New and Updated Pipeline Inspection App for mobile Inspections

New and Updated Pipeline Inspection App for mobile Inspections

Snappii introduces updated in features, user interface and usability Pipeline Inspection App for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Pipeline Inspection App is a pre-built mobile app designed to enable inspectors to replace clipboards, cameras and laptops with their smartphones or tablets.

The app helps collect key data on pipelines and facilities, report locations, take pictures, store forms in the app and more.
The app is an indispensable tool for inspectors to ensure pipeline safety and save time.

Each form is easy to fill out, it can be shared via email, saved and stored right on your device.

The Pipeline Inspection app allows inspectors to:

– Collect key data to ensure pipeline safety
– Report locations with Maps or GPS coordinates
– Take pictures and associate them to inspection forms
– Capture Signatures
– Document date and time
– Store all reports locally on a device
– Share stored reports via email
– Validate form data and send it to corporate data repository
– Save time, improve accuracy, eliminate duplicate data entry

Pipeline Inspection Forms include:

– Technical Datasheet for gathering pipeline and associated facilities data
– Pipeline test report to collecting information on pipe size, type, location, pressure, line loss and measures taken
– Leak survey report to record findings on pipeline leaks, date and time found, location and Picture

The benefits of using this app are obvious:

– Improve accuracy
– Save time
– Save money
– Eliminate Paperwork

Don’t miss a chance to upgrade now – go to Apple or Google to download your free copy of Pipeline Inspection App mobile app.

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