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Managing a Warehouse. Part 1.

Warehouse management is a critical part of any business that deals in physical goods. In the past, warehouse management was a complex and time-consuming task that required a dedicated team of workers to keep track of inventory, orders, and shipments.

Today, mobile apps are changing the way warehouses are managed. With a mobile app for your warehouse, you can track inventory, manage orders, and ship products all from your phone. This makes warehouse management simpler and more efficient than ever before.

There are a number of different mobile apps for warehouse management on the market today. Here are a few of the most popular features they include:

  1. Inventory management: keep track of what products are in stock and where they are located within your warehouse with an inventory management app. This can help you avoid overstocking or running out of popular items.
  2. Order management: mobile apps can also help you keep track of customer orders and ensure that they are fulfilled promptly and accurately. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Shipping management: use warehouse management mobile app to streamline the process of getting products out the door and onto trucks or planes headed for their destination. This can save you time and money by ensuring that shipments are properly coordinated.

Snappii has created its Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app to help warehouse managers successfully deal with these tasks.

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is designed for warehouse keepers to perform a lot of different operations by using tablets and smartphones. Being equipped with bar code scanner and photo capturing, will help you collect required details in seconds and add them to your database for future reference.

This app will allow you to:

– make warehouse inventories in minutes

– create supply records

– track goods that are shipped in and shipped out

– make quick pick lists

– save captured information

– sync data across multiple devices

– bar code scanner

– take pictures

– show locations on a map

– get custom looking PDF and Excel reports

– share reports via email and upload to cloud drives
The Warehouse Management and Shipment app is available for free download from Apple and Google stores. Watch how the app works here.

The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is 100% customizable to your specific business needs. Simply drop us a line here and let’s discuss your requirements.

4 Tips to Keep Warehouse at Its Best

4 Tips to Keep Warehouse at Its BestManaging a warehouse also includes keeping it in good condition at all times. A clean and tidy work environment contributes to better working conditions, higher productivity, and lesser safety issues or accidents. This way, warehouse maintenance activities should be given as much priority as other daily operations. Here are some tips to keep the warehouse at its best.


1. Cleaning and pest control

After unloading the goods, the warehouse can be quite dirty and messy. Keep the warehouse clean and do regular cleaning so that staff can comfortably and safely carry out their duties. Also, warehouses often become an easy target for various pests. If left unchecked, they can destroy stored goods, spread infections, and hamper proper daily activities. So, this is also an important reason for a thorough cleaning as well as carrying out regular site inspections. Hire a pest control professional if you need more protection.

2. Barriers and floor labeling

A disorganized warehouse also degrades workflow. Use some tools to make the workspace organized. Floor labels and markings are a simple and efficient way of organizing a warehouse. Mark flow of traffic and forklift routes, designate positions of various warehouse equipment and inventory, and more. Also, use barriers to cordon off certain parts of a warehouse and make moving easier, faster, and safer.

3. Recycling

More and more people nowadays think about environmental concerns and about their contribution to maintaining ecology. Running a “green” warehouse is quite popular nowadays. It is based on the 3R – reduce, reuse, and recycle. This principle is simple to implement and ensures better warehouse condition and maintenance as well as the image of an entire business.

4. Special mobile apps

Warehouse maintenance is an extensive task. Usage of special mobile apps helps keep all aspects under control. Also, it is the best way to organize all documentation.

Snappii offers some feature-rich apps that can be extremely helpful in warehouse maintenance.

Cleaning Inspection Checklist app. This app makes cleaning inspections paperless and agile and increases the quality of cleaning procedures.

Pest Control app. This app helps keep any warehouse under strong control and ensure safety.

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app. This is the best solution to automate warehouse inventory and perform it in minutes right on a mobile device.

Find more Snappii’s ready-made apps for plenty of industries and fields of activity. Most of these apps are customizable. We will meet your specific requirements and modify the app for you. Contact us to discuss app customization.

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management Apps

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management AppsThe key benefits of warehouse management apps

The traditional way of managing warehouse inventory is outdated. Today, it is all about mobile solutions in the working environment using an automated system for tracking and managing the goods. Warehouse management apps allow employees who are on the field to be “on the same page” and operate with real-time data. Warehouses that are slow to adopt modern mobile solutions, relying on outdated processes, lose competitive advantages as well as revenue. Here are the key points of the positive impact of warehouse management apps.

– Warehouse management apps reduce most of the mundane processes as well as make inventory management workflows simpler and faster. This way, employees can work more efficiently.

– Warehouse management apps can eliminate most paperwork. Using a mobile app, employees can perform any inventory interactions and document them in the digital format. Any data can be instantly accessed anytime and anywhere right on a mobile device.

– Due to the acceleration and optimization of the operations, warehouse management apps significantly cut costs. Accurate and timely data and activities help avoid delays, inaccuracies, errors, over hours, etc.

– Warehouses must strictly follow some standards and regulations. Warehouse management apps help ensure consistent compliance and keep this point under control.

Why Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii

Snappii offers to automate warehouse inventories and optimize work with various warehouse data using a ready-made Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app. Make warehouse inventories in minutes by filling in a pre-made mobile form. Also, make quick pick lists and supply records. Track goods that are shipped in and shipped out by scanning bar codes. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn how the app works. Download and try the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form of the app, we can add your own one and customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app to meet your specific business needs. Contact us here to discuss it.

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment App: a Powerful Custom Solution for Streamlined Inventories

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment App: a Powerful Custom Solution for Streamlined InventoriesToday many warehouses leverage automation to improve efficiency and streamline such regular activities as inventory. However, to achieve these benefits, companies should choose technologies that are easy-to-implement and meet all specific requirements.

Automate warehouse inventories with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii is the best pocket tool to automate warehouse inventories and conduct them in minutes right on a mobile device. This ready-made app allows users to:

– add the items to the form manually or auto-fill them from the stock,

– check shipment information and track goods that are shipped in and shipped out,

– use a bar code scanner,

– add and track warehouse logs,

– take and add pictures,

– show locations on a map,

– generate and submit custom-looking PDF and Excel inventory reports,

– sync data across multiple devices,

– upload the completed forms to cloud drives.

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is not just a way to get rid of paper. It provides efficiency, speed, reliability, accuracy, and cost savings. More organized inventories contribute to more stable work of the entire warehouse. The app is available in Apple App Store, as well as in Google Play.

Why you should consider app customization

Talking about meeting specific requirements, Snappii really means it. We are ready to customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app for you. “The whole Snappii team is top-notch in customer service,” says Jason Conn from ATCi. It is important for us to take into account and fulfill all your needs. Snappii support team will discuss all details with you and provide a free quote. Don’t settle for less and join successful Snappii’s customers to get more benefits and rise to the next level. Also, the good news is that app customization is more affordable than creating an app from scratch. You will save a lot of money and time and get a great product.

The Time to Increase E-commerce Warehousing Efficiency

The Time to Increase E-commerce Warehousing EfficiencyThere is nothing quite like the ease and convenience of ordering things online, especially in this unstable time of COVID-19 pandemic. As e-commerce continues to grow in a rapid rate, it is increasingly important for companies to increase the efficiency of their e-commerce warehousing for stable and organized operations.

Organized inventory and picking routes

Time is money, and to make e-commerce warehouse operations efficient, companies should optimize and minimize the time it takes to pick orders. The inventory should be organized in ways that make picking routes as short as possible. Among the useful actions to reach this is placing of top-selling within easy reach, and placing the rest of items according to the frequency with which they’re ordered. This requires constant compliance and clear monitoring. The other useful point is locating items that are often ordered together next to each other. Also companies should always accommodate seasonal demand and special promotions.

Mobile solutions to streamline usual operations

Technological innovation is one of the best ways to improve warehouse management process and the entire warehouse operation. When it comes to increasing e-commerce warehousing efficiency, purchasing expensive robots and unique technologies is not necessary. Instead, companies can start with smart mobile apps. They can help optimize usual operations, maintain constant control and manage all the data. With the wide array of warehouse mobile solutions available today, there is an app that fits the needs and budget of any company.

Join successful Snappii apps holders

Snappii is a leader in multifunctional business apps. We cover such industries as construction, field service, fleet maintenance and management, and warehousing is also among them. Snappii offers ready-made apps to increase the level of warehouse management and improve other related operations. Download and try the apps here. Moreover, Snappii team is able to embody your individual idea. We are able to create a custom business app from scratch and in accordance with your specific requirements. Snappii is proud of the quality and high speed of its work. Contact us to discuss the development of your own custom business app.

How to Ensure Synchronization and Proper Management of Multiple Warehouses

How to Ensure Synchronization and Proper Management of Multiple WarehousesMaintaining stock levels is quite uneasy task many businesses face on a daily basis, and this task is compounded when the inventory is in more than one warehouse.

Why multi-warehouse operation

When a business targets a dynamically growing market, using the space of one warehouse is not enough and shipping the items from a single warehouse may cause shipping delays for customers. Moreover, the availability of multiple warehouses can reduce transportation costs.

The challenges of multi-warehouse approach

Although a multi-warehouse strategy has its advantages, it can also provide some serious challenges. First of all, it’s increased responsibility and control. Also, businesses with multiple warehouses often run into communication issues. Lack of face-to-face interactions and timely data can cause delays and other issues. The presence of multiple warehouses is an increased volume of documentation that must be properly organized and accessible.

The advantages of mobile warehouse management apps

Using the right technology can make management of multiple warehouses easier and more efficient. Special warehouse management apps are able to automate some time-consuming and manual processes, ensure constant communication and timely data. They provide the ability to sync all warehouses and all employees with their mobile devices.

Snappii offers a ready-made warehouse management app, which can become an essential pocket tool right now. Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to perform a lot of different operations by using tablets and smartphones. Among the features are:

– make warehouse inventories in minutes,

– create supply records,

– track goods that are shipped in and shipped out,

– make quick pick lists,

– store captured information,

– sync data across multiple devices,

– bar code scanner,

– take pictures,

– show locations on a map,

– get custom looking PDF and Excel reports,

– share reports via email and upload to cloud drives.

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Also Snappii team is ready to customize this app to meet any specific needs. The requirements can be sent here.

Snappii is the leading custom app development company. We create powerful, multifunctional apps from scratch in weeks. Snappii has helped thousands of companies in many industries. Learn more and contact us here.

The Way to Meet All Specific Requirements of Any Warehouse Business

The Way to Meet All Specific Requirements of Any Warehouse Business“Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.”

Philip Green

Don’t settle for generalized solutions

The most warehouse management apps have the same basic structure and features. Typically these apps meet general needs and help manage a business. However, in the modern competitive field, warehouse managers and owners should pay attention to advanced features as well as individualized solutions to suit specific needs.

It’s the time of affordable customization

Features that used to be considered “extra” and require long and expensive development are now becoming commonplace in a warehouse of any size. Such warehouse management apps could change a game, cut costs, save time and improve efficiency. They provide integration throughout the entire specific warehouse. This means everything from procurement to shipping are under constant control.

The best assistant to realize all your specific needs

Take some time to consider how your current system operates and which features you would add. It may be time for upgrade. Snappii will be happy to contribute to the success of your warehouse business. We are in the industry of multifunctional business apps for about 10 years and worked with such companies as NationaLease, Hyster, GE, Yale, Allianz, Coreslab and more. Snappii offers upscale and fast custom app development process. Thanks to advanced and powerful App Builder, the apps are made in weeks, not months! Our customers can be a part of the development process, and this contributes to 100% compliance with the requirements. Here are 2 case studies about the work with Snappii and how the tasks were achieved. Snappii provides unique functions and individual approach to specific activities. Your warehouse business is in safe hands and we are ready to listen and discuss all your requirements and ideas. Contact our support team at or here.


Warehouse Safety: Key Points to Keep in Mind

Warehouse Safety: The Main Points to Keep in MindOSHA General Guidelines and Citations

Warehousing is a huge industry in the U.S., with about 7,000 warehouses employing more than 140,000 workers. Safety is an essential point in this field, and is regulated by a series of standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The main focus is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. The most common causes of accidents are improper use of forklifts, materials handling, inappropriate equipment, occupational safety neglect and other. OSHA issues many publications about warehouse safety and provides the solutions that can be adopted to reduce accidents and protect workers. There are 10 areas for which they issue citations.

– Forklifts

– Hazard communication

– Electrical, wiring methods

– Electrical, system design

– Guarding floor & wall openings and holes

– Exits

– Mechanical power transmission

– Respiratory protection

– Lockout/Tagout

– Portable fire extinguishers

Also OSHA has published a brochure to warehousing. Find it here. It covers the most common hazards and offers the tips to reduce them.


The major practices of warehouse safety management

Warehouse safety management is a complex of actions, which includes trainings with employees, development of plan and strategy for safety, various safety inspections and more. Well-trained workers are safe workers. That’s why safety and operational trainings are the first component of warehouse safety programs. There are trainings that apply to all workers, as well as those that will help more specific warehouse specialists. Everyone should learn proper procedures. The second important part of warehouse safety management is regular safety inspections. Basic high-level inspections should be done daily or weekly. Keeping all the safety requirements straight is a daunting task. The best way to conduct safety inspections is to use checklists. However using of paper checklists can be quite time-consuming and inconvenient. They require further processing and also are bulky and unreliable while storage. Nowadays mobile safety inspection forms can be a great alternative.

warehouse safety inspection mobile forms

Mobile safety inspection forms

Snappii is an expert of mobile forms. We offer hundreds of pre-made mobile inspection forms for a plenty of industries and fields of activity. Filling out mobile forms can save 60 minutes every day. Safety inspections with mobile inspection forms can be done anywhere. It requires just a smartphone or a tablet. An additional advantage is an opportunity to generate the complete reports on a base of the filled in forms. These reports can be emailed as a PDF file. Moreover Snappii provides a unique solution to convert any existing forms into their mobile analogue. Try it with Snappii Form Converter, or our team can do it for you.

Please always keep in mind that warehouse safety culture should be a core for all employees at all levels, especially executives and owners. It is a key of efficient and profitable operation.

Top 3 Warehouse Management Problems and the Ways to Overcome Them

Warehouse Management ProblemsManaging a warehouse includes planning the storage, supply, and control of the inventory. Inventory and warehouse management is increasing in value and relevance. The number of warehouses in the U.S. has risen 6.8% over the last five years (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Accuracy, efficiency, cleanliness and safety are the major principles of a proper warehouse management. However the industry is quite dynamic and, managers face some problems. There are the most frequent challenges of warehouse management and inventories and some actions that help overcome them.

Poor facility layout and configuration

Insufficiency of storage space, its inefficient usage and poor logistics are a quite common problem. Poorly configured warehouses may lead to loss of time, extra costs and loss of quality of the merchandise. To make the best use of the available space, managers should regularly check and improve the storage systems; factor both the floor space and the vertical space available for use; take into account the demand for the merchandise and the frequency of its movement; use forklifts to maximize the vertical space; have an accurate plan of the warehouse with immediate making changes.

Poor data management

Warehouse managers regularly deal with a huge amount of various data: goods and raw, who transported them, which lot they belong to, date and time of delivery and shipment, and more. The collection and management of all this data require time and accuracy. Gaps and omissions in this process may lead to a loss of control over the goods, confusions and loss of money. However, thanks to modern software, data management can be significantly optimized. Mobile apps allow instant collecting of necessary accurate data and keeping it at hand. Warehouse management apps are also an essential tool for what will be noted in the next paragraph.

Inaccurate Inventory

What is the core in warehouse inventory? These are accuracy and efficiency, which go hand in hand. Inaccurate inventory causes problems such as maintaining improper stock levels, lost sales, extra expenses, lost revenue and low productivity. Automation is a key solution for such accuracy-related problems. Warehouse inventory apps help provide accurate, timely and transparent data. They save time and eliminate difficulties and errors associated with manual completion of inventory forms. Inventory apps provide constant access to all data with no need to visit the office.

Keeping into account the current dynamic in warehousing industry and the best practices of modern mobile solutions, Snappii offers multifunctional warehouse management apps, as well as inventory apps.

Warehouse Inventory and Shipment app is designed to make warehouse inventories in minutes with mobile device. Being equipped with bar code scanner and photo capturing it will help you collect required details in seconds and add them to your database for future reference. Generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports to conveniently store and share them.

Warehouse Lease & Capacity app allows users to inspect inventories, manage shipments and perform necessary calculations. Visualize your warehouse inspections on a map, save inspection forms and share them. Sync collected data across multiple devices.

A universal Inventory Anything app helps manage inventory quickly and easily. Capture photos, text, cost, scan bar codes, calculate sales, cost and profit. Generate and share custom PDF reports with all items listed.

Find more apps here. Most of Snappii apps are customizable. You can send us your requirements to discuss.


Reduce Costs of Logistics and Warehouse Management with Mobile Solutions

Last years have seen a dynamic activity and interesting industry trends in the transportation and logistics industry. The industry is transforming to reap the benefits of new tech advances, particularly mobile solutions.

Optimize logistics operations with mobile apps

Mobile technology is one of the most effective methods of reducing costs in logistics field. The fuel prices rise and it forces companies be at the risk of extra costs and losses. Accurate optimization of delivery routes and workflow helps avoid it. Mobile apps for logistics operations provide the most convenient and agile way of tracking, scheduling, collaboration and reporting. Drivers can share their GPS coordinates, fuel consumption and any delays. Using such instant data, operators can help improve routes, avoid reasons of delays in future, etc.

Avoid extra costs of staff maintenance

Mobile logistics apps can also help reduce cost of staff maintenance. A powerful management app can be a good assistant and eliminate the need to hire additional staff. It allows users to assign tasks, make necessary calculations, track the progress and generate the results into complete reports. Streamlining of communication can help save time and avoid extra work.

Advantages of digital warehouse management

Warehouses are one of the main participant of logistics operations. Their maintenance is also one of the biggest expenses for company. Many companies still manage warehouses and take inventories manually with paper forms, which contribute regular cost stream. With warehouse management apps, these costs can be reduced in half. Mobile forms allow specialists to refuse from paper and costs of its maintenance. Moreover, warehouse management apps are the most safe and convenient way to store data, which is available 24/7.

Find the best logistics and warehouse management apps

Snappii, a mobile business app development company, works with various industries, and logistics and warehousing are among them. We are trusted by thousands of companies, and we continue develop and provide innovative solutions. You can find some of our ready-made mobile apps here. For example, Warehouse Inventory and Shipment app is the best tool to assist warehouse managers and other specialists and improve different operations. It allows users to make quick inventories, create supply records and pick lists, track goods that are shipped in and shipped out, generate reports and more. All Snappii apps are 100% customizable and can be changed and added by some features, according to your specific needs.

Be the first to try. Snappii’s Brand New Solution

Our just released innovative feature is available and useful for any specialist. Now anyone can replace inconvenient paper forms and fill them out on a smartphone. The basic feature of Snappii Form Converter is a combination of simplicity and power. It doesn’t require any tech skills and it is extremely easy in use. However, along with this, the Converter provide all necessary tools to create a complete form app. Moreover, its uniqueness is an opportunity to use existing forms and reports and transform them into the digital format. Just watch how it works. It will take a few minutes to convert your own form. Also we’ve created the gallery of pre-made form templates, if needed. Start your work with Snappii Form Converter right now! No credit card needed. You will have free forever account and live help on your first form. Join the digital world already today!

Substantial Transformation in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Substantial Transformation in Logistics and Supply Chain IndustryThe logistics and supply chain industry is constantly growing to meet the demands of new technologies. These growing demands cause additional communication issues, and introduce new problems to previously working systems. To complete assignments, companies have begun to branch out into new technologies to improve communication and accuracy. For industries that are constantly on the road, or sizing up the warehouse, mobile apps provide a solution.

Easy and convenient way to manage warehouses

Apps are extremely malleable, and can be created to fit any need. Warehouse management tools allow paperwork to be reduced, or even replaced, by mobile forms that can be printed or emailed right from the device. A user can also check inventory at a glance, without going to a computer or accessing a confusing program. It can also help to reduce human errors with its ease of use, and cut costs generated from paper and supplies. A report from Intermec found that mobile technologies can save logistics and transport companies around $471,400 a year!

Streamlined tracking system

When delivering products, the most important elements are the time, and destination. Apps enable users to track processes in a real-time GPS. It allows managers to communicate with their drivers, and grants the driver remote access to the database. It can streamline every process, creating unforgettable customer experiences.

Instant reporting

Instant access to detailed data provides another layer of accuracy when reporting, aside from the time it saves. Mobile apps allow paper forms to be reduced to a few taps on a touchscreen. Forms can be printed and emailed directly from the device, and will even automatically queue in an offline area. Specialists can even create spots for signatures, attaching photos and hidden location stamps.

Where to begin

The marriage of mobile solutions with the logistics and supply chain industry has created a lot of buzz in the way product and sources are managed, and it has caused significant increases in revenue. Snappii, a codeless mobile app development company, offers to start joining the movement with its ready-made apps (like Warehouse Inventory & Shipment, Invoice Assistant), which are 100% free and available in both iTunes and Google Play. Visit Snappii’s website to find more unique, and affordable, mobile solutions.

Snappii Announces 4 Powerful Apps for Warehouse Management at No Cost

Snappii Announces 4 Powerful Apps for Warehouse Management at No CostNow every warehouse manager can afford to use Mobile Apps to save time and make any operation more effective.

Warehouse management requires flexibility and work in the field using paper forms. Warehouse inspections and inventories require reporting with pictures and different types of data. Continue reading “Snappii Announces 4 Powerful Apps for Warehouse Management at No Cost” »

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