Airlines Keep Going Mobile

Airlines Keep Going Mobile

for blogAirlines industry is one of the largest investors in technology solutions. Keeping up with huge amounts of flights performed and airlines operations conducted daily is a serious challenge that obliges companies to spend millions on information technology. Still, with rapid development of mobile industry, devices and applications, mobile solutions turned out to be a technology panacea.

The history of airlines utilizing mobile solutions is not really new: with passenger, airport workers and cargo spread over huge airport territories, having up-to-date information has always been essential. Mobile devices were often used for tracking, monitoring and updating data. Airlines were actively leveraging the mobile communication channels as well – to engage the customer, communicate and collaborate. Having started with Short Message Services (SMS), the communication system soon developed into full-value mobile applications and websites capable to meet various service needs. The basic and the first-to-appear solutions included some customer-side options like booking tickets, check-ins, flight status updates, loyalty management services and more, while the new areas implemented today are mostly focused on the inner usage and include crew management, in-flight services and flight operations.

With ongoing mobilizations process, many airlines endeavored to find some cost-effective mobile solutions capable to use already existing IT infrastructure without spoiling business operations process. Service-oriented architecture and web based services aimed at the backend allowed airlines to leverage legacy infrastructure for different channels, including mobile phones. Such mobile solutions have not only been extremely cost-effective and time-saving, but involved less development efforts.

Today large companies, including those in airlines industry, are recognizing the strategic importance of mobile technology and allowing employees to use mobile devices for both personal and professional use. Leveraging BYODs and the fact that the biggest part of airlines’ revenue comes from customers, contribute to the necessity of developing an enterprise mobile strategy and creating mobile applications for both customers and inner usage. Thus, besides having some customer-side mobile business apps, many airlines have introduced or are preparing to introduce mobile devices for cabin crew to reduce the complicated paper based/manual operations in performing their daily operations.

What are the benefits airlines operations can have if going mobile?

  • – Complete overview of the business in real time;
  • – Flexibility to manage tasks such as charting maps, capturing logbook information and reviewing manuals;
  • – Access flight charts, fleet manuals, crew bulletins, training materials etc;
  • – Deliver ready access to passenger information;
  • – Informing the crew about passenger’s requirements and their preferences;
  • – Improve productivity and customer services ;
  • – Increase brand value;

Understanding the importance and convenience of airlines mobile solutions, Snappii MEAP is a real alternative to hiring in-demand, cross platform developers or outsourcing mobile app development to unknown or potentially unreliable companies. It allows dramatically accelerate app-creating process by taking advantage of not having to re-write code for the same features on different applications and focusing on coding enhancements to the platform for business-specific needs.

Using Snappii any business can have a fully customized airlines app in days, not months. It is a profitable solution for those who care about their business.

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