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How Mobile apps for construction help improve job-site processes

Mobile apps for construction are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a number of advantages over traditional methods. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to speed up decision making thanks to improved communication between the teams. There is no need to drive from the job site to the office to get approval from the customer to perform a construction change, and vice versa. Amazing, how mobile apps save time! The customer can open up a mobile app to review the suggested changes and sign off the change order. This way, mobile apps for construction drastically speed up the entire workflow.

Another benefit of mobile apps is paperless processes. No more daily reports on paper. Everything is done via apps, which not only saves time, but also reduces clutter and makes it easier to track progress. In addition to these advantages, mobile apps can also help improve safety on construction sites. With real-time updates and alerts, workers can be made aware of potential hazards as soon as they arise and take steps to avoid them. Apps can also be used to track safety incidents and near-misses, so that lessons can be learned and steps taken to prevent future accidents. Overall, mobile apps offer a number of benefits for both construction companies and their employees, making them an essential tool for anyone working in the industry.

Snappii is a leader in mobile apps for construction. iOS & Android Mobile Construction Apps are used to:

  • Improve collaboration in the Field and between the Field and the Office
  • Quickly Replace Exiting Paper Forms with Digital Forms
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Apps Cover all aspects of Construction:  People,  Equipment and Inventory

Most Snappii apps can be modified to fit the specific needs of a business. Contact us for a free app demo here. Snappii has created mobile apps for many construction companies. You can check out the case study here.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App for Your Company?

Mobile apps have occupied a special place in our lives. Mobile apps market is growing at enormous pace. According to Statista, there are over 6 billion smartphone users, which means that 83% of the World population have a smartphone. This opens up a wide variety of opportunities for the companies to interact with their users via a mobile app. There are lots of reasons why companies strive to have a mobile app. Firstly, it is a direct communication channel with the customers. Businesses can send push notification to their clients mentioning deals and special offers, not to mention company news and product updates.

Secondly, mobile apps help companies collect data about their clients’ behavior. Such information can be used to improve service and conduct targeted marketing activities.

Another bonus of a mobile app is the way it helps increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to interact with a mobile app that they have downloaded than with the website or a social media page.

That’s a B2C app (Business to Consumer). A B2B (Business to Business) mobile app would have different goals. For example, business apps help speed up and automate many processes. Additionally, they help speed up decision making and improve collaboration between the teams.

“We had our App developed by SNAPPII, one of my favorite features is the flexibility of the development team and app to assemble an simple piece of software that is both easy to use and performs the critical tasks required. The SNAPPI team, from sales to development are nothing if not wonderful to work with. Their support is top notch, they thoroughly understand your project, and they follow through.”

~Bryan R.

Operations Manager

Join successful holders of mobile business apps. Snappii offers fast and affordable mobile app development thanks to its codeless app development platform. If you are considering building a mobile app, contact us today. We will help you make your idea reality.


Your Checklist to Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Are you thinking of developing a mobile app for your business but not sure how to begin? Hiring a mobile app developer to create a custom business app might be a great idea. But how do you find an ideal app developer and what costs are involved? Here are a few pieces of advice to help you:

  1. Determine your goals. What do you want to achieve with a custom business app? Do you want to grow sales? Do you want to increase client interaction? Anything else? Setting up a clear goal will help you choose the right functions for the mobile app and help measure your success.
  2. Conduct a research. All mobile app developers are different. Some of them specialize on specific apps only while the others are more flexible. Read online feedback and take a look at the portfolio to have a better understanding of each developer’s skills.
  3. Get a quote from several mobile app developers. After you have narrowed down the options, collect pricing offers. Don’t forget to ask about their experience, costs and project development timelines.
  4. Make sure you are on the same page. Sign a contract prior to hiring a mobile app developer. The contract must distinctly state the scope of work and the results. This will help escape any problems in future.

Spending some time looking for a proper mobile app developer and identifying clear expectations, you can rest assured your mobile business app will be successful in helping to achieve all your goals.

Snappii has over 11 years of experience in developing custom mobile app for business. With thousands of happy customers around the Globe, Snappii has earned a brand that is stable, reliable and customer-oriented. Snappii can create a custom mobile business app in a matter of days thanks to its codeless mobile app development platform. Since it takes less time to create a mobile business app, the development cost with Snappii will be lower than hiring a developer.

You can take a look at some apps that Snappii has created for many industries here. If you think that one of these apps can be adjusted to your business needs, we can customize it. The majority of Snappii apps can be tailored to your needs. Contact Snappii for a free quote here.

How to accelerate daily report collection

Employees have to submit their reports describing tasks completion and hours spent on each task every day. After a long hard day at work it takes even more time to remember what exactly was done. In order not to miss a thing, the employee sits down and reconstructs the day from the first minute of the shift. Often there are cases when the employee is in a hurry to leave work as soon as possible, so daily reports can be left out and forgotten.

In order to prevent such unpleasant situations, the manager has to remind employees to keep records of their activities, and sometimes, to make it even easier for the employee, the manager fills in the daily reports for employees. After all, the manager has to generate consolidated reports and provide them to boss or client.

Snappii has created a few mobile apps to help keep good records of daily activities. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Construction Daily Log App. This app is suitable for construction workers in the field. The app helps save 60 minutes per day on daily reporting! The Construction Daily Log app consists of a one-page collapsed form. Choose which sections you need to fill in and submit the report in seconds. No need to type, hit the mic and speak your answers. Saves time tremendously! The Construction Daily Log app is available for free download from Apple and Google Stores.

Daily Activity and Time Reporting. This app is meant for the supervisors and managers who have to report daily on tasks accomplished and time for employees or contractors. Easily log in hours each employee has spent to complete a task. Calculate total hours and email a report to the office. The Daily Activity and Time Reporting app can be downloaded from Apple and Google store.

My Daily Report App. The last but not least from our list of daily reporting apps is the app that helps employees submit professional daily reports from anywhere in seconds. The app is simple and has the option to add notes and a couple of photos. It takes just a few moments to fill in the daily report and share with anybody. My Daily Report app is available for free download from Apple and Google store.

Daily reporting should be simple and easy, and of course, require minimum time. Snappii understands the speed of life and offers its mobile solutions to every industry. Accelerate daily reporting and spend more time doing real job. Talk to us if you want to see any app demo.

Keep vehicle inspection under control with a simple Mobile app

Regular inspection is one of the top activities to ensure the vehicle is safe to operate and use. Other than checking the main components of a vehicle, inspection process needs to track repairs and answer a few questions: is it time to sunset the vehicle and buy a new one? Are repairs costing more than the vehicle is worth? Also, a vehicle inspection is supposed to help understand when basic maintenance is due.

Usually, it takes several hours to perform a vehicle inspection. These paper forms require detailed filling with pen. The inspector has to take photos with a camera and put down the notes on paper. No wonder paper vehicle inspections have become a nightmare for all inspectors. Handwritten forms are hard to read, they get lost, it takes time to take them to the office, besides, they require file cabinets for storage. Don’t mention the time it takes to find a particular paper form.

Snappii understands the pain of the inspectors and helps companies inspect vehicles fast and accurate with its Vehicle Inspection app. It only takes a few minutes to perform the inspection. The app has the following features:

  • Perform pre and post trips inspections
  • Inspect both exterior and interior of vehicles
  • Collect inspector’s information and dates
  • Calculate mileage covered
  • Report damages to the mechanic
  • Upload created reports to cloud drives or print them
  • Work offline in areas with limited coverage
  • Save time and reduce expenses

As soon as the vehicle inspection has been completed, it is stored on device for easy 24/7 access. The inspections can be shared via the means available on a device: cloud drives, iMessage, messengers, etc. Having all the inspections at your fingertips on a mobile device helps rest assured no form is getting lost. In case of an accident quickly provide proof of regular inspections. A mobile device is always at hand. No need to drag piles of papers with you. The Vehicle Inspection app is available for free download from Apple here and Google Store here.

The Vehicle Inspection App from Snappii can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business. We understand that some inspection forms vary. Customization is very affordable and fast. Contact us with any questions you may have here.

How Schools can Automate Paper Forms

Schools deal with gazillion of paper files. Surprisingly, students’ essays and other homework tasks are not the main part of school paper storage. What is? Bills, inspections, permission slips, HR documents. Here’s the list of top 5 school documentation flows that can be automated.

  1. Bills and receipts

Schools receive and pay the bills, and they also need to store them. Electricity, gas, heating and cooling systems, and water are sometimes split into several utility bills. Once paid, the bills are stored to be retrieved in case of inspections. Storing bills and receipts takes space and much time sorting out and searching for the required bill.

  1. Invoices

Another part of the paper forms is taken by invoices. Schools receive invoices for the services they require, for example, when they need maintenance or service from a third party, such as food delivery. All the paid invoices are stored separately from the bills listed above, and they also require accurate storage. Just imagine the amount of paper needed to print the invoices. Additionally, hard copies of invoices can get damaged or lost while mobile invoices are securely protected and can be accessed by an authorized person 24/7.

  1. Inspections and Inventories

Schools have to perform a regular inspection of just about everything: fire hydrant inspections, safety inspections, food inspections, classroom inventories and more. Certainly, a piece of paper is required for these activities. Automating paper inspections and inventories is the way to a paperless future and the ability to process inspections and inventories faster, which results in accelerated decision making.

  1. Permissions slips

Can students forge permission slips? Can parents forget to provide one? Can a teacher lose it? The answer to all is Yes. With the advent of mobile technologies, it takes just a second to take a photo of a handwritten permission slip and share it with the teacher. Exclude paper permission slips to make sure it is 100% accurate and will never get lost.

  1. HR documents

Employment contracts, sick leaves, vendor contracts, vacations, payments and many other documents can replace paper in favor of mobile forms and apps. Digital signatures have been used by many organizations all over the world, which helps not only accelerate the documentation flow but also cut down the paper chase. No need to drive to the HR office specifically to sign a form when there is a mobile app allowing you to do so. Another benefit is the availability during the audit.

Fortunately, these can be automated with the DocuMate Scanner app from Snappii. By scanning, taking a photo or uploading a document, schools save hours of work, ditch paperwork for good and help the environment. The app uses AI to understand what’s there in the photo or scanned document, so typing just a few letters will show the document you are looking for.  The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store here.

After all, school is supposed to set an example. Starting from such a thing as document management will eventually bring fruitful results: accelerate workflow, improve productivity, focus on real work instead of paperwork. Mobile technologies are already here, let’s integrate them into the school system.

How to End up the Paperwork?

Every business has to deal with paper documents. Medical institutions deal with patient cards and recipes, restaurants deal with bills and menu, lawyers deal with legal documentation, schools deal with paper tests, homework and curriculum, even construction business deals with paperwork: change orders, job estimates, equipment inspections and more are done on paper. With the expansion of the digital age, writing and printing papers are slowly declining, however, many companies still operate many processes on paper.

What are the disadvantages of paper documentation flow?

Paper is a very fragile instrument to deal with. In fact, it can get lost or be damaged easily, it takes time to sort and store, and even more time to find the particular piece of document you need right now. Nevertheless, companies keep wasting time, effort and money on paper workflow. Why is that happening? Many people are used to working the old-fashioned way and don’t want to change anything. Others think that transitioning from paper-based processes to digital processes is time-consuming. Once they sit and put down all the disadvantages of paper, they start thinking towards mobile forms and apps that do the same only are safer, faster and are more reliable than paper.

Mobile forms VS. paper forms

One of the best benefits of paper forms is that they are always available to you 24/7. They can be accessed on a mobile device that is an indispensable part of any human being these days. Really, a person who remembers to have left a mobile phone, returns almost immediately. Would you remember you forgot one piece of paper from the bulk of papers you have grabbed with you? We do not think so.

Secondly, mobile forms can be filled out anywhere and instantly passed to your client for review and signature. With paper forms, you will never get that speed. It takes time to drive the paper form to the office to sign and then drive it back and keep for your records.

Another benefit is that mobile forms are stored in the cloud forever and can never be lost. Secure your forms with pass-codes and rest assured no one will ever get to them without your permission. Can you gain that with paper forms? Anyone can sneak to the office and view the paper documents, steal them or throw them away.

Now, to the office management. Stacks of paper require proper filing and storage. One person spends several hours per day organizing paper documents. This has to stay in the past.

The solution

Modern mobile technologies allow us to scan any paper, sign and edit it, share instantly and store in the cloud forever. Then quickly find when needed. Snappii has created a mobile app called DocuMate Scanner app – it is a life-saver for every business that deals with paper documents. The app allows its users to scan, upload or take a picture of a document, sign it, share, store and find using just a few letters. No more office trips, no more clipboards, no more wasted time and paper expenses. One tiny app is a great pocket tool for office management activities. The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store.

Other than that, Snappii helps businesses switch from paper forms to mobile forms fast and affordable. Learn more here.

How Codeless Mobile App Development Platforms Accelerate App Creation

The majority of businesses understand the necessity of mobile business apps. Mobile apps for business help speed up communication between the teams, significantly reduce paperwork, improve daily operations, speed up invoicing, estimates, inspections, etc. A mobile app developer charges you tens of thousands of dollars and delivers the app from 6 months. That’s too long. Your competition is already likely using a mobile app for their business, so there is no time to wait.

You can turn your eyes towards codeless mobile app development platforms. Codeless mobile application development platforms are gaining a mounting presence in the app development market. And the number of such platforms is increasing rapidly. Custom mobile app development is no longer a costly privilege. With codeless mobile app development platforms, the cost of app development is dropping because of the time spent and the resources.

So what’s a codeless mobile app development platform?

Usually, it is a website with a visual drag and drop editor. The users can select a ready-made template for their interest, then select the colors and overall look and feel of the app and fill it with their content. Along with the customizable templates, these platforms allow users to create apps from scratch using a blank canvas. The codeless app development platform offers various tabs and buttons for every business need.

The process looks like this. The user visually creates a mobile app. The app can be live-previewed on a mobile device. The Platform uses a native preview app that is installed on a user’s device. Once the changes to the app are made, the preview app is catching the latest updates. As soon as the user is pleased with the result, the app can be submitted to Apple and Google Stores, or published as a private app and shared with the company employees.

The ability for individual users to create their own apps to support their personalized workflow will also drive greater productivity. Apps built on codeless platforms will not require users to worry about changes made to smartphones and tablets.  The codeless platform should automatically take care of the needed changes.

Snappii created its codeless mobile app development platform almost twelve years ago. During this time, it has been constantly enhanced with more complex features. Snappii platform is used over half a million people and this number keeps growing. Let’s schedule a quick demo to show you all the platform capabilities. Don’t want to DIY? Our team of professional app builders will create a mobile app for you in a matter of days. Send us your requirements here.

How to organize your photo library

The 4th of July holidays are coming soon so make sure you can easily find the photos you have taken!

Many people are taking several days off to celebrate the Independence day, according to Statista. In a survey conducted in 2021, 61 % of American respondents stated that they were planning to celebrate this year’s Independence Day with a cookout, a barbecue or a picnic. Following this tradition, families and friends are gathering together to feel more united. Some travel to other places one day, the other day it can be a relaxed family dinner, the next day it can be a party. For every event almost everyone takes a photo to share it and to keep it as a memory. Later, you can all sit together and review those memorable days. But is there a way to quickly find and access those photos in your photo library?

Snappii has created a mobile app that allows its users to quickly find any photo with a keyword, location or date. It’s called DocuMate Scanner. Simply load your photos to this app, and you are good to go. You can even use the app to take a photo in the first place. Simply allow the DocuMate Scanner app to access your location, and all the photos taken with the DocuMate Scanner app will have a location tag on them. This way, you can use a built-in Search feature to type in the location name to quickly retrieve all the photos taken there. Super convenient.

Another way of using the Search feature with the DocuMate Scanner app, is typing in a word to find a photo. The app uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify what’s there in the photo.

So how can you organize your photo library with the DocuMate Scanner app?

The app not only allows you to search with keywords, dates and location tags, but also group the photos into folders. Select the photos and create a new folder. Now the entire photo library is neatly organized.

The app is available for free download from the Apple Store.

Top 5 Free iOS Scanner apps

Browsing an app store endlessly it is not easy to choose the right app for you. Sometimes you see high star ratings but the reviews are not good. Which makes you think that the rating is fake. Snappii tested top 5 scanner apps that are free to use.

  1. Notes (iOS)

The preinstalled Notes app for an iPhone allows you to take a scan without the need to download scanner apps from the AppStore. It is free and fulfills its function just fine. Yes, it is limited to just scanning but if that’s all you want, use it.

  1. CamScanner

CamScanner is an all-in-one scanner app. It turns your mobile device into a powerful portable scanner. Besides scanning, it allows collaborating on one document for the entire team. It also puts a watermark on the scanned documents.

  1. Adobe Scan

This free app is a pocket scanner on the go. Allows you to scan anything and save as PDF or jpg. The app is enhanced with powerful editing features. Crop, add text, remove imperfections on the documents, etc.

  1. Genius Scan

With the free version, you can scan and use all the tools to improve the scanned documents: correct distortions, remove shadows, apply filters. Batch scanning allows you to scan multiple pages in seconds.

  1. DocuMate Scanner

This multi-task app has a free scanner feature that’s always free. The scans are coming out looking really nice and neat. The app works with cloud drives, can share from them and to them. It also exports documents to text and has many features that other scanner apps don’t. For example, it has a search feature that allows you to search for your files and documents with a keyword. It allows you to create PDF reports combining several documents. It allows you to sign and stamp documents. Snappii’s DocuMate Scanner app allows you to annotate photos and documents which comes in handy for many users.

Regardless of the app you choose, you will be one step closer to leaving the paperwork behind making your life easier. In the end, that’s why all these apps have created: to simplify our lives.

Why Mobile Construction Apps Are Crucial for the Business These Days

The construction businesses are facing a number of pressures to decrease costs, improve productivity and provide a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. Recent achievements in mobile technology provide new ways for addressing these pressures.

Mobile apps for construction

Mobile apps for construction allow contractors, service companies, salespeople and estimators to create on-site estimates for projects. Aside from improving the companies’ efficiency, the apps for construction speed up project estimation, eliminate paperwork, save time and money on data collection and storage. Mobile devices enable a user to store data in one place, minimizing possible mistakes that come from entering data twice. Project details can be accessed anytime from anywhere, allowing teams to centralize their database and keep everyone on the same page. Here are some benefits from using mobile construction apps:

  • Improve collaboration in the Field and between the Field and the Office
  • Quickly Replace Exiting Paper Forms with Digital Forms
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Speed up decision making
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Mobile Apps for Construction cover all aspects of Construction: People, Equipment and Inventory.

Improve productivity

Mobile construction apps help improve teams productivity. No need to travel from the office to a construction site to sign documents or assign tasks or check job completion status. Everything can be managed via a mobile app. That is convenient and easy to use. All aspects of construction that require documentation can be replaced with one mobile app.

Control safety

Safety on a construction site is key to successful operations. Making sure the equipment is functioning properly and the environment is secure minimizes safety risks. Mobile apps come into rescue here as well. They help conduct various inspections and safety reports.

Mobile construction apps from Snappii

Snappii is a leading provider of feature-rich mobile construction apps. We are ready to offer mobile solutions for plenty of fields. Snappii’s construction apps help managers reduce dependence on paper forms and manual processes with data. Most of these apps can be customized to meet specific needs of any business. For example, we can add your own forms to make the app even more helpful and efficient. Visit our app gallery to try the ready-made construction apps and contact us to discuss app customization.

Digital bill of lading as a new means of getting paid faster

Surprisingly, but in the second decade of the 21st century a bill of lading still exists on paper. In our previous blogs, we have discussed the necessity of switching business operations from paper to digital format. In short, mobile apps are safe to use, they reduce data input errors, improve collaboration between the field and the office, speed up decision making, and minimize the time spent on daily reports.

Today, transportation companies are looking at digital bills of lading as the means of accelerating invoicing processes. Indeed, once created, a bill of lading will do lots of things:

  • provide understandable and readable information about items
  • collect proof of delivery signatures
  • calculate total hours and costs
  • invoice customers immediately and get paid faster.

Paper documents can never achieve this potential and improve the workflow. Paper forms are difficult to maintain. First thing to deal with is illegible handwriting. Drivers can be inaccurate which results in mistakes once the office retypes the information from paper bill of lading into the computer. Not only does it take time, but also results in errors. Which later cost your company money.

The second major issue is timing. Often after completing a job, the driver heads onto the next job and there’s no way to bring the paper bill of lading to the office. It means that the company waits for days or weeks when the driver gets back so they could invoice the customer.

The last but not leas issue is vehicle inspections. Drivers need to make sure the vehicle is safe and is DOT compliant, and in case of the accident, be able to provide all the documentation regarding latest inspections. With paper inspections, it can be dangerous: paper gets damaged easily, it gets lost or forgotten as well. Having inspections on a mobile device, drivers can be sure that the they have access to them 24/7.

Snappii has created its mobile apps to cover these cases. The Bill of Lading Manager app is a perfect tool to create electronic bills of lading, get proof of delivery and send invoices to the customers. The Vehicle Inspection app is a pocket tool to perform regular inspections and access them anytime from anywhere. The Snappii team of professionals can show you all the benefits your company will gain with the mobile app. The majority of our apps are customized to specific needs of a business. Let’s schedule a quick demo.

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