The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection Apps

The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection Apps

The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection AppsA maintenance inspection is the process of evaluation the condition of facilities and equipment. The purpose of such inspection is to determine what is needed to keep them in good working condition. Also, maintenance inspections can identify issues before they turn into costly repairs, as well as prevent downtime. Every enterprise or facility must conduct regular inspections as part of the entire maintenance program. It’s important to note, that inspections should be documented and stored.

Here are some major types of maintenance inspections:

– Quality inspection

Catching and identifying critical defects and issues can help avoid rework, repair and downtime.

– Safety inspection

Safety inspections can include various aspects, from checking fire protection equipment to monitoring compliance with safety measures by employees.

– Vendor inspection

Vendor inspections are essential to ensure compliance with local and international standards, reduce cost and increase quality.

– Failure finding inspection

This type of inspection checks the operation of back-up or protective devices that cannot be checked unless a primary system fails. Failure instances are simulated to specifically test these components.

Inspection apps to improve and accelerate the process

With the advanced mobile technology available today, special inspection apps can make inspection process simple and efficient. They allow users to easily collect data, process them and generate professional reports right on the mobile device. Inspection apps cover a lot of specific industries and fields of activity. Snappii is the leader in mobile business apps and offers a plenty of powerful inspection apps. For example, Workplace Safety Inspection app, Building Inspection app, Inspect Anything app, Quality Inspection app, Heavy Equipment Inspection app and more. The apps provide advanced features and agility to operate right in the field. Most of Snappii’s inspection apps are customizable to meet any personal needs.

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