Vehicle Inspections and Best Practices

Vehicle Inspections and Best Practices

Vehicle Inspection and the Best Way of Its PerformanceDrivers count on their vehicles to safely and reliably get them where they’re going. Based on this, they make regular inspections and use vehicle inspection reports to ensure a vehicle is in good working order and safe to take out on the road. Also there are legal obligations to ensure work vehicles are regularly inspected to confirm they are in sound operating condition.

Vehicle inspection as a part of daily routine

Every time we get into a vehicle, we automatically make quite a few checks. However, drivers and people involved in transportation on a professional basis should also make more specific and detailed regular inspections. There is a list of basic points, which must be checked every day. A more thorough inspection can be carried out at regular intervals, for example weekly or monthly. The checks could include:

– fluid levels,

– brakes,

– battery,

– lights, brake lights and indicators,

– tires

– and more.

The most efficient way of vehicle inspection

Federal law does not require drivers to use any specific form of inspection and reporting. Therefore modern drivers and other professionals prefer mobile inspection forms and apps, which are much more convenient, reliable and agile than paper forms. Today vehicle inspection apps are an essential tool. Read about their benefits and the reasons to use here.

Snappii is a long-standing and strong player in the business app market. We cover a plenty of industries and fields of activity. Vehicle inspection is one of the areas we focus on. Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles, including heavy and not heavy ones. With this vehicle inspection app, drivers can be sure in the vehicles and their safety before taking to the road. Moreover, Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app allows users to instantly generate PDF and Excel reports and email them. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Snappii team can customize it to meet any specific needs. Contact us here if you need any modification of this vehicle inspection app.

Never overlook the importance of vehicle inspection as it could save your life and the lives of others. And Snappii will always assist you with it.

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