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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Build Your Own Business App with Snappii Codeless Mobile App Development Platform

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, having a mobile app is no longer a luxury but a necessity. However, for many entrepreneurs and small businesses, the cost and complexity of app development can be a major barrier. Enter Snappii, a revolutionary codeless mobile app development platform that empowers individuals and businesses to create their own apps quickly, affordably, and without the need for extensive coding expertise.

The Snappii Advantage:

1. Codeless Development:

One of the most significant advantages of Snappii is its codeless development environment. Traditional app development often requires a deep understanding of programming languages, making it inaccessible for many entrepreneurs. Snappii changes the game by providing an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows users to design and build their apps without writing a single line of code.

2. Speedy Deployment:

Time is money in the business world, and Snappii understands the urgency of getting your app into the hands of users. With its streamlined development process, you can go from concept to a fully functional app in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional development methods. Snappii accelerates the development cycle, ensuring that your app is ready to launch when you need it.

3. Affordability:

Traditional app development can be costly, often requiring significant financial resources. Snappii offers an affordable alternative, allowing entrepreneurs with tight budgets to bring their app ideas to life. By eliminating the need for a dedicated development team and reducing development time, Snappii ensures that cost is no longer a barrier to entry for aspiring app creators.

Building Your App with Snappii:

Step 1: Sign Up

Getting started with Snappii is as simple as signing up for an account. Once registered, users can explore the Guru Editor if they want to create a mobile app from scratch, or choose from a variety of pre-built mobile form templates tailored to different industries. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, construction, or any other sector, Snappii has a mobile forms template that can serve as a foundation for your app.

Step 2: Customize with Drag-and-Drop Elements

Snappii’s user-friendly interface allows for easy customization of your chosen mobile form template. Add features, design elements, and functionality with a simple drag-and-drop process. You have the flexibility to tailor your app to meet your unique business needs without the headache of coding complexities.

Step 3: Test and Launch

Before launching your app to the public, Snappii provides a testing environment to ensure that everything works seamlessly. Once satisfied with the functionality and design, you can publish your app to major app stores or distribute it internally to your team.

Real-world Success Stories:

Numerous businesses have already leveraged Snappii to create successful apps for various purposes:

Great Value! I was able to get my app built for 1/4 of the cost had I built it from scratch. And if anything happens, the Snappii team address my problems right away. It’s also a very flexible platform that allows me to customize the app in a number of different ways.”

Field Service Apps: Streamline field operations with custom apps that enable real-time communication, data collection, and reporting.

Sales and Marketing Apps: Enhance customer engagement with apps designed for sales presentations, product catalogs, and marketing campaigns.

Safety and Compliance Apps: Ensure workplace safety and regulatory compliance with tailored apps that facilitate inspections, incident reporting, and training.

Explore ready-made mobile apps from Snappii. The majority can be customized to your specific business needs.

Snappii’s codeless mobile app development platform is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking a fast, affordable, and accessible solution for creating their own apps. By eliminating the barriers of coding complexity and high development costs, Snappii empowers individuals to turn their app dreams into reality. Take the leap into the world of mobile apps with Snappii and watch your business thrive in the digital age.

Create Native Mobile Apps like a Developer with a no-code App Platform

Mobile apps are essential in today’s digital world. With the increasing demand for digitalization of business processes, going away from paper-based schemes, saving time and money on daily operations and improving collaboration between teams, mobile apps have become an inevitable part of almost every business.

When it comes to creating a mobile app, the first step is to find a reliable mobile app developer who can bring your vision to life. While there are many competent developers available in the market today, they are often expensive and take several months to create even a simple app.

However, there is another option that has been gaining popularity in recent years — no-code app platforms. These platforms allow anyone with no to minimal technical knowledge to create their own customized native mobile apps within days or even hours using drag-and-drop editors. This makes it possible for entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited budgets to develop their own solutions without having to hire expensive developers or outsource the project overseas.

No-code app platforms provide a wide range of features that make development easier than ever before; from templated user interfaces with customizable themes and components like forms and charts, to integrations with third party services like databases and APIs for managing data; these platforms have everything you need for developing modern mobile applications quickly and efficiently. Moreover, these solutions are designed for all major operating systems — android & ios — making them incredibly versatile when it comes to compatibility requirements.

What’s more is that no-code app platforms also offer great analytics tools allowing users to measure key metrics such as user engagement levels or feature usage patterns which helps them make informed decisions while building out their applications further by adding new features or adjusting existing ones accordingly.

Overall, no-code app development provides an easy way for businesses of any size — from startups looking for quick solutions without spending too much money on development costs -to fortune 500 companies seeking faster time-to-market rates -to create native mobile apps just like any experienced developer would do but at a fraction of the cost!

Snappii has been in mobile app development business for over 12 years. Being one of the most powerful codeless app builder, Snappii provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. All are welcome to try this app builder at no cost.

What is the cost of mobile app development?

With the rise of smartphones, mobile apps have become a staple in our lives. They help us stay connected to our social media networks, give us directions, allow us to book appointments and so much more. Mobile apps for specific businesses allow users to submit daily reports in no time, collect critical data in the field and share it instantly with the head-office or the client, conduct detailed inspections without the need to drag cameras, clipboards and equipment with you, and so much more. Mobile app for companies help improve many vital processes. But have you ever wondered how much it costs to develop a mobile app?

There are a number of factors that go into setting the cost of developing a mobile app. These include the features you want your app to have, the experience of the app developers and the location of the development team.

Features. The cost of developing a mobile app will increase as you add more features to your app. This is because each feature will need to be designed, coded and tested before it can be included in your final product. So if you want your app to have a lot of bells and whistles, be prepared to pay for it. Also, make sure you understand the platform the app is built for: iOS, Android or web app.

App developer’s experience. The experience of the team developing your app will also affect its cost. If you hire a team of experienced developers, they will likely charge more than a team of less experienced developers. However, experienced developers will also be able to get your project done faster and with fewer mistakes.

Location of development team. The location of the team developing your app can also affect its cost. If you hire a team based in Silicon valley, they will likely charge more than a team based in India or eastern Europe. This is because labor costs are higher in Silicon valley than in other parts of the world.

Anyway, prior to choosing a mobile app developer, make sure you ask yourself the key questions.

Snappii has created a mobile app development platform that allows anyone to quickly create a mobile app for your business without programming skills. Thanks to its powerful What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editor, mobile app creation is a breeze. Drag and drop elements and buttons, save and instantly preview the app on your mobile device. If you do not have the time to build the app yourself, send us your requirements, and our team of experienced app builders will come up with a quote. Since app development with Snappii is fast, it is also very affordable. Contact us for a free quote today.


Why Do You Need a Mobile App for Your Company?

Mobile apps have occupied a special place in our lives. Mobile apps market is growing at enormous pace. According to Statista, there are over 6 billion smartphone users, which means that 83% of the World population have a smartphone. This opens up a wide variety of opportunities for the companies to interact with their users via a mobile app. There are lots of reasons why companies strive to have a mobile app. Firstly, it is a direct communication channel with the customers. Businesses can send push notification to their clients mentioning deals and special offers, not to mention company news and product updates.

Secondly, mobile apps help companies collect data about their clients’ behavior. Such information can be used to improve service and conduct targeted marketing activities.

Another bonus of a mobile app is the way it helps increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to interact with a mobile app that they have downloaded than with the website or a social media page.

That’s a B2C app (Business to Consumer). A B2B (Business to Business) mobile app would have different goals. For example, business apps help speed up and automate many processes. Additionally, they help speed up decision making and improve collaboration between the teams.

“We had our App developed by SNAPPII, one of my favorite features is the flexibility of the development team and app to assemble an simple piece of software that is both easy to use and performs the critical tasks required. The SNAPPI team, from sales to development are nothing if not wonderful to work with. Their support is top notch, they thoroughly understand your project, and they follow through.”

~Bryan R.

Operations Manager

Join successful holders of mobile business apps. Snappii offers fast and affordable mobile app development thanks to its codeless app development platform. If you are considering building a mobile app, contact us today. We will help you make your idea reality.


Your Checklist to Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Are you thinking of developing a mobile app for your business but not sure how to begin? Hiring a mobile app developer to create a custom business app might be a great idea. But how do you find an ideal app developer and what costs are involved? Here are a few pieces of advice to help you:

  1. Determine your goals. What do you want to achieve with a custom business app? Do you want to grow sales? Do you want to increase client interaction? Anything else? Setting up a clear goal will help you choose the right functions for the mobile app and help measure your success.
  2. Conduct a research. All mobile app developers are different. Some of them specialize on specific apps only while the others are more flexible. Read online feedback and take a look at the portfolio to have a better understanding of each developer’s skills.
  3. Get a quote from several mobile app developers. After you have narrowed down the options, collect pricing offers. Don’t forget to ask about their experience, costs and project development timelines.
  4. Make sure you are on the same page. Sign a contract prior to hiring a mobile app developer. The contract must distinctly state the scope of work and the results. This will help escape any problems in future.

Spending some time looking for a proper mobile app developer and identifying clear expectations, you can rest assured your mobile business app will be successful in helping to achieve all your goals.

Snappii has over 11 years of experience in developing custom mobile app for business. With thousands of happy customers around the Globe, Snappii has earned a brand that is stable, reliable and customer-oriented. Snappii can create a custom mobile business app in a matter of days thanks to its codeless mobile app development platform. Since it takes less time to create a mobile business app, the development cost with Snappii will be lower than hiring a developer.

You can take a look at some apps that Snappii has created for many industries here. If you think that one of these apps can be adjusted to your business needs, we can customize it. The majority of Snappii apps can be tailored to your needs. Contact Snappii for a free quote here.

Mobile Field Service Apps – the Solution Moving Forward

Mobile Field Service Apps - the Solution Moving ForwardThe source of much-needed agility

Field service organizations have always been early adopters of mobile technology due to its agility. Even laptop computers can’t contend with the unparalleled convenience and untethered freedom that comes with mobile solutions. Mobile technologies are developing rapidly and the field service industry is finding more and more new ways to use these changes to its advantage.

Among the main benefits field service organizations get from mobile solutions are:

– Better control over field operations

– Streamlined management

– Increased efficiency and productivity

– Increased accuracy and timeliness

– Better engagement and communication

– Proactive maintenance

– Acceleration of the entire workflow

– Customer expansion

– Cost saving

The affordability of modern mobile field service solutions

Some field service organizations still fear outdated concepts of the high cost of mobile solutions and the difficulties of their implementation. However, modern mobile business software providers never tire of refuting such thoughts and providing solutions for companies of all sizes and incomes. Snappii is one of such mobile business app developers offering powerful and affordable products for various fields of activity.

Ready-made field service apps

Thanks to the accumulated experience, constant improvement and high-class technologies, today Snappii can offer several mobile solutions for the field service industry. First of all, it should be noted the impressive gallery of ready-made field service apps. They cover such activities as inspections, time tracking, reporting, estimation, inventory, work assigning, management, and more. Field service apps provide organized, efficient and successful work with various data in the field.

App customization

The next beneficial solution is app customization. The Snappii team is ready to modify the most of ready-made field service apps to meet some specific business needs. This allows customers to keep well-established aspects of their operation and improve them. All requirements of customization can be sent here.

Custom app development

Moreover, Snappii is the leading business app development company and has been creating custom feature-rich apps from scratch for 10 years. If a company needs a personal field service app, the Snappii team is ready to discuss any needs and ideas. “Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality. With every request I put forward and some with very complicated codes and algorithms, the Snappii Team has always pulled through.  I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”.  Regardless of what I asked of Snappii they always tried,” says Robert Gulino, Director of Procurement Modern Niagara Toronto Inc.

Stay ahead of the curve with Snappii’s mobile field service solutions.

The Highlights of Custom App Development

The Highlights of Custom App DevelopmentAs the demand for mobile business apps continues to grow, so does the market of companies developing them. The apps engineered to provide a highly-tailored experience and containing specific functionality to meet the unique needs of businesses are the most popular nowadays.

What to look for

Choosing the right custom app development company is a key decision that will significantly influence its success. Besides a stable performance, the app users should get an adequate, user-friendly, and intuitive UI. Moreover, the development process itself and clear interaction between customers and developers are extremely important.

Snappii is a powerful custom app development company that has been operating in this field for 10 years and meets all the most demanded requests. We are a high-performing, talented team to bring the most ideas to life. “Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality. I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”.  Regardless of what I asked of Snappii they always tried,” says Robert Gulino, from Modern Niagara Toronto about the work with Snappii. What main features help us to be at our best and provide high-quality solutions?

Lightning-fast custom app development process. Thanks to the codeless system of app creation, Snappii makes apps in weeks, not months.

Great practice and development of unique skills. Snappii works with plenty of industries and this way, we have excellent experience in developing specific functionality.

Affordability. This advantage follows the above. The speed and excellent skill base allow the custom app development by Snappii to be extremely affordable and not require huge financial investments.

Excellent support. It is important for us to be in touch with customers throughout the development process and clearly follow all requirements.

If the above interests you and you would like to discuss the development of your custom business app, contact us here. We are glad to answer all your questions.

How to Get a Powerful Custom Business App without a Huge Investment of Time and Money

How to Get a Powerful Custom Business App without a Huge Investment of Time and MoneyMobile business apps are useful tools to organize and manage a business, increase income, and help customers. The demand for technological solutions’ development and the corresponding offers go hand in hand. However, it is quite a difficult task to find a team of decent developers that can come up with innovative, high quality, fast, affordable, and custom solutions that will really work for a specific business.

A stumbling block for businesses

There is usually a dilemma: to give preference to easy-to-implement and affordable ready-made mobile apps that could be too generalized and don’t completely meet your needs or order a custom business app development that is quite a long and expensive process. This often becomes a stumbling block for various businesses.

Customization as a favorable compromise

Snappii offers a great way to have a custom business app without a huge investment of time and money thanks to using its existing solutions as a base and customizing them to any specific needs. App customization is more affordable and faster than creating an app from scratch. Moreover, already proven solutions are of better quality and more advantageous. Here is what Snappii’s customers say about their collaboration:

“Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality. I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”. The most important factor for my team when choosing a business partner is that no matter how complicated the request, Snappii has always presented a work-around and a solution.”

Robert Gulino, Modern Niagara Toronto Inc.

“Snappii built the app with our requirements needed to reduce the handling of paper invoices and BOL for our customers. This is a wonderful app and a real time saver. Our company has gone from many paper items to ZERO paper needed for our purpose. We love it!”

Edwin Smutt, Elevation Transport

“Our whole experience of Snappii has been a pleasure, didn`t think it is possible to create such a professional app so quickly and easily!”

Colin Stokes, Adiuvo

“Snappii has been a game-changer for our home care agency. We honestly could not run our business at this time without our Snappii App!”

John Bennett, Sunny Days In-Home Care

Now is the best time to get a powerful custom business app. We will make it based on our ready-made mobile apps, functionality, and the existing PDF forms and reports using by our customer. We are ready to discuss all requirements and provide a quote.

How to Get the Great Business App for Field Data Management without Huge Effort and Costs

How to Get the Great Business App for Field Data Management without Huge Effort and CostsManaging data in an organized and systematic manner is essential for field businesses. An efficient data management system is a system where data can be easily and quickly collected, processed, shared, organized, appropriately stored, and provides constant access to it. Modern business apps can provide all of these. However, ready-made business apps for work with field data usually have too generalized features. And ordering a custom business app development is an expensive and long process. However, we know the way to let you don’t waste your time and money and start efficient field data management as soon as possible.

The best way to get a business app you need

Snappii offers an app customization solution. You just choose the most suitable app from our gallery of ready-made apps and we customize it to meet your specific needs. We can do it almost with all Snappii’s apps. Snappii apps cover plenty of industries and fields of activity and provide a great set of features for field data management.

Here are some words from our successful customers:

“Our field staff is able to collect documents and have them emailed to our office staff and stored in our cloud instantaneously. This has saved our company both time and money. It has enabled us to scale our business at a rapid rate. We have grown quickly enough to be an Inc. 5000 company four years in a row, that wouldn’t be possible without Snappii.”

John Bennett, Executive Director, Sunny Days In-Home Care, Inc.

“Snappii built the app with our requirements needed to reduce the handling of paper invoices and BOL for our customers. This is a real time saver all the way around. Our drivers are able to send the electronic document from where ever they are in the USA. Make the office reduce time with not having to manually go through stacks of paper when drivers return to the home terminal. This company has gone from many paper items to 0 paper needed for our purpose. We love it.”

Edwin Smutt, Elevation Transport

“The main idea for the application was to convert the existing paper forms we use on a daily basis. We needed to organize Timesheets, Pipe test reports, HVAC and Plumbing sheets, as well as track job on-site daily reports. We’re really happy with the progress. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it. We receive a convenient PDF output that’s stored in the app and also can be shared via email, cloud drives, and printed if needed.”

Steven Koski, Outside Labor Superintendent/Safety Officer, Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

If you are ready to consider custom business app development from scratch, it is a more available solution with Snappii than with other app development companies. We offer shorter development times and a more affordable price. Just contact us to discuss this, ask any questions and get more detailed information and pricing.

Top Technological Trends in Field Service Industry

Top Technological Trends in Field Service IndustryField services are open to implementing technological innovations

The constant implementation of new developments and technologies has contributed substantially to the fact that a lot of businesses offering field services have increased their specific weight on the market and the revenue. Bearing all of this state of affairs in mind, nowadays the experts predict the following trends in the field service:

Mobile apps. Using mobile apps contributes to improving technicians’ efficiency, accelerating and improving work with field data, reducing the response times of the company in dealing with requests from their customers, improving the quality of reporting and its optimization, reducing the cost of document management and more. It is a great opportunity to increase the productivity of the entire company. Learn more about the benefits mobile apps can provide to the field service businesses in this blog post.

Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is able to cover some processes that the technicians themselves cannot complete. Also, this is a great opportunity to increase the pace and efficiency of work. For example, voice-activated intelligent assistants, as well as controllers of service processes and data processors allow specialists to work smarter, better quality and with significant savings in time, money and resources.

Drones and robots. Drones are usually used to review and monitor areas that are difficult to access. They allow specialists to get a great amount of detailed, accurate and timely data and thereby improve the service. Robot assistants are quite popular for mechanical tasks or risk environments for humans. They bring additional, extremely useful features, which have already been evaluated by some field service companies.

3D printing. 3D printing technology cuts the necessity to order parts for repair from suppliers. This way, it contributes to streamlining repairs and agile service. Moreover, it is an opportunity to save costs.

Want to be on top? Contact Snappii

It is not by chance that we put the mobile apps in the first place on the list above. According to the stats, 48% of organizations are already on board with some form of field service management software. A smartphone is what almost every person has in his pocket today. So field service apps are a rapidly growing trend now. Snappii has been working in this direction for several years. Today we offer some multifunctional ready-made field service apps, which will be helpful for daily operations. Find them here and feel free to try. Most of these apps can be customized to meet your specific requirements. You can send them to us and get a free quote. Moreover, Snappii’s team of high-quality professionals is able to create any field service app from scratch. We will discuss your needs and you will control the entire development process. Snappii is proud to be one of the leading business app development companies. Learn more about custom app development and start working with us here.

How to Increase Efficiency in the Workplace

How to Increase Efficiency in the WorkplaceIt is obvious, that if the employees of any business are happy, their productivity increases, and this is exactly what helps the business grow. Improving efficiency in the workplace starts from enabling employees to work smarter, not harder, as well as from maintaining and developing of such important factors as work environment, job satisfaction, effective leadership, right tools and equipment and more. The tips below will help find and implement the strategies of boosting employee engagement and increasing the efficiency of the workflow.


Delegation may provide some risk, however it increases responsibility of employees, what is important for improving the morale. This contributes to a sense of achievement and development in their careers. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to identify new talents and strengths of the team.

Flexible work hours and remote work

Flexible work hours may let employees work more efficient. Also it is worth considering the possibility of making some part or the entire team remote, or offering more work from home days. “Buffer, Edgar, Zapier and Groove are among many companies that run on fully remote teams. It’s more than just a trend. According to reports, using remote teams improves workplace productivity by 13 percent,” according to Entrepreneur.

Comfortable workplace conditions

Workplace should be not just safe but also comfortable for employees. Inconvenient environment distracts from concentration, and employees will spend more time trying to improve their conditions. Ensure both heating and air-conditioning systems are in working order, the workplace is clean, all equipment and tools are in good condition and in place, lighting complies with standards, etc.

Automation of tedious activities

There are some monotonous, laborious and time consuming tasks, which may not be related to immediate work activities. For example, paperwork. This tires employees and reduces their interest in progress and in increasing the efficiency of the workflow. Try to automate such operations. There are many technologies, which significantly excelled in this direction. Special mobile apps allow businesses almost completely eliminate paperwork and work with all documentation using mobile devices. This contributes to more fast, optimized and reliable work with various data, as well as provides a positive effect on the efficiency of all operations.

Why you should turn to Snappii

Snappii is an expert in transferring to paperless business. We offer unique solutions of developing custom apps for businesses and converting existing paper documents to their digital analogue. Learn more about DIY form conversion here and try it yourself. Also, Snappii team is ready to do it for you. Send us your forms and requirements here. Need a complete custom app for your business? You can send us your requirements to discuss.

Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Apps

Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform AppsThe app development market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, potentially becoming a 6.3 trillion dollar economy by 2021. Today business app developers focus on cross-platform mobile app development, and try to understand whether this will be the right and beneficial solution for companies. Native apps are usually fast and high performing. However for some businesses, developing several apps of different platforms for the same purpose is time-consuming, expensive and does not seem like efficient strategy. Cross-platform apps become a more reasonable choice for them in this context. Here are some pros and cons of choosing cross-platform app development.


Lower development costs

Businesses pay for a native app development. And further this cost will multiply for every native platform the app is coded for. With cross-platform apps, there is a single code for multiple platforms and it is reusable. This contributes to relatively lower costs during development.

Faster delivery to the market

In cross-platform apps changes have to be coded only once. All updates can be deployed and synced across every device at the same time. This contributes to faster delivery of different modifications to the market.

Wider reach of the audience

With cross-platform apps you can contact iOS and Android users at the same time. This will allow you to capture a larger share of the market faster, build a user base in a short time and see a more complete picture of business development.

Better Cloud integration

Cross-platform apps can be easily integrated with cloud settings. Only one source code needs to be coordinated. This enhances a compatibility with any plugins and extensions.


More time for code maintenance

Most of apps should be updated each time any OS is updated to keep compatibility. Also, after the update, the compatibility should be tested with all the platforms the app is running on. This requires some time.

Low flexibility

While coding for multiple platforms, developers invariably lose access to certain features of the OS, API’s and the device. Certain features of all platforms should be dropped out to provide features that are supported on every device. Full integration and flexibility are sacrificed.

Restrictions in graphics

When it comes to heavily graphic reliant apps, cross-platform apps may be not the best solution. Developers may face severe restrictions on the 3D graphics or complex graphical user interfaces. Apps may not have access to core graphics libraries, and it will have an impact on performance.

Security concerns

Cross-platform apps can be vulnerable to threats that affect different platforms in different ways. Also, all cross-platform apps that deal with user or corporate data have to be compliant to security features for all the platforms it runs on. This is not an easy task.

Considering app development for your business? Snappii can become your leader in this process. We create powerful business apps for a plenty of industries for about 10 year. Our customers appreciate us for the highest standards, rapid and cost effective work, agility, excellent support and high quality of service. Snappii has helped hundreds of companies. Contact us to learn more and discuss your requirements.


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