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Construction Daily Log App: Streamlined Reporting Process without Paperwork

Construction Daily Log App: Streamlined Reporting Process without PaperworkConstruction jobsite can be quite chaotic, and keeping everything under control and maintaining a clear picture of the progress are essential and tall task. Regular reporting helps provide a general overview of the project and how it should be progressing. However, when reporting is accompanied by paperwork, it adds even more problems.

The time of digital format

Nowadays there is a growing number of user-friendly, smart digital construction daily logs, which make reporting faster and more efficient. Such daily logs consist of pre-made mobile forms, which can be filled in on any mobile device. The completed forms are generated to digital reports. Digital reports are able to be sent via email or other available ways.

#1 reporting app for any construction project

Snappii did a great job trying to streamline the reporting process for construction field teams. We offer our powerful and successful Construction Daily Log app. This is #1 app to create professional daily reports in minutes, and is used by tens of thousands of construction companies around the world.

Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form with contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor and travel hours and more. The form can be filled in without typing. Users just hit the mike, speak into it and the voice is translated into text. Also Construction Daily Log app captures weather conditions, locations, date and time, amount of labor performed and other field related information. Attach pictures to highlight progress or show problem areas. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be shared by various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime.

What’s new

Snappii is working hard to improve Construction Daily Log app and make it even more useful and convenient. In the new version of the app you can find the following improvements:

– Improved layout

– Several users can now work on the same project

– Generate a consolidated report to see who sent a daily log and who didn’t

– Ability to select °F or °C weather unit

Download or update Construction Daily Log app to try them.

iOS version

Android version

Feel free to send us your feedback at


4 Examples of How Automation is Used in the Construction Industry

4 Examples of How Automation is Used in the Construction IndustryConstruction is the industry with a manual-intensive labor as a primary source of productivity. However, with technology revolution scale, which hits the industry these days, we might see a confident development and adoption of automation solutions in a wide range of construction operations. Here are 4 examples of automation being used in the construction industry.

Autonomous, self-driving machines

The most common example of automation in construction industry is the use of autonomous, self-driving machines. They are used to transport heavy objects and materials across the jobsite. GPS capabilities and special programming movement allow workers to remotely operate such machines. This contributes to more safe and efficient processes while construction operations.


Drones are another useful example of automation in construction field. They provide instant, extensive overview and monitoring of worksites without the need for active supervision. Drones can be programmed for specific tasks, for example they can be synced with special mobile apps and directly provide specific data, or scan the working area for different issues and send signals about any inconsistencies and problems. Drones are significantly useful tool for any pre-project inspections and monitoring of activities.

Virtual reality systems

Virtual reality systems are gaining popularity these days. Such systems allow construction teams to plan for a project even before the direct work at the jobsite. Virtual reality uses programmed 3D scans that are highly accurate and oppose to human error. Builders are able to interact with a particular structure and have a much better and more detailed understanding of the upcoming operations. This contributes to increased efficiency, as well as saving of time and expenses.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are absolutely one more tool of automation in construction projects. It is a replacement of paperwork, which inherently accompanies any construction project. Modern construction apps encompass all project data and its processing. Digitization of data is a great way to increase accuracy, reliability, agility and quality.

Snappii is an expert in development of high quality construction apps. For about 10 years we provide multifunctional solutions for a plenty of operations. Inspection, reporting, time tracking, inventory, estimation, calculation, etc. Any operation with data can be automated with Snappii apps. Review our ready-made construction apps here. Most of them are customizable. If you need to realize your own specific mobile solution, contact us here to discuss your requirements.

4 Ways Mobile Construction Apps Are Transforming and Improving the Industry

4 Ways Mobile Construction Apps Are Transforming and Improving the IndustryPeople use apps in almost every facet of their life and work. It should come as no big surprise that modern mobile construction apps provide huge impact on this industry and change the way different construction operations are being done. Construction projects require a serious amount of coordination of people and resources in the field. Special construction apps do an excellent job of this task, as well as provide many other benefits, helping construction companies of all sizes be more efficient and cost-effective.

Reduction of delays

Delays and rework in construction projects can cost millions of dollars and negatively affect a company’s reputation. Construction apps allow workers to collect and use real-time information. This contributes to timely prevention of issues, which might provoke delays and put projects on hold.

Improved communication

Mobile construction apps give employees the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. It makes the entire team feel involved and better understand where the project is and what resources are needed. Instant communication also contributes to acceleration and optimization of various operations, saves time and cuts expenses.

Accurate project documentation

Mobile construction apps provide the ability to work with project documentation right in the field. The apps improve accuracy and reduce potential issues arising from illegible handwriting, information gaps, untimely information, loss or damage of paper documentation, etc.

Safety compliance

Construction is a high-hazard industry. Construction apps can help control ensuring regulatory compliance. They also facilitate regular safety inspections and immediate reporting of all safety concerns to mitigate risk and keep job sites safe and optimized.

Mobile solutions for construction industry from Snappii

Snappii works with construction industry for about 10 years. We provide multifunctional mobile solutions to optimize, simplify and accelerate various operations with data. Today anyone can streamline the work with flexible ready-made construction apps from Snappii. Find them here to learn more and try. Most of Snappii apps are customizable to meet any specific needs. Contact us here to discuss app customization. Snappii is the leading custom app development company. We create powerful business apps from scratch. High quality, speed and absolute compliance with requests are our forward advantages. Send us your requirements here. Contact Snappii support team with any questions at

What You Should Know about Inspection of Road Construction Process

What You Should Know about Inspection of Road Construction ProcessAny road construction project is accompanied by inspections. This is required to be sure that work is being done in accordance with established criteria and generally accepted practices, that the road is built with quality materials and that the road construction process follows safety regulations. A variety of specialists may be involved in inspection activity either through the contractor or from the road owning organization. Both sides have an incentive to inspect the quality of the work as it comes with costs.

Observation without intervention

Inspectors can’t interfere with the construction process, they just monitor and observe. If inspectors notice an issue that can influence the project and requires specific actions, they can communicate with a project foreman or someone with the authority to make decisions and direct workers accordingly.

Inspection teams and distribution

Inspectors commonly spend all of their working hours in the field, observing the work and collecting necessary data. It is a time-consuming process, that’s why large and complex projects require more than one inspector. This way, they form an inspection team. Responsibilities and certain areas of work can be divided between the inspectors. The chief inspectors or project managers oversee an inspection team and coordinate it.

Mobile solutions

Inspection is agile and observant type of work and requires special smart tools. Modern inspectors prefer mobile solutions for fast and efficient operation in the field. Inspection apps allow them to avoid paperwork and automate work with inspection data. Moreover, special inspection apps ensure constant synchronization and communication of the entire inspection team. Inspectors are even able to generate professional reports, based on the data received, right on their mobile devices and share them.

How Snappii can benefit road inspection process

Snappii is a leader of multifunctional inspection apps. We cover a plenty of industries and offer a high quality service for companies of any size. Meet Snappii’s ready-made Road Inspection app. The app covers the following types of inspection forms:

– Risk Assessment

– Road Segment Inspection

– Concrete Roads Inspection

Snappii team is always ready to add your own forms to this app. Fill in mobile forms in a snap, safely collect all data and share it with anyone. Download and try Road Inspection app.

Snappii is able to create your own custom app from scratch in accordance with your specific needs. We hold every app we make to the highest standard. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss them.

Buy or Rent Heavy Equipment: 4 Factors to Consider

Buy or Rent Heavy Equipment: 4 Factors to Consider2020 has brought unique challenges to the construction industry. We want to believe that the worst is over and the industry is recovering. Protecting against COVID-19 requires proper decisions to maintain safety as well as profitability during a slower economy. If you decided you need some more heavy equipment or trucks, there is a question when to buy equipment and trucks and when to rent them? The decision may influences on putting your business back on track to ensure it runs smoothly.

Comparing pros and cons of both renting and buying, keep in mind your company’s current situation, capabilities and future plans. Here’s a small overview of some important points before deciding when to buy and when to rent heavy equipment.

Financial situation and costs forecast

One of the most obvious factors to consider is your currently financial situation. Also you should project and analyze your costs over several months or years. Buying is a larger one-time financial outlay. However, the cost of renting can rise quickly and finally can end up costing you more.

Project length and job frequency

Project length and the frequency of usage of heavy equipment may be the deciding factor in whether you rent or buy equipment. If it’s a short term job, or you need specialized equipment for a one-off job, then renting may make more sense. However, owning the multi-purpose heavy equipment such as loaders, excavators, trucks, etc. that can be used for various projects is a great asset on any construction company.

Company image

Owing your own heavy equipment can be a plus to potential clients. It shows that you are a stable, trustworthy business. Moreover, you can quickly react to unexpected changes in projects and instantly take on jobs.

Placement and storage

Keep in mind that your own heavy equipment requires special space to store it. Adverse weather conditions could damage it, as well as leaving heavy equipment outside is unreliable.

Heavy equipment maintenance with Snappii

All heavy equipment, especially your own, require regular maintenance. It should be inspected in time to avoid damages, delays and incidents. Snappii offers a way to do it extremely fast and simple. Heavy Equipment Inspection app allows users to quickly collect all necessary data, fill in pre-made mobile forms, generate professional PDF or Excel reports, print and share them via email, text message, cloud storages and other ways, store all the data locally on the device and more. Keep heavy equipment in a good working order and save time and money.

Top Factors Affecting Labor Productivity Losses on Construction Projects and How to Avoid Them

Top Factors Affecting Labor Productivity Losses on Construction Projects and How to Avoid ThemInefficient work with construction labor and resources can result in low productivity and financial losses. It is important for contractors and construction managers to clear evaluate the productivity of the equipment and the laborers in different processes. They bid a scope of work and payment based on this evaluation. There are some factors affecting labor productivity losses on a construction project. An accurate management and timely response can help avoid or adapt to them and reduce any losses.


Adverse weather is one of the causes of lost productivity on a construction project. It is difficult to deal with this factor, but it is quite possible. The construction project contract can contain some special points about additional time for “unusually severe weather”. This will reduce the negative impact on the schedule and finances.

Poor project management

Diverting from plan, mismanagement, changes in scope of work, increase in manpower or work areas without right supervision can lead to loss of labor productivity. The way to fight with this is a clear and accurate management of reliable managers. An ability to keep every aspect under control is not just an advantage but a strict necessity.

Attitude and positive atmosphere

Stress and unfavorable atmosphere on the jobsite may create an environment that doesn’t contribute to productivity. Increasing conflicts between the workers, disputes, over-inspection, excessive hazards, multiple contract changes, poor site conditions, disruption of work rhythm and more can even lead to the failure of the project. Encouragement, discipline and communication are the ways of smooth construction projects without productivity losses.

Hazardous work area

Another important factor that contributes to the loss of productivity in a construction project is a hazardous work area. Workers may face special safety requirements, usage of special equipment and various restrictions. It is advisable to take these into account at the planning stage in order not to face delays and additional financial expenses.

Mobile solutions for smooth construction projects

It has long been proven that mobile solutions are a tool which contributes to increase of efficiency at the construction projects. Special construction apps can help avoid labor productivity losses and complete projects in time and on budget. Snappii is a leader in the market of construction mobile solutions and offers a plenty of ready-made apps with a set of impressive features. Most of Snappii’s construction apps are customizable and can be easily and quickly modified to meet any needs. Also Snappii team is ready to create a custom app from scratch in accordance with specific requirements. Contact us here to learn more and discuss.

3 Useful Practices for Managing Construction Projects

3 Useful Practices for Managing Construction ProjectsManaging construction projects is not a small process, frequently dealing with unique challenges. It includes hundreds of actions to be done, timelines to be met and projects to be delivered. There are some practices that ensure efficient management and the entire team moves fluidly.

Agility in planning and fast response

Managers prepare a preconstruction plan based on real information. However, anything can happen on a construction site. Fluid planning, fast response and instant changes will help continue a successful implementation of the project while maintaining all deadlines. Special mobile apps can make it possible. Construction apps allow managers to get timely data and make accurate changes. Thanks to the apps, all construction team stays synced and instantly meets all important points.

Keep a favorable atmosphere

Stress and unfavorable atmosphere on the jobsite create an environment that doesn’t contribute to productivity. Nobody wants to work under strong duress and oversight. When the team is treated with care and respect, and when it is motivated, workers try to do their best and achieve better results. Managers should regularly request feedback from the team and discuss the ways of workflow improvement. Also they should always keep the atmosphere of teamwork and show employees how their work fits into the overall picture.

The right balance between time, quality and expenses

Pay special attention to time and budget, and try to find the right balance. Manage your expectations. Quality, time and expenses are always competing. High quality work can’t be the cheapest and fastest. Carefully think through what you can afford and what are you ready to bet on at a certain moment.

Try the features of Snappii’s construction apps

Snappii offers smart and powerful mobile tools for construction managers. Snappii’s construction apps will allow them to keep any project detail under strong control and have a constant contact with the entire team. Among the major features of the apps are:

– pre-made mobile forms to instantly fill in right at the jobsite,

– in-build calculators to make quick calculations on the go,

– push notifications for immediate notifying of anything,

– an ability to capture photos, make marks and draw right on them,

– an ability to generate professional reports in a PDF or Excel format and email them,

– work with limited Internet connection,

– and more.

Snappii team creates custom apps in weeks and in accordance with specific needs. Need a useful construction app for efficient project management? Contact us here.

Construction Insurance and How Mobile Solutions Can Help Reduce Insurance Costs

Construction Insurance and How Mobile Solutions Can Help Reduce Insurance CostsWhat is construction insurance

Construction insurance is a broad variety of insurance policies that provide protection during construction projects. Many factors influence the type of insurance for a given construction project or business. Here are some types of construction insurance:

– Builders risk insurance is insurance coverage for buildings, different types of property and other structures while they are under construction.

– General liability insurance provides liability protection to businesses in the case of bodily harm or property damage during the course of business. There are various versions of these policies.

– Construction bonds are used to “guarantee” certain aspects of a contract or construction project. There are also several types of contract bonds.

– Workers’ compensation insurance protects construction businesses and contractors when their employees are injured while on the job. It covers some costs after a covered incident. Compensation insurance is required by law in some states.

Focus on a strong safety policy

Insurance costs in construction industry are a significant cost element. If companies can reduce this cost, they will have more money to invest in their business. The major solution is improving safety at the jobsite, the result of which is the reduction of insured events. Construction companies should pay special attention to effective safety maintenance and inspection programs.

Modern mobile solutions can significantly help in ensuring stable, safe construction workflow. Construction apps provide pre-made mobile forms and checklists for regular, streamlined safety inspections. Moreover, there is an opportunity to generate professional reports right on the mobile device, share and store them. All necessary data is always at hand. Optimized documentation contributes to a smooth safety policy without incidents and great insurance payments.

Snappii helps construction companies create safe and efficient jobsites for about 10 years. We provide construction apps that are easy to use, as well as multifunctional and powerful. We are able to create any custom app, which will help maintain safety in your construction business. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss.

It’s Time to Leave Behind Paper-Based Construction Daily Reports

It's Time to Leave Behind Paper-Based Construction Daily ReportsTime for a change

With constant evolution in the construction industry, transformation is more relevant than ever. The technologies, systems and tools have improved significantly in recent times.

Daily reports have been created the same way and had the same form for decades. Up until recently, no one really thought about creating a better process. At the end of a workday, all workers have to provide daily report. Usually they spent some time for it, using the traditional pen and paper forms. However, it’s certainly no longer the efficient way.

At this point, a lot of fields of activity and operations have gone digital, so construction also adapts to modern times. Workers don’t use archaic construction tools, and it is the turn to change outdated daily reporting process.

Mobile solutions to simplify and optimize reporting process

Today more and more construction companies move to mobile forms and special reporting apps. Their main goal is to be as simple and convenient as possible, so you can produce professional daily reports in a few clicks anytime and anywhere. Project managers will never have to keep track of messy paper documents again and workers will be happy to go home on time. Reporting apps contain pre-made mobile forms to fill out, process, share and store. Their users can forget about time consuming paperwork, unreliable paper forms and inaccurate and untimely data.

Construction Daily Log app

If you’re still filling out your daily reports with pen and paper, it is the best time to try Construction Daily Log app from Snappii. This is #1 app to create professional daily reports in minutes. Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form with contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor and travel hours and more. Also the app captures weather conditions, locations, date and time, amount of labor performed and other field related information. To make Construction Daily Log app even more convenient for any field professional, we have added the opportunity to translate your voice into text. No need to type, just hit the mike and speak into it. Make photos, attach and mark them to highlight progress or show problem areas. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report is able be shared by various ways and safely stored in the app. Download Construction Daily Log app right today in Apple App store and Google Play. It’s time for update!

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and a Safer Construction Jobsite

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and Safe Construction JobsiteThere are a plenty of dangers and risks on any construction project. One of the main tasks of contractor is to keep everyone safe while they are on-site. Proper and accurate documentation takes part in creating a safe workflow. To achieve this, contractors complete daily construction safety checklists and generate construction safety reports. This way, contractors can make sure their sites are safe, any dangers and incidents are identified and reported so they can continue to improve workflow.

The importance of proper reporting for OSHA

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a Federal safety watchdog. All significant incidents should be reported to it. OSHA uses this information to help companies eliminate unsafe work practices. Also accessible, accurate and timely records help avoid litigations.

Advantages of mobile solutions

Today construction businesses improve construction operations through technological advances. Construction documentation also gets huge benefits from modern mobile technology, and influences on safe workflow. Mobile forms and apps allow users to fill in pre-made forms in a few clicks, generate complete, professional reports right on a smartphone, conveniently store data, share it and more. These contribute to optimized and efficient work with safety documentation. And in turn, general safety at the jobsites rises to the next level.

What Snappii can offer for construction documentation

Snappii helps construction companies create safe and efficient jobsites. We provide mobile solutions for this field that are easy to use, as well as multifunctional and smart. Among the powerful ready-made construction apps are Construction Daily Log app, Construction Manager app, Timesheet Manager app, Construction Estimator app, Construction Plans app, Workplace Safety Inspection app and more. All apps allow users to easily and quickly work with data in the field and add them to pre-made forms. Moreover, Snappii construction apps provide the opportunity to generate professional reports as PDF and Excel files.

Snappii offers Mobile Forms Converter. Thanks to it, anyone can convert existing forms to their mobile analogue. Also our team can do it for you. You just need provide your forms and requirements. Moreover, Snappii has Snappii Mobile Forms app with a set of pre-made forms which are able to be used. Download the app and choose the forms you need.

The Tips to Reduce Operating Costs in Construction Industry

The Tips to Reduce Operating Costs in Construction IndustryConstruction business makes good money. However it also spends quite big amount of money and deals with operating costs. Operating costs are expenses associated with the maintenance and organization of a business on a day-to-day basis. They may include rent, administration expenses, labor costs, utilities, maintenance and repairs, etc. An obvious aspiration of all construction businesses is to reduce these operating costs. Here are some tips to help with this.

Life cycle costing and comparing the alternatives

Life cycle costing (LCC) is a long-term projection that comprehensively quantifies present and future costs associated with constructing and operating a building. This is also the most accurate way to increase project savings by comparing different alternatives. This approach can be applied to operating costs. By comparing the alternatives, owners and managers can get a holistic view of various variables and their impact on the value of the project. This way, they can foresee possible savings.

Mobile solutions

Modern construction companies implement technological innovations at every stage of a project. Mobile solutions make it possible to have real-time information and constant flow of data that accelerates the decision-making process, ensures keeping abreast of the workflow, eliminates rework and delays, and boosts the overall productivity of a team. All of these contribute to a smooth, efficient workflow and savings of operating costs.

Maintenance strategy

Construction equipment should be constantly maintained. An effective maintenance plan helps avoid unplanned downtime, disruption, and risks, and therefore additional operating costs. A mix of different maintenance strategies allows owners and managers to think in long-term and allocate the budget wisely.

Improve construction processes with Snappii

Snappii has been working with construction industry for about 10 years and continues to help companies stay competitive, organized and profitable. The new digital ways of doing business are actively adopted. Operating cost reduction can be resolved with a set of tools and solutions and special construction apps are one of them. Snappii offers a plenty of multifunctional ready-made construction apps. Visit the gallery to learn more about them and download to try. Most of Snappii apps are customizable and can be modified to meet any specific needs. Also we are able to create your personal app from scratch. Send us your requirements to discuss and start the process.

How to Avoid Construction Litigation and Keep Successful Practice

How to Avoid Construction Litigation and Keep Successful PracticeConstruction industry often deals with claims and disputes. It’s a normal practice, which is usually resolved in a timely way. However there are more complicated, unresolved situations, and their consequences could lead to litigation. It provides a disastrous impact to the project and to the entire business. We offer some tips to avoid construction litigation and keep successful practice.

Pay attention to the contract

Frequently construction dispute starts with the construction contract. Make sure that contract is drawn up in a proper way, both sides agree to all points and the project team fully understanding it. The failure to understand the contract is the main source of arguments and litigation in the construction field.

Keep constant communication

Communication is key for successful construction project. Poor communication can result in mistakes, inconsistencies and botched project results. Moreover poor communication can lead to the injuries and incidents, which then turn into lawsuits from the team members (unfortunately, such cases are common in the construction litigation practice). Constant line of communication makes less opportunity for errors and helps keep all the workflow under strong control.

Optimize document management

All construction companies should think about their current document management system. Documentation is an important part of the project. When it’s crunch time, any necessary data should be easily accessible. If you can’t confirm something in time with the appropriate document, your claim is a lost cause. Organized data and document management system is a way to nip the litigation at the initial stage.

Put the tips into practice

The tips above can help with project efficiency and save you in a dispute scenario. And the best solution to put these tips into practice is mobile construction apps. Snappii has been working with construction industry for about 10 years and has studied the needs of modern construction companies quite well. Snappii’s construction apps are a combination of quality and availability. We cover such tasks as daily reporting, estimation, work assigning, tracking, inspections, data collection and storage, document management, etc. This way, we are able to be your helper in successful construction projects without litigations. Find the ready-made construction apps here and try them. Most of Snappii apps are customizable. Also we can create an app from scratch in accordance with your personal needs. Contact us and provide your requirements.

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