3 Main Approaches to Mobile App Analytics

3 Main Approaches to Mobile App Analytics

3 Main Approaches to Mobile App Analytics According to the recent data by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the market of mobile apps is going to keep getting bigger, and, by 2017, there will be over 268 billion downloads. That said, due to the intense competition in the modern mobile app market, it is not enough just to know how many people download your app. Instead, you also need to learn how, when, where and by what kind of audience your app is used. That is why mobile app analytics is key to remaining competitive and keep demand for your app.

Analytics is a key to app optimization

Josh Todd, CMO of Localytics, an analytics provider, “says that it’s crucial for digital content providers to invest in optimizing their mobile analytics to garner key insights into who their users are and how they’re behaving in your app, which can result in better engagement, retention and conversion”.

Mobile app analytics consists of several approaches.

– Business-related approach

This approach helps to track the status of the app from a business perspective. Such metrics as conversion, retention, engagement rates, etc. can directly show app’s impact on the business.

– User experience approach

The approach focuses directly on the user experience and helps to figure out what features of the app are used heavily or rarely and what users want to get from the app.

– App operation approach

This approach entails the analysis of the app operation generally, for example data on any crash, bugs or bad behavior. This analytics helps to prevent the problem with minimal disruption of the user experience.

Lauren Moores, vice president of strategy for Dstillery, ad analytics and targeting company, says, “Publishing an app without utilizing mobile analytics is similar to throwing up a website without any site tracking”. All things considered, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that mobile app analytics in some way supports the viability of your app. And using the analytics with multilateral approaches will give you even more advantages in app optimization.

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