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Benefits of Mobile Business Apps for the Utilities Sector

for blogToday’s utilities sector is faced with many questions such as increasing competition in the market, expanding consumer access to information, reorganization of workflow, regulatory and cost uncertainties and so on. Fortunately, modern technologies enable utility companies to successfully address these issues in the ever evolving market. Continue reading “Benefits of Mobile Business Apps for the Utilities Sector” »

How to increase the effectiveness of your Website?

for blogThe website can work on you, your goals and missions, even if you want to sell something or want to promote your personal brand. It`s not a secret that nowadays each entrepreneur wants to have his own site to improve his own business, increase productivity and satisfy customers. The website must reflect your strategy and missions. But the process of increasing the effectiveness of the website isn`t an easy business. Continue reading “How to increase the effectiveness of your Website?” »

The future of enterprise mobile apps

icons1In 2011, Gartner came up with a prediction that by 2014 at least 25% of enterprise applications would be built by citizen developers. For the study, Gartner defined citizen developer as an end user (employee or business stake holder) who builds applications for consumption by themselves and other fellow end users using company sanctioned resources.

There are two reasons why there is a growing number of citizen developers in the corporate space. The first reason is promotion related incentives. Building your own app demonstrates leadership and problem solving which are major factors in deciding employee promotions. Continue reading “The future of enterprise mobile apps” »

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