Oil and Gas Mobile Apps are an Essential Component for Safety and Management

Oil and Gas Mobile Apps are an Essential Component for Safety and Management

for blogWith the continually expanding global oil and gas infrastructure, it is more important than ever to be able to safely submit, store and mange information. Many programs exist on the back end to document new construction and on-going inspections. There is also a wealth of documentation on rules and regulations, emergency and safety procedures and more. But the front-end data collection and documentation research requires a multitude of mostly paper-based forms, charts, rules and reports which can be time consuming and tedious. Not to mention, in an emergency situation, having immediate access to the most up-to-date procedures and real-time collaboration can dramatically accelerate response and repair time. Automating these processes through mobile mobile business apps not only streamlines operations and increases employee productivity, but can greatly enhance safety and emergency response.

Being able to complete and submit detailed mobile forms, including photographic documentation, dramatically reduces paper usage and data inaccuracies. Inspectors, product managers and safety officials can work even in offline mode and user management and signature options offer the security that only the appropriate people are accessing information. All personnel can be kept aware of regulatory changes and mission-critical instructions through in-app notifications and immediate distribution of app changes. This ensures the most up-to-date collection, reporting and reference capabilities will always be available.
Some of the features a best-in-class Oil & Gas mobile app should include are:

Equipment Management – Keep track of multiple tanks, wells, pipes, and even traveling rigs.Daily reporting – Document and monitor work progress in, and from, the field. Identify & report problems with photographic evidence and signature capture and detail work plans, project schedules and more .Detailed calculations –quick and easy calculations, unit conversions, financial reports and even “what if” scenarios on environmental impact.

Enhanced Emergency Response –Access resources and collaborate in real-time with your team from wherever you are.

References – access a host of reference materials to use for configuration, safety research, and emergency response. Data can be made editable to take advantage individual detailing and updates.

Hazardous Site check in – allow solo workers at dangerous sites to check in and enable one-touch emergency communication

Back-end data integration– Feed data collection activities directly to your internal databases for immediate reporting and further actions.

Location Tracking – Collect and record GPS data visually and with coordinates and access in-app maps and directions.

The benefits to implementing Oil & Gas mobile mobile business apps are numerous and palpable:

– Save time and money in data collection and reporting

– Manage site incidents more efficiently and address situations as they arise

– Go green, eliminate paperwork and reduce inaccuracies

– Improve workforce productivity and safety in the field

– Automate maintenance and repair processes to increase asset reliability and performance

– Identify and help prevent equipment malfunctions on the spot with immediate feedback to internal resources


In the Oil and Gas industry, streamlining data flow to and from offsite resources with mobile mobile business apps enables smarter, faster decisions, improves worker safety, increases productivity while decreasing expenses and helps ensure protection of the environment.

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