specialists have no instant access to previously reported issues. They have to do tremendous work with archives to identify any recurring problems and regularities. Fleet maintenance apps provide instant access to all available data and allow specialists to use it for analyzing and improvements.

Increased productivity

Fleet maintenance apps simplify many operations and provide specialists the opportunity to work smarter and more productive. They eliminate the routine, static character and extra effort. All of these contribute to better maintenance of the fleet while minimizing costs.

Snappii’s mobile solution for fleet maintenance

Snappii is one of the most powerful providers of business apps for various industries. Fleet maintenance is one of the fields we cover. Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is the ready-made app we can offer for this area. The app is created to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones. Its users are able to easily identify possible issues and breakings, report them to mechanics and ask for a quick repair. It is the most convenient and efficient way to keep the entire fleet in proper condition.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app allows users to:

– perform pre and post trips inspections,

– inspect both exterior and interior of vehicles,

– collect inspector’s information and dates,

– calculate mileage covered,

– check all functional parts and ensure that they are in good condition,

– report breakings to mechanics,

– work offline and online,

– take or upload pictures to report and prove issues,

– import existing fillable PDF forms to collect specific information,

– create PDF and Excel reports and email them,

– upload created reports to cloud drives or print them out.

Here is a short video of how the app works.

Download and try Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Need any app customization? Contact Snappii team to discuss it.


3 Tips to Improve Restoration Service Fleet Management and Maintenance

3 Tips to Improve Restoration Fleet Management and MaintenanceLike most industries, restoration is rapidly evolving. To meet growing customer demand, restoration companies must operate fast and thorough. Availability of proper-functioning and reliable restoration vehicles in such companies are crucial for appropriate and timely service. Therefore, it’s extremely important to effectively manage fleet maintenance and ensure all restoration vehicles are in good condition. Here are some tips to improve restoration fleet maintenance.

Standardize maintenance schedules

A solid maintenance starts with a good schedule. Some duties, such as checking and topping off the engine oil and filters as well as checking vital systems, etc. should be done regularly without omissions and delays. Today the most convenient and efficient format of schedules is mobile. With special mobile apps, managers can easily and quickly generate schedules, edit and share them. All workers are able to always have actual schedules at their hand and instantly notify about any important points.

Implement daily reporting

Fleet operators are the greatest resource when maintaining and detecting issues in restoration vehicles. They know them the best and are interested to keep them in good working order. Implement a daily reporting program to timely recognize and fix issues. And again it’s worth noting that the best way to do this is using the mobile apps. Special daily reporting apps can allow operators to fill out pre-made mobile forms and generate complete, professional reports right on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. They are able to instantly share them with managers and other employees.

Organize data management

Ensure maximum visibility into your restoration fleet by clear management of all data. Having necessary data at the fingertips allows managers to analyze how efficiently the fleet is operating and how it influences the whole company. To make data more available and optimize its management, managers can digitize all documentation and store it in the cloud. It will provide fast and constant access all necessary information.

Snappii is able to streamline your restoration fleet management and maintenance. We create powerful custom apps for various industries and spheres for about 10 years. Snappii has earned the trust in the market thanks to its wide capabilities, fast turnaround time and ongoing support. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss how we can help your business.

Control Emissions and Maintain Your Vehicles with Inspection Apps

Everybody knows that vehicles are a significant source of air pollution that can damage the environment and public health. Concern about this has been expressed periodically, but national concern was first evidenced in 1960s. Emissions regulations and standards have a great history in each state. Nowadays people continue closely control this issue. Proper maintenance of vehicle emission systems not only limits harmful influence, but also can improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. That’s why any company with fleet should pay strong attention to timely vehicle inspection and maintenance. We know of a powerful tool to help with this.

An urgent issue of vehicle emission inspection system

Regular inspections help instantly identifying cars and truck with high emissions and that may need repairs. Usually such inspections require special forms and specialists who will collect necessary data in the field, fill out these forms, process them in the office and generate reports. It’s unreliable and time-consuming. Thanks to modern mobile technologies, these problems are in the history. Companies can finally get rid of paperwork and file cabinets.

Unique features of vehicle inspection apps

Special inspection apps enable specialists to quickly capture complete, accurate data using their smartphones. Digital inspection forms are ready for quick filling out anywhere and at any time. In addition to their convenience, their important benefit is reliability and safe storage. User can conduct the inspection of all vehicle systems, including emissions, and be prepare for requests of state organizations. No need to search for necessary paper documents in littery file cabinets. Digital inspection forms allow avoiding mistakes and losses. They are organized and available 24/7.

Even more opportunities for work optimization

Moreover, inspection apps provide extended opportunities regarding data format. Specialists can use photos, audio and video files. Also they can make calculations right in the app, add GPS marks and signatures. Sometimes a form needs input from several different people. While using the apps, updates can be made by as many employees as it needs. Digital inspection forms allow inspectors to eliminate human errors and instantly generate professional complete reports using the current data. Employees just email them and avoid driving to the office. Such timely reports can provide valuable insights into areas of improvement and help avoid growth of issues.

The best modern provider of inspection apps

Snappii, a leading business app development company, successfully works with vehicle and fleet management companies. Are you looking for a way to make your inspections easier? We offer powerful inspection apps and eliminate the need for additional efforts and costs in this process. You can find our apps for this industry here, quickly download and try them and over 200 other apps for 30+ industries, paying just for 1 app. Moreover, Snappii offers custom app development and conversion of existing paper forms to mobile apps. Any company can send us the forms and we will modify them into the digital format. We have already helped thousands of companies and confidently continue our enhancement. Automate any business process and go digital right today.

Inspect Your Vehicles and Manage Your Fleet with Snappii Apps

Does your business work with vehicles? Even if it is small fleet, you need to maintain your vehicles in the proper conditions. Constant vehicle and fleet inspections keep your drivers and other employees safe and make your business more profitable. However, such inspections require stepping out from the office and working with on-site data. Thanks to the modern mobile solutions, you can make it easier, free your inspectors and other specialists from painstaking paperwork and allow them to collect the data and generate the reports right in the field.

Streamline your vehicle inspections and generate accurate data with vehicle inspection app

Snappii, a leading mobile business apps company, offers the innovative mobile Vehicle Inspection app that provides the ability to quickly, correctly and accurately inspect the vehicles in the field. With this app, the drivers can be sure in the vehicles and their safety before taking to the road. Also, it will legally protect the company and help manage the documentation. Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance app is suitable for detailed inspections of various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones. It allows inspectors to:

– inspect both exterior and interior of vehicles and check all functional parts,

– collect inspector’s information and dates,

– calculate mileage covered,

– report breakings to mechanics,

– take or upload pictures to report and prove issues,

– work offline.

Snappii’s vehicle inspection app is extremely user friendly and 100% customizable. You can use your own PDFs or order some modifications in the app.

Increase your fleet efficiency with fleet management app

Mobile fleet management apps give you real-time information on the whereabouts of your fleet drivers and allow you to schedule their work and track the goods. Gain visibility into all of your fleet data with Fleet Management app from Snappii. The app is designed for both drivers and managers to improve workflow. Managers can quickly view the current status of every vehicle, assign tasks and track their fulfilment. Fleet Management app will help reduce extra operational costs, increase fuel efficiency and improve route planning. Drivers can get clear tasks and instantly generate daily reports. Fleet Management app also works offline and can be 100% re-designed and customized by Snappii. Find more powerful apps for vehicle and fleet inspection and management in the Snappii gallery.

It’s time to change your workflow

The future of fleet and vehicle management is in your smartphones and tablets. Paper and pen are not the golden standard anymore for inspections, reports and data collection. Snappii offers the switch to digital in as little as a few weeks. We can create a completely custom app according to your specific requirements. Snappii is the only company that can deliver a free quote in less than 24 hours, and have a working prototype in your hands in about a week. Snappii revolutionizes the process of app development by making it completely accessible and extremely fast. It’s time to change your business and achieve more success with powerful mobile solutions.

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