Top 3 Ready-made Construction Apps from Snappii

Top 3 Ready-made Construction Apps from Snappii

The Top 3 Ready-made Construction Apps from SnappiiToday, the construction industry is actively adopting new trends in technology. Drones, 3D printing, VR, and certainly mobile construction apps. Now almost all construction professionals have smartphones or tablets, and it is the best time to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up project timelines with mobile apps. An important reason for the growing popularity of construction apps is their increasing availability. Now it is affordable even for any small construction company. The app stores are full of various ready-made apps for plenty of specific activities. Below we offer you the top 3 ready-made construction apps from Snappii.

Construction Daily Log app

First of all, let us introduce you the Construction Daily Log app. This is the #1 app to create professional daily reports in minutes and is used by tens of thousands of construction companies around the world. The Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form which can be filled in with the voice-to-text feature. The app users can attach pictures and make any drawing right on them. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be shared in various ways and safely stored in the app. Recently the Construction Daily Log app was updated with a great feature for managers. Now the app allows users to track who has not turned their report in. It is a perfect way to have a clear picture of the progress, save time, meet target deadlines, and make quick business decisions based on reports received.

Watch the video about the Construction Daily Log app and download its iOS and Android versions to try.

Punch In/Out Timesheet app

As we know, time is money, and therefore it is a very important component of any construction project. The Punch In/Out Timesheet app contains all of the necessary aspects needed to accurately record time for any project or job code for every worker in every crew and to generate a professional time card which can be emailed. It is a smart and convenient pocket tool for project time management and meeting all deadlines.

Find more information and watch the video about the Punch In/Out Timesheet app here. Download it in Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

Construction Estimator app

What construction manager or estimator wouldn’t want to quote construction projects faster and easier? This way, to optimize this process, save time and money Snappii offers the Construction Estimator app. This app allows users to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. The app users can quantify material, labor, and other costs and fill in the pre-made form; make necessary calculations and show a customer the total estimated cost in labor, parts, and the grand total; import clients from the address book or Excel file and instantly share the estimate with them as a PDf file; and more.

Learn more about the Construction Estimator app in this video. Hurry up to download and try it in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get even more

The good news is that most of Snappii’s ready-made construction apps are customizable. We can add your forms and some specific features. Send us your requirements here.

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