5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

for blogThe ways we interact with computer technology are changing. Fewer and fewer consumers are purchasing desktop computers or laptops. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming increasingly appealing to us. And this is not surprising given more affordable costs and the convenience the latter ones offer. Now with the convenience of our mobile devices we are checking and writing emails, reading books, making purchases and bank deposits, just to name a few.

Like consumer world, businesses are rapidly moving from software to more flexible mobile business apps. They are now asking app developers to create low-cost, user-friendly, and smart mobile business apps, like the ones installed on their mobile devices for personal use. What is more, businesses are looking for agile mobile business apps that can evolve forever, constantly adjusting to the ever-growing consumer and business demands.

What forces are driving these changes?

1. Mobile business apps are becoming an indispensable part of successful business by helping run it more efficiently.

As we all know, lowing costs and increasing efficiency and productivity is the primary goal of any business.  Not surprisingly, businesses that deal with collecting and accessing information on the go or in the field (construction, inspection, real estate, oil & gas industries, etc) are taking a full advantage of ready-made or custom-built mobile business apps. This allows them to make sure that everyone receives the latest information and as a result gives them a competitive edge in this ever-changing world.

2. Mobile business apps help generate more income.

Mobile business apps can easily provide another revenue channel by offering subscriptions, in-app advertisements, and so much more.

3. Mobile business apps are an extension of the business.

Now mobile business apps allow companies to perform certain functions regardless of the location of their representatives or clients. For example, Construction Daily Log or Camera2PDF let construction workers capture all essential site information and then instantly deliver it to the supervisor or coworkers via an email. iBillable Hours App allows creating and emailing invoices anytime, anywhere. Trade Show Leads Collection app makes the process of generating leads as effortless as it could ever be.

4. Mobile business apps simplify marketing.

Mobile business apps allow companies to keep in touch with their clients and notify them of any new services and offers. Take push notifications for example. Why not keep your clients updated about your news or most recent offers this super easy and convenient way?

5. Mobile business apps promote branding.

With a customized app, any business can easily reinforce its brand by using the same logo, visual identity, and wording.

What about you? Are you on the bandwagon yet? You won’t believe how little separates you from boosting your company’s productivity, efficiency, lowering costs, acquiring more customers, and gaining other benefits. Did you know that Snappii can customize an app for you or create one from scratch? Visit us at snappii.com, email us at sales@snappii.com, or call us at 603 651 0666

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