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Why Oil&Gas Industries Need Mobile Apps

for blogMobile technology is playing more and more significant role in our lives. Even industries which are not tightly combined with up-to-date technologies today are really wanting to involve into a mobile world. Oil and gas industries are not the exceptions. Taking into account that the above industries suppose in-field activities having a mobile app is a must-have for them. A lot of in-field businesses suffer from tons of paper forms they need to fill out and handle daily. That is time consuming and not convenient as paper can be easily damaged, lost that will mean both time and money wasting. We are living in the 21st century when it is a high time to think about forests preservation and digital forms is the best alternative ever. Using digital forms will not only eliminate paper usage but make the whole work process easier and  more straight forward. That is thousand times more user friendly to have all necessary forms and documentation on one device and have 24/7 access to them than trying to sort out piles of paper which are just increasing all the time. Using mobile devices and tablets it is really simple to share, deliver and handle big amounts of data. Continue reading “Why Oil&Gas Industries Need Mobile Apps” »

Oil and Gas Mobile Apps are an Essential Component for Safety and Management

for blogWith the continually expanding global oil and gas infrastructure, it is more important than ever to be able to safely submit, store and mange information. Many programs exist on the back end to document new construction and on-going inspections. There is also a wealth of documentation on rules and regulations, emergency and safety procedures and more. But the front-end data collection and documentation research requires a multitude of mostly paper-based forms, charts, rules and reports which can be time consuming and tedious. Not to mention, in an emergency situation, having immediate access to the most up-to-date procedures and real-time collaboration can dramatically accelerate response and repair time. Automating these processes through mobile mobile business apps not only streamlines operations and increases employee productivity, but can greatly enhance safety and emergency response.
Continue reading “Oil and Gas Mobile Apps are an Essential Component for Safety and Management” »

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